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Is my hill too steep?

Dog in Original Bunch Bike with owner

- I'm not really a Spandex bike person.

- I want to bike but I hate biking up hills. 

- My spouse is an avid cyclist buuuuuuuut.... 

If any of these describe you - you're in the right place! So many of us found the Bunch Bike precisely because we went looking for a more active, more sustainable lifestyle - that would also be easy and accessible for us "not so fit" folks. 

An ebike makes it a lot easier to keep up with a spouse on a road bike or zoom around town stress free - even with a full load of kids, pups and gear!

The pedal assist basically gives you superpowers. You will feel like you are turning the pedals steadily and easily - while the motor makes your bike soar forward. 

Our bikes also come with a thumb throttle. You can use it to glide forward without pedaling at all!

Most riders use the throttle to start the bike from a standstill, especially if stopped on an uphill. It's easier to start turning the pedals once the bike is already rolling.

The three-wheeled format of the Bunch in particular also makes it very beginner friendly. You can put your feet up and relax at red lights - you're not responsible for keeping it balanced! It's easy to start, stop, or move slowly through a turn, because the bike is stable on its own.

You'll be able to get most anywhere with your family - without worrying about the route, the hills or the load. 

But, is there such a thing as a hill that is too steep? 

Short answer: Yes. Our 500w motor will take great care of you, but there are some combinations of hill and load that might exceed its maximum capacity. 

How steep is your hill? 

Here's our not-so-fancy rubric, based on our experience with a pilot weighing around 150 plus around 150 pounds of kids. A much heavier or lighter load might make your ride harder or easier!

Level 1: Kid steep

A typical 8 year old could get up this hill with moderate effort - grumbling a little, but not out of breath.

You will soar up this hill in the Bunch Bike, even fully loaded, with minimal effort.

Level 2: Adult steep

A moderately fit adult wearing jeans and using gears could get up this hill with moderate effort. 

You will soar up this hill in the Bunch Bike. If it's long, you might need to put forth a moderate effort toward the top, and you might notice you are slowing down!

Level 3: Avid cyclist steep

A Spandex-clad cyclist on a road bike could get up this hill with moderate effort. 

You can get to the top of this hill on the Bunch Bike, but you will need to put forth effort and strategize a little about your approach! You may be moving slower by the time you get near the top. 

Make sure your bike is fully charged for best performance. We recommend picking up as much speed as you can before you reach the base of the hill.

Go up to Assist 5 and stay in a high gear for as long as you can! The faster you go, the easier it will be. When you need to gear down, use the throttle for a moment and ease up on the pedals so that you can keep momentum while you shift gears. 

Level 4: Too steep

Even an avid cyclist might need to get off and walk their bike. 

You might need to unload a kid or two, or get off and walk as well! You can use the throttle or "walk assist" mode so the motor helps push you up the hill. 

Not sure? 

Try contacting a Bunch Squad member near you!

You can send a chat request and ask them about your specific hill. If they're familiar with it, they'll share their experience. 

You can also request a test ride! Ask to meet up near a big hill so you can try the ride for yourself. 

No test ride options near you? Please don't hesitate to take advantage of our 14 day trial program

That free trial exists specifically in order to make it easy for you to try the bike on your own route - with your own kids - including your hills. 

If it doesn't work for you, we'll take the bike back for a 100% refund, including shipping, accessories, everything. 

That's part of our commitment to making the family bike life as easy and accessible as possible!

Thank you to Leslie in NJ for the awesome pic!

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