Why bike instead of driving?

Why bike instead of driving?

Thinking of ditching the minivan for a new routine? 

Biking to school changes your family's whole morning vibe. 

Check out our top 7 reasons why!

7. More sustainable

Your cargo bike is fully electric and uses a fraction as much power as even the most efficient electric car.

On average, cargo bike owners spend $5 to power their bikes.... per YEAR!

Swapping out just a few short car trips per week dramatically reduces your family's carbon footprint. 

When you bike, you're also helping to reduce tire emissions and congestion - and creating a more active, connected future for our communities.

6. Less expensive

A good-quality electric cargo bike is a big up-front investment, for sure.

But over time, skipping those short car trips means you'll save thousands on gas, insurance, maintenance and other costs of driving.

If you can sell or skip a second car for your family - you'll come out way ahead! 

5. More active

We're busy parents - it's hard to find dedicated time to exercise, get outdoors or just spend time with ourselves.  

But we still gotta drop off and pick up the kids!

A cargo bike gives you that time back - your commute becomes an active, joyful outdoor break in your day. 

4. Less stressful

No traffic.

No parking hassles.

No hauling gear from the car.

No struggling with car seats.

No carpool dropoff line!

Getting around by bike makes your routine simpler and easier. Your kids can hop in and out by themselves. You can glide past the line of cars, right to the front door of the school or the sidelines of the soccer game - and carry all your diaper bags, snacks and sports gear right there with you. 

3. More connected

With kids in front, you can laugh, talk, tell stories, and see the world together. 

The movement brings out a happy, connected vibe for our families. Bunch parents love to swap stories of weird questions our kids have asked us while biking! 

If you're riding with a baby - you'll be able to look them in the eye, point out the sights, sing songs, rock them back and forth at red lights and just plain hang out together.

It's a totally different experience from driving with a baby in the backseat.

When you're biking, your commute time becomes quality time you're spending together.

2. More spontaneous

On a bike, it's super easy to stop and smell the flowers, chat with a neighbor or check out that new ice cream shop. 

Picking up a friend is super simple too - no need to juggle car seats, just grab a spare helmet and go! 

When you don't have to pile kids in and out of the car, you may find that your whole routine becomes more flexible and easygoing. 

You'll feel more connected to your community, too, as you get to know the regular riders and walkers in your neighborhood!

1. So much more fun!

Riding a bike just brings out the kid in us.

And the electric assist means you get that joyful "wheee!" feeling - without having to stress about getting up hills. 

It's a lifestyle change that makes your everyday commute a happier experience - for you, and for your kids. 


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