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FLASH SALE - Warehouse Cleanup Time!

FLASH SALE - Warehouse Cleanup Time!

It's July in Denton, Texas and we've got big things in store for y'all just a little later in the summer! 

* Dog Days launches next week - with a WOW package for K9 owners looking for something really special for their pups.

* Our Back To School Accessory Bundle comes in August - we'll bundle together everything you need to skip the pickup line when school starts up again!

To get ready, this week we're organizing the warehouse, stocking up on fresh new inventory and preparing some coming updates. 

That means just one thing for you - WAREHOUSE CLEANUP FLASH SALE!!!

We're currently overstocked on one particular panel set - our beloved Original 3.0 Classic Sedona Woodgrain - Front Bench. In other words - our most iconic and original Bunch Bike look and feel! 

If this is the bike of your dreams - please snag it quick! We're offering an unprecedented $350 off this color and layout only - til Friday, or for as long as the overstock lasts. 

Sorry - this sale can't be combined with any other offers or discounts. Y'all know we keep tight margins - which almost never allow us to dip this low! This is most likely the lowest price you'll see this year. Use code SEDONAFLASH to claim your savings at checkout!

Any questions, just give us a call or text - 940-536-0597. We're here to help!

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