Ride with your Bunch

Ride a Bunch cargo bike and turn your everyday errands into fun family adventures. Talk and laugh with your kids as they ride up front where you can see them. Load up 2-4 kids plus next week’s groceries in the huge cargo box and then easily pedal away using the electric motor. Chances are, with a Bunch cargo bike in your life, you won’t miss the SUV.

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Whether the road is wet or dry, the high-end Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes will stop on a dime and protect your precious cargo.

Flat tire while hauling the kids? Not likely! Thick, puncture-resistant tires will handle most gravel and road debris that comes your way.

Pedal easier going uphill or loaded with kids and groceries. The smooth 6-speed Shimano gears adapt the bike to any situation.

Charge the slide-out battery anywhere. Be visible with built-in rear LEDs. Power your phone (or boombox!) using the USB charging port.

Different-sized parents? No problem! Quick-release levers make seat and handlebar adjustment a snap.

Run all of your errands by bike! The cargo box fits 4 children, up to 220 pounds, and has lockable, under-bench storage.

The low, step-through frame allows anyone to get on the bike without any high-legged acrobatics. Easily ride in a suit, dress, or jeans.

Easy controls at your fingertips. Turn on the headlight, watch battery life, turn up the motor assist, and check your speed and mileage.

If you somehow fill up the front cargo box (we dare you!), then attach panniers, a milk-crate, or an extra child seat to the sturdy rear rack.

Ride uphill and fully-loaded without breaking a sweat. The powerful 500w DAPU hub motor makes the cargo bike easy to ride (even for non-bikers)!

  • Cargo Box with 2 Benches
  • Easy-Adjust Saddle and Handlebars
  • 500w Hub Motor
  • Shimano 6-Speed Gears
  • 48v 14Ah Li-ion Battery
  • Control Panel
  • Avid BB7 Disc Brakes
  • Rear Cargo Rack
  • Puncture-Resistant Tires
  • Step-Through Steel Frame
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A Bunch of Fun

Forget traffic and circling parking lots. Load the kids up front and start enjoying your journeys from beginning to end. Cruise right up to the beach while you soak in the summer sun. Or bust out the streamers and pedal down Main Street in the next parade. However you decide to use your cargo bike, it’s sure to be a Bunch of fun!

Riding our Cargo Bike for

1 Day

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

6 Days

7 Days

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means you have....

1 Trip to the playground
1 Trip to the playground
1 Great family conversation
2 Rides with the dogs
6 Neighbors waved at
2 Friends picked up from school
12 Flowers picked
2 Loads of groceries hauled
0 Minutes looking for parking
0 Minutes looking for parking
3 Shortcuts discovered
50 Smiles from your children
4 Days of sufficient vitamin D
1 Picnic at the beach
30 Library books taken home
10,000 Breaths of fresh air
400 Calories burned
400 Calories burned
2 Gallons saved on gas
0 Times asked "Are we there yet?"
30 Minutes not stuck in traffic
3 Stops to enjoy the view
3 Rides blasting the Moana soundtrack
1 Great week with your family

Safe and Sound

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Safety First

Total safety for your Bunch. Four, 3-point seat belts are included to secure your most precious cargo.

Superior Storage

Groceries? Picnic Baskets? With lockable under-bench storage, the cargo box fits more than parents expect.

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Our Growing Cargo Bike Community

From California to New York, our cargo bikes are in 33 states and 3 countries and counting. Buckle your kids in a Bunch and join the community of happy families committed to a fun, active, pedal-powered lifestyle.

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