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NFL Linebacker Demario Davis Shares his Bunch Bikes Story

Demario Davis and his family in their bunch bike

Faith First. Family Second.

For NFL All-Pro linebacker Demario Davis, family is a priority. It takes a lot of commitment to play in the NFL and the Saints linebacker plays at the highest level. As a result, he commits a lot of time training and traveling. 

Demario shared with us that "anything that you care about, you gotta give time to it. Family is one of the highest things on our priority list. First is our faith and second is family. It gives you foundation and it gives you stability, no matter what is going on in the world".

Demario Davis rides electric cargo bike together with his kids and wife


Fitting a cargo bike into daily family life

"Bunch Bikes plays a very big part in what we already do. We like to do family dates, whether that be a picnic or going to a park, and in the area where we live, so many things are in our vicinity. There are restaurants nearby or we go out by the lake and take the kids to play.
The Bunch Bike is not just a ride but something that we can experience with our children."

dad rides cargo bike with his family to picnic table


An e-bike with room for the whole family

We asked Demario what he liked most about their Bunch Bike. He said "For my wife it's most definitely that the bucket has a place that all four kids can fit. For me, the fact that it's electric. The kids want to ride faster and faster, and it's a lot of fun!"

dad and kids ride cargo bike on beach path


Investing in Family Time with an Electric Cargo Bike

At Bunch Bikes, one of the common things we hear from customers over and over again is how purchasing their bike was an investment in family time, and the Davis family is no exception. 

"We just believe that it's important to invest in family time. If you value your family, you're going to have to put time, resources, and energy into that. Definitely an investment worth making was our Original Bunch Bike."


Demario Davis and his family sit on couch


Committing to Family Values

One of the things that most impressed us about meeting with Demario was how prominently they display their family values in their home for all to see. 

The Davises are intentional about the way they want to raise their children, the things that they value, and the way they want to do life together. 

Whatever your beliefs, I think that's something we can all learn something from.


Demario Davis's family values


Watch the Full Demario Davis Interview Below

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