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Best Purchase

We thought about getting a cargo/family bike for over a year. Even after we tried a Bunch bike we weren’t sure if we could justify the price — would we get enough use out of it? Was our town bike friendly enough? When we thought about purchasing a second a car we decided to buy the Bunch bike instead. We knew it would allow us to be more active and that it would be better for the environment but what we didn’t anticipate is how much our entire family LOVES riding the bike. It turns daily tasks into a fun adventure and is an instant mood lifter. The kids being in the Bunch instead of a trailer behind me allows me to engage with them during the entire ride. They also have such a good vantage point to look around. We used the rain cover in the winter to keep the kids a bit warmer, the sun cover for shade, and we definitely recommend the seat cushions for a more comfortable ride. We are so happy with our purchase!

We are a bike family now!

So happy with our Bunch bike for so many reasons. Customer service is the BEST. Their inclusion program is wonderful. This bike has changed the way our family enjoys the outdoors! I look forward to school drop off and pick up, park trips are easier than ever and my two littles can go with their sister and I nearly anywhere on our bikes now. So special!

Hi Jessie,

I can't imagine our family's life without our Bunch Bike, it's how we do everything! Inclusion is at the heart of what we do and we want to make our bikes accessible to as many people as possible! I'm so happy to hear how the bike has become a part of your life!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Amazing Bike

This bike has been a total game changer for my small in home daycare. We can get places quicker, go further to different parks, see more trails, discover more around us, and so much more. We have been loving our bunch bike! Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! I’ve never experienced better customer service anywhere else. I’d give everything 100 stars if I could!

Thanks for sharing Kelly!

I'm so glad to hear that the bike is enabling your kids to have so many enriching experiences! Our customer service team is the best, I am very appreciative of the work that they do to take such good care of our customers.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Tektro Front Brake Kit
Julie matrat
3 years of bunch happiness

Still using our bike 4+ times a week, still the kids favorite means of transportation. They love that they can "see". We have used our bike extensively since 2020 and it's holding well!

Maintaining mobility through pregnancy and parenthood

I did not get this trike a moment too soon! I've been a urban bike commuter for over ten years and giving up the bike during my first pregnancy and not being able to ride with my daughter for a year was one of the toughest sacrifices to my mental and physical well-being at the time.
Just when it was getting too uncomfortable to stay on my bike this time around my Bunch trike came and I'm so thankful to still be on the road. I want to promote upright electric trikes like Bunch to anyone facing mobility issues. It's a game changer.
One minor issue I'm still working on is with this pregnancy I am expecting twins and unfortunately the rain cover doesn't zip down completely with two infant seats installed. I'll have to trouble shoot this one. But considering this bike is the difference between me having the independence to go to the grocery store or not it's a minor issue.
I also highly recommend including the cafe lock when purchasing. It can be difficult to find a suitable spot to lock the trike up to, so the cafe lock offers great peace of mind when running errands.

Hi Rachel,

I'm so glad to hear that the Bunch Bike has made it feasible to bring the joy of biking back into your life. I too have been a bike commuter for about 10 years, and I don't think I could have kept it up when we had kids if it were not for our Bunch Bike.

I know Lelac is already working with you on a workaround for the rain cover and infant seats, but thanks to yours and others' feeddback it's something we're working on improving on the next version of the rain cover.

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Getting me out of the house with my dogs

I was getting bored with the walking in the neighborhood. Dogs LOVE the car, but I wanted to have some FUN with the girls. I am building up to longer distances. I had my 21 year old daughter riding with one small dog and an 85lb lab. Fun was had by all, we could not stop laughing. Plenty of stares and smiles. Only problem I have is trying to ride without them to farmer's market. Absolutely perfect!

Hi Lorna,

So fun, thanks for sharing your experience! The Bunch Bikes is definitely a head turner, and a great way to ride around town with your pets in a way that you can be active and enjoy being outside.

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Wonderful car replacement for local activities!

