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2021 Bicycling Magazine E-Bike Awards

"A large-capacity electric cargo bike designed to haul kids, move dogs, deliver pizzas, carry groceries, and transport anything else you can dream up".


August 1, 2021


Bunch Bikes The Original Review, 2021

"A refreshing, unique experience that gave me a new perspective on the utility, fun, and convenience of cargo style e-bikes



June 30, 2021


Meet More Dads Who Carry Their Families on Electric Cargo Bikes

"Who needs a car when you have a Bunch Bike?"



June 18, 2021


Meet the Dads Who Take Their Kids Everywhere on Electric Cargo Bikes

"Their uplifting stories will make you want to do the same"



June 16, 2021


The 8 Best E-Bikes of 2021

"If you want a tricked-out cargo bike that can carry big loads, consider The Original Bunch."




June 2, 2021


The Bunch Bikes Cargo Bike Review - Now You're Hauling!

"The Bunch might be a little pricey compared to other cargo bike models, but it's easily the most useful and best engineered."


April 25, 2021


In Search of Perfect Investor Pitch, Business Owner Makes "Shark Tank" History  

"He rode off with a deal that has never been done before in the 12-season history of the show."


March 27, 2021


Bunch Bikes The Coupe Review

"Beautiful and functional design. It comes in four colors and they all look great."




March 26, 2021


Best cargo e-bikes for 2020

"Everything fits in the cargo box easily, and it was a cinch riding back and forth."



December 16 , 2020


Bunch Bikes The Original Review

"Classy, timeless, and now even more functional"



December 8, 2020


This new kid and dog-carrying cargo e-bike is bringing Dutch design to the US

"The Coupe is definitely a couple steps up in terms of craftsmanship compared to anything like this I've ridden before"

November 21, 2020


The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2020: Best Kid Hauler

"Think of this bike as more of a "take it easy and enjoy the sights" bike. It's a super fun experience to share with your kids."

July 24, 2020


Press Releases

Bunch Bikes Recruits Industry Expert, Sarah Johnson, as COO

"Sarah Johnson has the industry experience to help us scale our business despite global supply chain challenges.”


September 23, 2021


Bunch Bikes Strikes a Deal on Shark Tank

"Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjevec invest in the direct—to—consumer family cargo bike business"



March 26, 2021


Bunch Bikes Introduces Cargo Bikes to Shark Tank

"ABC's Shark Tank to spotlight family cargo bikes on Season 12, Episode 19 (1219). Watch on ABC March 26, 2021 at 8pm ET/CT "


March 15, 2021


New, Elegant Cargo Bike Launches in North America

"This is a bike people will be proud to own, and tell people where it’s from”



December 12, 2021


Bunch Mini Cargo Bike for Kids Announced for Limited Holiday Release

"I've got everybody fighting over it, and I have to set a timer!"



October 31, 2020