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Why does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

Why does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

We know. 

The Back to School season ends Labor Day weekend.

By Tuesday, Sept. 5, most everybody is in classrooms already.

So why continue the sale til the end of the day on Tuesday?

It's not random - there are a couple of important reasons, and they're actually clues to our core values at Bunch Bikes.

We're here for you

A family cargo bike is a big investment. 

It's also a lifestyle change - with lots of little details to think through. (Where will you park it? How will you lock it? Which seats will you need?) 

Many if not most of our customers connect with us before they purchase to ask questions and brainstorm options. 

It's important to us to be available for those conversations.

You can call us or text us 940-536-0597, we'll pick up the phone and you'll get to talk to a real live parent who rides with their kids daily. 

So we make sure to schedule in a full workday when you can connect with us before making your decision. 

We're family focused

We're famous for our approach to customer service. We like to say it's a one-year warranty - and lifetime care.

We try to be incredibly responsive and supportive anytime our Bunch fam needs help or has questions.

But we're parents ourselves, too. Aaron (owner & founder) makes it a priority to protect our time with our own kids.

Our office closes kinda early on weekdays. That's because we've headed out on our bikes - to go pick up our own kids from school.

We're closed on the weekends too. And on Labor Day.

If you need immediate support, you can always text us URGENT 940-536-0597 and we'll get back to you ASAP. But we make it a policy to leave the regular phone and email conversations for when we're back at our desks.

If we ended the sale on the weekend, we know we'd feel pressure to sneak a peek at our work phones from the playground and get back to those folks with "getting ready to buy my bike" questions.  

Ending the sale on a Tuesday - helps us protect that holiday time with our kids!

We know you need a minute

Some parents have it all figured out. They started planning that new school commute in June, ordered their bikes in July and moved on to organizing supplies for the classroom and preplanning this year's Halloween costumes!

For the rest of us - we know there are a million other details to figure out right now. It might be easier to shop once your kids are in school and you're ready to catch your breath! 

Whatever your timeline - we're here to help!

Give us a call, send us a text or tag us @bunchbikes - we're ready to help you make your family's bike dreams come true!

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