We absolutely love our Bunch Bike, and so do our kids. They prefer it for going to school or playdates over a car ride and it's been a really great way to meet more of our community as well since everyone is curious about the bike.

We had been nervous about how well our family would take to it considering the cost, but when viewed as a car replacement it's been really incredible - and economical!

Hey Kevin!

The Bunch Bike is definitely an investment, but it's allowed our family to never own a 2nd car, and we barely use the one that we do have. Doing daily school drop offs, trips to the park, pool, library, cafes etc. has more than paid for itself over time.

So glad you guys are loving your new Bunch lifestyle!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO


Bike was advertised as big enough to fit my two large dogs, but it's sardines in a can. They are both handicapped, and have difficulty turning after entry, which means I have to lift 100 lb dog over the side and place him in the box. Very problematic. I wonder if side entry wouldn't work better for dogs? Otherwise I like the bike, but I currently have to take them out one at a time. Sigh. jt

Hey Jeff,

I really appreciate your candid feedback, that's how we get new ideas about how to improve our bikes.

My personal experience with the K9 has been with my two 80 pound labs who fit the bike comfortably and I haven't experienced the same problem of them not being able to turn around, but I could see how that might be an issue with handicapped 100 pound dogs. Side entry is a good idea though and something we'll consider for future designs.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Best purchase of the year

We were a little nervous to make such a big purchase not knowing if the bike would live up to our expectations. After using our new bike a few times we are in love! The bike has been perfect for adventures with our baby. I love that this bike gives us the opportunity to have an experience together where we can talk with our baby as we bike and she’s not stuck in a trailer behind us. The Bunch rides well and has a nice battery life. Would recommend the bike with 5 stars!!

Hi Julie,

I'm so glad to hear that the bike worked out for you guys, but even if it hadn't our return policy is great and we would have taken the bike back at no charge or hassle to you.

Having the kids in front is a total game changer and perfect for making years of memories and sharing the joy of family biking together!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Amazing Bike

This is one of the best purchases that we have made as a family. It is a wonderful and fun way to run errands around town and visit our family.

Hi Alex,

I never get tired of hearing customers say that the Bunch Bike is one of the best things they have ever purchased. It validates the hard work that we put into the product and the customer experience. So glad you guys are enjoying the bike!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Preschool Panel Replacement Kit, Box 2
Corey England
Bunch made everything right

The preschooler bike we ordered didn’t have all parts available when we bought it. So they sent out the original. Then when the parts were available they shipped the Preschool parts to a bike shop for upgrade. They went out of their way to make it right! We were very impressed! Excellent service!!

Hey Corey,

Sometimes we have to get creative, but we always start from the perspective of 'what would our customers want if we were in their shoes?' That's our north star, and so we go above and beyond in making sure that each customer experience is a great one, even if it means thinking outside the box like in your case.

I'm glad you were happy with how our team took care of you!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Incredible customer service

I have to say that I had the best experience asking questions and ultimately buying my bike from Bunch. Impeccable customer service. I had an absurd number of questions and they were kind, patient and informative. Double thumbs up.

Hey Matthew,

A bike like this is a big investment and it's not for everyone. It can take a lot of questions about your personal situation and use case to figure out if it's going to be the bike you need. So no, it wasn't an absurd number of questions! Whatever it takes to feel comfortable, we're happy to help customers out!

I'm glad to hear you had a great experience!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

K9 3 is a GREAT BIKE!!!!!!

Bike is a force of nature.
I', unfortunately, am NOT.
Right now, we're oil and water.
Its been six weeks and still growing
pains galore.
This is the third Sunday in a row it has
transported me to NTX Food Bank.
It doesn't want to be a one-trick "pony."
To be continued......

Fun for all!

We love this addition as our family's second/replacement vehicle. Our two kids enjoy the ride and will happily join for any errand in the "sleigh"! And, we enjoy "driving". We live near plenty of bike trails and enjoy seeing behind the scenes of our city and what's in between our schools and favorite cafes! Lelac was so helpful suggesting accessories- definitely call in to order and they'll hook you up!

