The Preschool 4+ Upgraded Electric Cargo Bike Seats 6 Kids

Sale price$6,299
Color: Honey Woodgrain

The biggest of our Bunch! With six seats in front, our electric cargo bikes make it easy and fun to get your nature school, day care or whole family out and about. Expand your range, explore your world and connect with your community - all without breaking a sweat! 

Our electric cargo bikes have been updated with all new premium features for Summer 2024! The 4+ is our first fully UL certified model, meeting both UL 2271 and UL 2849 safety standards. 

Add infant and toddler boosters or an extra seat on the rear rack. Bring along snacks, backpacks, scooters and more.

We also offer discounts and free custom graphics for educators! (Read more)

Shipping: $199 - Arrives fully assembled, charged & ready to ride.

All bikes are now fully in stock and ready to ship! FastTrack orders will ship within 1-3 business days. Due to unusually high preorder sales, bikes ordered today without FastTrack will ship late July. 

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Trike Stability

Three wheels make the bike easy to start, stop, and handle, even for beginners.

Kids in Front

So you can talk, laugh, sing, and enjoy the ride together. Seatbelts included!

Powerful Electric Assist

With 500w of power, your family will soar - even uphill, even fully loaded!

Our Community

We're proud to take exceptional care of our Bunch families. We're here to make your bike life easy, accessible, and fun!

Safety First

We use quality components and build and test each bike in our warehouse in Texas. That's how we ensure safety for our kids - and yours.

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What's new?

The Preschool 4 features top-shelf upgrades for Spring 2024

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Upgrades & Accessories

toddler seat for cargo bikes with padded inserts With Inserts (under 12 months) For Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban ArrowFor Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban Arrow  With Inserts (under 12 months) Without Inserts (12 months and up)
Toddler Seat Sale priceFrom $159
Sold out
Outdoor / Storage Cover - Bunch BikesOutdoor / Storage Cover
For Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban ArrowFor Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban Arrow
Infant Seat Sale priceFrom $179
On sale
Dashboard Package #color_Just Black #style_Essentials OnlyDashboard Package  #color_Ocean Blue #style_Essentials Only
Dashboard Package Sale priceFrom $95 Regular price$158
On sale
Po Campo Chelsea trunk bag mounted on rear rack of Bunch BikePo Campo Chelsea trunk bag, rear rack bag
Chelsea Trunk Bag Sale priceFrom $69 Regular price$88

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Pilot Park Preschool
Best purchase ever!

I run an in-home nature-based preschool in Minnesota and having the preschool Bunch Bike is amazing! We can travel farther and faster than ever before. The children ask to ride in it every day. We got it in December and lucky for us it has been a mild winter so far and we didn't have to wait until Spring to use it. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Wow Tamara, that's great to hear! I'm so glad your preschoolers are loving their outdoor adventures - even in winter. Makes me wish we had a program like yours when my kids were in preschool! Thanks for taking the time to share - and spreading the word for other educators.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Danny Francis
Best Cargo eBike to transport kids

Due to a medical condition, I cannot operate a car, so this is my car, and I praise God for it. For the first time in my life, I can bring my kids places and do errands for the family.

I got the 6-seater, but I would recommend getting the 4-seater. I didn’t realize that the weight limit would restrict having 6 kids sitting in it, unless they are all small. The extra space is nice, but in my assessment, not worth the price jump. Still a great purchase though!

Hi Danny, this is great to hear. Being able to get your kids around by bike is great - I'm so glad it's bringing your family the freedom you hoped for. You're right though, six big kids would be an overload even in the preschool!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

overall good product, kids love it

One of the few cargo bikes on the market that can comfortably carry 3 or more kids.
It's wonderful at low speeds because of the stability of the 3-wheel build. And kids are in front so you can talk to them and see them.
Customer service from the company is TOP NOTCH.
Having a throttle is extremely helpful.
Hydraulic brakes are good.
Step through frame design is comfortable for a wide height range.

