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Score an ebike rebate - for your Bunch Bike!

Score an ebike rebate - for your Bunch Bike!

NEW: Still waiting for your local ebike rebate? Try our new Earn Your Rebate program from Bunch Bikes!!

At Bunch Bikes, our mission is to make bike riding more accessible - for everybody. We're here for all ages and all abilities!

Making biking more affordable is an important part of that mission, too.

Biking is a great way to save money - with lower payments, cheaper maintenance, and fuel costs of around $5... per year. Replacing a second car can save families tens of thousands

We offer monthly financing and discount programs. But a good-quality electric cargo bike is still a big investment - and an obstacle for many families who would otherwise love to try a more active, more sustainable lifestyle.

That's why we're delighted to see more ebike access programs popping up around the country.

How to participate

We are committed to making Bunch Bikes available through EVERY local rebate program nationwide - and in Canada!

Some rebate programs allow you to purchase your bike from any shop or website, and then apply for reimbursement. Others require retailers to apply to participate.

Click to read more about our selection for Colorado's rebate program. Find us on the list of approved Minnesota rebate providers too!

Some local programs are intended to support local bike shops, as well, so they require you to purchase your bike from a brick-and-mortar store. We are happy to partner with local shops for this purpose!

Partnering with bike shops

We've already built strong partnerships with shops in Texas, California, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Washington, DC. We seek out shops that are family-friendly and transport-focused, so that they're a good fit for our customer community. 

When a customer wants to redeem a rebate, we set up the order through the bike shop, which processes the rebate paperwork. We can still ship the bike directly to your home - fully assembled and charged, ready to ride!

The bike shop, in turn, makes a nice profit - and also benefits from building their relationship with you and other cargo bike families, who can return for future maintenance needs. 

Where should I shop?

Ready to redeem your rebate? We're here to help!

If you already have a favorite local bike shop - we're happy to connect with them, set up a sale and help get you rolling on your Bunch Bike!

If you're just getting started on the process, please reach out to us via phone, text, or email.

We'll help you find your local Bunch Bike partner shop. If we don't have a shop in your area yet - we will find one!

We are committed to making sure our bikes are available through every local rebate program and opportunity. 

Ebike rebates = access

A growing number of cities and states are offering incentives, rebates, vouchers, or tax credits to families who purchase an ebike or cargo bike. 

It's a great way for local policymakers to encourage more sustainable transportation. Research on early pilot programs shows that it's significantly more affordable - and effective - than subsidizing electric cars

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, a shift to more active transport also reduces traffic congestion, improves health measures and makes the community more connected. 

Many of these programs offer preference or increased funding for families with lower income or for those with disabilities, medical or adaptive needs. 

No rebates near you?

Wish your state had a program like this one? We're based in Texas, and we're wishing too! 

Even better would be a nationwide ebike rebate or tax credit that acknowledges the many ways ebikes benefit families, communities, and the larger global push for sustainability. 

The Bike League is our premier nationwide advocacy organization. You can click here to learn more about their work and participate in their action in support of the EBIKE Act! 



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