Hey Kelsey,

My favorite unexpected benefit from riding our Bunch Bike the last 6 years has been all of the 'little places along the way'. Lots of serendipitous encounters and discoveries in our city that never would have happened when stuck in the car on the main thoroughfares through town.

It's a great way for families to connect with their city for sure.

Lelac is a gem and takes exceptional care or our customers and I'm glad you had a great experience working with her!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO


I got it to ride with my toddler who loves outside time and hates the car. I use it more without her! I commute to work as a music teacher and can load all my instruments and gear with one of the benches removed. It feels so stable and is FUN to ride. I am amazed at how helpful the pedal assist is for going up hills. The throttle helps get going from a standstill at red lights or stop signs. I can't wait to ride with my daughter, but in the meantime am loving commuting three days a week cargo bike style. I LOVE my bunch bike.

Hey Jamie,

Fun fact, in the distant past I was a school music teacher, and if I had had a Bunch Bike back then, I would've been a sight to see riding around town with my double bass. Good on you for getting your commutes done car-free!

Your daughter will love it more and more as she grows. Sounds like you guys have years of fun family memories to come!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Presenting Holiday Dream 2022
Laina Grant
Best purchase of my life!

Moved to a new home right next to bike bath. HATE DRIVING A CAR! Beyond thrilled to safely take my two kiddos on daily rides. I felt 100 times safer in this than all of the other E -Cargo Bikes I text drove. I am a buncherr for life!

Hey Laina,

I hate driving my car too :)

Welcome to the Bunch life... the stability of 3 wheels is a game changer for practicality riding with kids... and handles better than 2 wheels in the winter weather (as I'm sure you've noticed!)

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Presenting Holiday Dream 2022
Michael Zlatkovsky
Fun bike-riding for the entire family!

The Bunch is a really enjoyable and practical way of transporting multiple kiddos. Before this bike, and while we only had a single child, I would ride my solo e-bike while baby-wearing our daughter. However, at 3-years-old, she was starting to get a little heavy and too tall to continue this for much longer; and once we had two kids and our youngest could be apart from his mother long enough, I needed to up my game. I wanted to keep having the kids in front where I can see them and interact with them rather than put them in a bike trailer, so I searched around and found Bunch as the perfect solution. The Bunch has been great for that -- a ton of fun for me to ride, and with both the 3-year-old and the 10-month-old (in a toddler seat) enjoying it as well. We've taken in on several rides already, both during daytime and night-time -- and both rain and shine -- and it's been a blast in each of those conditions!

The bike handles pretty well on a gravel road, and up a pretty steep (~18% grade) gravel hill -- though of course it feels smoother to ride once we get to pavement or a well-packed gravel road.

The bike isn't perfect, but I think it's the best that exists on the market today. There are a few improvements I would love to see Bunch make, and I've given feedback on some of those items already. Most notably, the thumb throttle being impacted by the passive-assist setting is a poor design choice (i.e., you can't be on level 0 and still use the throttle, you need to bump up the PAS level first; however, I hear that it's on their radar to improve eventually, decoupling the throttle from the pedal-assist level). The motor isn't silent, which is a bummer (by contrast, it's silent on my solo e-bike from Rad Power Bikes), but it's also not too loud -- and on the flat I just put the bike into assist level 0 and get some excercise, whereas once I need the extra help I don't care how loudly the motor whines. Other small things: the headlights could be brighter (but it's easy to just attach a standalone bike light); and the toddler seat faces forward rather than backwards by default and doesn't have shock-absorption (but I did a DIY modification to have it face towards me, and sit atop the cushion for some shock-absorption on the bumpy gravel road).

Overall it's a great family bike, by a company that's got fantastic customer service and a really positive and helpful Facebook group (search for "Bunch Bikes Club: Owners & Friends"). I'm glad I got the bike, have already recommended it to friends, and look forward to riding it with the family for many years to come!