-not the best at high speeds (e.g. 15+ mph), doesn't feel super stable.
-if you turn fast, or weight is unevenly distributed, concern for tipping the bike.
-a bumpy ride for the passengers, you have to go quite slowly over bumps in the road, and getting seat cushions for the kids is helpful.

Overall if I was looking to transport 1-2 kids at high speed or for long distances often, I would look for a different product.
But for 3 kids, and going at a leisurely pace, this product is wonderful. It has effectively replaced one of our cars.

Thanks VCM!

I think that's a good summary of the pros/cons. Bunch Bikes are not for racing, and top speed is going to be between 15-18mph depending on the rider's level of comfort. The trade off of the 3-wheel design is being able to haul A LOT of kids/stuff/gear/etc.

I always recommend people watch this video with tips on how to turn the bike safely, as the handling is definitely different than a normal bicycle:

Thanks for taking the time to leave your honest feedback for others to learn from!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

2 Bunches!

We run a licensed childcare program for 12 and just got our second Cargo Bike!!
Now our whole crew can go on learning adventures.
We got our first one in 2019 and it’s in amazing shape, customer service is great and we couldn’t wait to have the opportunity for a second one!
The newer model rides higher but both are comfortable, feel safe & secure with a load of kids.

Hi Stacie!

I'm so glad to hear your bike from 4 years ago is holding up well and that you were able to add a 2nd to your school's fleet! I had a dream 6 years ago when I saw Kindergartens in Europe going to parks and adventures by bike and am so happy to see schools like yours now doing the same thing in the U.S.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Michael Keel
Worth it!!

You can buy a much more expensive carbon bike that fits one or you can bunch everyone together in this one. The actual bicycle functions are great and I am an unofficial spokesperson wherever I go. Every family I run into at the park wants one and they should! No complaints at all.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for spreading the good word while you are out and about. I know it can be hard to ride without attracting a lot of attention! We're here for you if you ever need anything, just let us know!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Kelly Dieter
Amazing Bike

This bike has been a total game changer for my small in home daycare. We can get places quicker, go further to different parks, see more trails, discover more around us, and so much more. We have been loving our bunch bike! Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! I’ve never experienced better customer service anywhere else. I’d give everything 100 stars if I could!

Thanks for sharing Kelly!

I'm so glad to hear that the bike is enabling your kids to have so many enriching experiences! Our customer service team is the best, I am very appreciative of the work that they do to take such good care of our customers.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Alex Haines
Amazing Bike

This is one of the best purchases that we have made as a family. It is a wonderful and fun way to run errands around town and visit our family.

Hi Alex,

I never get tired of hearing customers say that the Bunch Bike is one of the best things they have ever purchased. It validates the hard work that we put into the product and the customer experience. So glad you guys are enjoying the bike!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Gina Simpson
Great Community Builder

We have enjoyed our custom Bunch Preschool so much! It has made a great impact on the community and allowed us to have even more participants on our group rides. Looking forward to sharing it with more families in the future.

Thanks so much Gina!

I'm happy to see your Bunch Bike being used as a rolling billboard for bike advocacy in Cleveland and that it is getting others able to participate in your rides!

-Aaron @ Bunch

Cassandra Kelso
Best idea ever!

I am smiling the whole time I’m riding this thing. Every time!! I love it!!!

I am smiling at whatever is happening in this picture!

Glad you guys are loving the rides :)

-Aaron @ Bunch

An absolute blast

We’re approaching 400 miles in just 4 weeks. We’ve hardly used the cars and take the bike everywhere. The PreSchool has been awesome as we pick up kids from the neighborhood for camp. Worth every penny and happy to be helping promote Bunch here in Western New York!

Hey Neil,

That's what I'm talking about, way to go! You guys are power users and I'm glad to see you're getting money's worth!

- Aaron @ Bunch