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Black and white goat in a bunch bike K9 3.0
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The "Goat Bike" Free Trial Program

Learn about the Bunch Bikes free trial program - why it exists, how it works, and the most common reasons that customers sometimes do return our bikes,



We recently had a prospective owner post in the Bunch Bikes club on Facebook with a very big question: "Tell me EVERYTHING there is to know about owning a bunch. All of the pros and cons, so that I...

Bike LifeView of Bunch Bike on a snowy road

Extreme winter biking with your Bunch!

My family uses our bike year round in Edmonton, Canada and it gets cold and snowy here! We have about 4500km on our bike since we got it in June 2018. I ride it in snow up to 1 ft deep, and I've ri...

Behind The ScenesWhy does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

Why does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

Why end the sale on a Tuesday? It's not random - there are a couple of important reasons, and they're actually clues to our core values at Bunch Bikes.

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Why bike instead of driving?

Why bike instead of driving?

Thinking of ditching the minivan for a new routine?  Biking to school changes your family's whole morning vibe.  Check out our top 7 reasons why! 7. More sustainable Your cargo bike is fully electr...

AdvocacyColorado Ebike Rebate is HERE - and we're eligible!

Colorado Ebike Rebate is HERE - and we're eligible!

Ebike subsidy program offers up to $1400 in subsidies to Colorado residents purchasing an electric cargo bike like the Bunch Bike. We're proud to be on the list of approved retailers! Subsidy winne...