Hey Michael,

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you've shared it here.

All things you mentioned are on are radar and things we're working on improving behind the scenes, thanks for sharing the honest pros and cons!

I'm glad you guys are getting a lot of use out of the bike!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Beyond Expectations!

I really didn't know what to expect when Christi told me she was buying a Bunch Bike to take our big puppy with us on bike rides. I thought it would be a great way to promote our business but I had no idea how much fun or how easy it would be to ride!

We read the manual and watched the videos, and then started out taking turns with about 60 pounds of weight in front. We found that the more weight in the cargo box, the easier it was to ride while slowly increasing to a power assist of 2. Luckily our puppy weighs almost 125 pounds, so once he was on board and accustomed to the new experience, he provided enough weight to make me feel comfortable.

The power is so much stronger than I expected and I have not taken it over 15 miles an hour yet, and that has been at level 3 power assist. I will work my way up very slowly to level 5.

The bike easily handles all three of us at the same time, without any difference in speed or performance. Very impressive! The Bunch team also was great to work with getting our logo custom wrapped and installed.

I can't express enough how much this bike has blown away our expectations, both in looks and performance. Even more impressive is the customer service we have received from Bunch Bike, specifically Lelac Almagor. We had so many questions when we first started looking at buying the K9 model, that we must have emailed Lelac dozens of times. She was so responsive to our questions, helped source colored accessories to match our logo colors and even helped us find high tech Bluetooth helmets with turn signals!

The purchase process was a a great experience. The bike looks and performs beyond our expectations, and we 100% recommend a Bunch Bike experience to anyone interested in an electric cargo bike.

Hey Christi,

The design looks awesome, and I'm sure it's going to catch a lot of eyes for promoting your business!

Your pup looks like he's having the time of his life though, and I'm so glad the bike is exceeding your expectations!

Level 5 is more than most people will ever need... but it sure is nice to have on hills or with extra heavy loads!

If you ever need anything our customer service team is always really responsive, just as they've been for you thus far!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Surprise Dog Gift From Lydia
Sara Strope
New adventures with my old dog

I purchased the Bunch Bike K9 Cargo bike to give my aging dog the ability to go on new adventures with me. He's no longer able to hike many miles and I'm an avid cyclist - so the Bunch Bike provided a new opportunity.

Our first outing with the bike was a grand endeavor! We cycled 150 miles along the Great Allegheny Passage trail in October 2022. The bike rolled smoothly along the crushed gravel path. I used the electric assist (rarely up to level 3) and never ran out of battery even on our longest days (40+ miles). The built-in lights even came in handy for some tunnels.

One recommendation - definitely add in more cushions for your dog! I had one thin bed lining the cargo box and after the first day, I could tell my dog was hurting. Either buy the recommended bed or add a few extra cushions for your dog.

Wow Sara,

What am amazing experience. I'm pretty sure this is a new record for 'longest biked with their dog in a Bunch Bike'

On a secondary note... I'm always looking for fun multi-day rides to do with my kids, and the Great Allegheny looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

I'm so glad to hear that the battery range was exceeding your expectation on the trail!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Great all round experience

From ordering the bike to delivery and after I’m very happy with Bunch Bike.
Customer rep and the communication was truly great! Editing the phrase on the bike along with a couple other items went smooth and felt the communication response time was better than I have experienced with anything else lately. Very surprised if that…. Now the bike it came very well packaged and fully assembled another great thing! The brakes, pedals and quality of everything seems very well built. Very glad I trusted Bunch Bike and quality matches the price as purchasing a quality electric assisted bike isn’t a small purchase.
If I had one question or suggestion I would encourage Bunch bike to do is to take a look at the seat and consider making ledge for seat slightly taller and a bit deeper. Hoping my daughter will be able to be utilize the box seating for many years and I feel the. Offer she gets the less comfortable that seat will be. Possibly design a box front area for older children or adults with disabilities that can safely ride in the box area?
Thank you again for the quality service and Bike greatly appreciate quality communication.

Hi Greg,

That's feedback that we've gotten a lot... that customer's experience with us is better than most other companies they've done business with. That's been the case for years, and going above and beyond in all situations is something we really pride ourselves on.

And thanks for the suggestions on the seat height. The bike is most optimized for younger children, as the majority of our customers have children in this age bracket. Having the ability to customize seating to be more comfortable for older children / adults is definitely something that would be of value to some families.

Enjoy the bike!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Fantastic Customer Service!

Great product but even more than that…great customer service. The team went out of their way to be helpful and ensure we had everything we needed for a great fit and a fun and safe ride. Our dog and daughter love their rides in the bunch bike. And bonus was that the bike arrived in time to watch our local Christmas parade from the bike’s bench seat! Perfect!

Hey Meaghan,

I gave our company 3 values that we operate by, and the first and most important is to WOW customers through extraordinary service.

That's our north star, and we try to live that in every interaction with our customers. I'm glad to hear that it was the case in your experience.

I'm so happy your daughter and pup are loving the rides.

Take care,

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

K-9 3.0

Tighter turning radius, less vibrations due to steering dampener, comfy seat and great color!

Hey Tom,

Thanks for sharing! I agree with all the above, the latest bike is definitely an improvement over previous models!

Take care,

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Perfect Purchase

I have had my Bunch Bike for only one month and in that time it has completely transformed the way my family and I get around. We put over 100 miles on it already. We use the bike to get to school, shop for groceries, go to the recycling center, visit the playground, go out to dinner and just about anything else you can imagine inside of 10 miles from our home. My kids, aged 7, 3, and 3 all love the bike and they are so happy when we go anywhere on it. Nearly everywhere we go we get compliments. All of the girl's friends want to ride the bike when they come over to our house. I am so thankful we made this purchase for our family. It has gotten us out of the house more often and is keeping my spouse and I in shape as we bike the kids around the neighborhood. This bike is a full car replacement and it costs less than just the options would on a new car.

Hey Justin,

If there was a quintessential way to describe the magical experience of owning a Bunch Bike, then you've just captured it in this review.

So happy the bike has changed your life in a very positive way.

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

They really mean FREE 14 day trial

For 6 months I pondered ordering the K9 to use with an elderly 100 pound pet goat but was reluctant to pull the trigger for fear that he would not be able to climb into the cargo box or enjoy the riding experience. I finally ordered the K9, and the goat was not amused. I reached out to the most responsive customer support team of any product I've ever purchased, and they helped me brainstorm ideas for securing him in the cargo box in hopes that he would learn to love rides. At the end of the 14 days, I decided to return the bike and was told that the free trial really is that - - free; I would not even incur any shipping fees. Ultimately, it was that top notch, white-glove customer service experience that swayed me into keeping the K9 after all, even though a 15 pound dog now is the only occupant of the cargo area. Much like having a pick up truck, it's nice to know that I can haul a bunch of items, though, if needed. Just an exceptional company and bike.

Hi Victoria,

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for the goat but that you decided to keep the bike anyways for your dog and other hauls.

The bike truly is a game changer for anyone looking to replace car trips and stay active while getting things done on a bike.

- Aaron @ Bunch

Back to School Bunch Bike Bundle!
Togetherness and fresh air

We love our new bike. The learning curve isn’t bad. I can even manage a rather treacherous steep turn of the bike path.

My girls love our new ride to school, the fresh air and the exercise. We put our scooters in so they ride alongside sometimes.

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for sharing your experience!

There is definitely a learning curve to the bike, but like you said, it's not bad, and anyone can learn to do it!

Glad your kids are getting to experience the independence of scooting themselves, with the added benefit of being able to hop in when their tired or worn out... that's a great way to keep them smiling!

- Aaron @ Bunch