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Discounts, Promos, Financing - and other bike budget tips!

Discounts, Promos, Financing - and other bike budget tips!

A good-quality cargo bike can be life changing - whether it's to make your daily commute more active and sustainable - or to make that Sunday afternoon bike ride accessible to everyone in your family. 

It's also a big investment.

Even though we save money long term by biking instead of driving - many of us in the Bunch community had to seriously budget, shop and save in order to make the bike life a reality for our families. 

Our focus is on inclusion and access. We do everything we can to keep our bikes as affordable as possible, especially for those who really need them.

We've rounded up a list of our discount, promo, and funding options below so you can get a sense of what might be possible for your family!

Seasonal Offers

We offer seasonal sales, promos, and bundles all year round - the best way to stay up to date on these is to sign up for our mailing list. (PRO TIP: If you open and click on the emails, that tells our mailing software to keep sending to you!) 

We typically run our biggest sales for Back To School, Black Friday, and Spring Early Bird. These are special promo bundles that may come with free shipping, a great discount, or awesome free accessories. 

Because we price as tightly as we can year round, we typically can't offer a significant cut to the base price, even on those occasions. For reduced pricing options, read on!

Superhero Discount

We offer a discount on new bikes for all superheroes - educators, healthcare workers, mental health providers, members of the military, first responders and other public servants. We appreciate the work you do - and the sacrifices you already make in order to do it!

Inclusion Portal

Inclusion is at the heart of our mission. We offer wraparound support for any child or parent with a disability, medical or adaptive need that affects access to cycling or driving - including a discount program, free adaptive equipment, and collaboration with outside funding options. 

Ebike Rebates

We strongly support local programs that offer rebates and vouchers to encourage active transport. We partner with local shops to qualify for voucher programs in California, Colorado, Washington DC and more. 

Not sure how to use your local voucher program to buy a Bunch Bike? Please reach out to us and we'll help make it happen!

Hardship Discount

We offer a discount on new bikes for families qualifying for free or reduced lunch in their school districts. Please contact us to determine your eligibility. 

Financing Through Affirm

We work with Affirm to provide a variety of monthly financing options on all our bikes. Qualified customers can score 0% APR interest for 6-12 months (depending on size of purchase) or an interest-bearing option for up to 36 months! Affirm also does allow early payoff - say if you end up selling that second car 😉Please see below for details and disclaimers from Affirm!

Test Rides & Consultations

Choosing the right cargo bike is a big decision - we're here to help!

We think test riding different bike formats is a great way to learn what works for your family. We offer a $100 discount code for families that complete a test ride with one of our Bunch Squad members!

We're also happy to help you figure out the details and plan out your purchase with a phone or video consultation. We will put together a free custom accessory bundle for customers who schedule a phone consultation with us.

Joining the Bunch Squad

The Bunch Squad is our network of enthusiastic owners who give test rides, organize community events and advocate for family biking! Only existing owners can join the Squad, but Squad members do get discounts sitewide as well as earning points and cash for their participation. 

Rental Rebates

A growing number of Bunch Squad members are also offering their bikes for short-term rental. You can start by renting a Bunch Bike for a week or a weekend, to enjoy a family vacation, help a visiting family member or just see how it fits into your life. If you end up purchasing a Bunch Bike, we'll rebate the cost of your rental - up to $250! 

Rental options are currently available in New York City; Washington, DC; Boston,  MA; Arlington, VA; Atlanta, GA; San Diego, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Lodi, CA; 30A in FL; St. Petersburg, FL; Chicago, IL; Daytona Beach, FL; Port Coquitlam, BC; Beacon, NY; Croton-on-Hudson, NY; Alexandria, VA; and our home base in Denton, TX. Stay tuned, more coming soon! 

Risk-Free Trial

We know that test rides and rentals aren't accessible to all. That's why we offer a free trial period for all of our bikes. We want you to be able to try the bike life for yourself before deciding if it's the right fit for your family! You can read more about the reasoning behind this program in this blog post.

Ainsley's Angels Partnership

We work with Ainsley's Angels to increase access to our bikes for children with significant disabilities and medical needs. The Ainsley's Angels giveaway is the only program through which we are able to give away a bike for free. Ainsley's Angels also offers a nonprofit fundraising platform that families can use to raise money toward a Bunch Bike through their own networks. 

Outside Funding

We work with many families in our inclusion program to secure special funding for children and adults with disabilities, medical and adaptive needs. We have seen families secure funding for their bikes through Medicaid waivers, private insurance, self-determination funding, HSA accounts, local nonprofits, sustainability grant programs, and national organizations like Make A Wish. We're happy to brainstorm options with you - please get in touch through our inclusion portal!

Open Box & Secondhand Bikes

We don't sell secondhand bikes directly on our website, but they do pop up occasionally on the Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook, at prices ranging from "slight discount" to "major steal." (Especially for older model bikes!) We can offer support with shipping, parts and accessories if needed.

We do sometimes sell Open Box bikes, but these typically get snapped up very quickly - within a few hours, or a day or two at most. We recommend clicking on the green "Notify Me When Available" box on the product page to get an email when an open box bike becomes available. 

Get In Touch

Over the years we've seen all kinds of creative and resourceful options for making a Bunch Bike happen - sponsorship by local businesses, crowdfunding, baby registries, preschool fundraisers and more! We know the bike is a huge investment - and we know it can be lifechanging, too. If you've got a great idea, we're happy to support you any way we can!


Disclaimers from Affirm: Payment options through Affirm and/or Affirm Canada Holdings Ltd. (“Affirm”). Your rate will be 0–31.99% APR (where available and subject to provincial regulatory limitations). APR offered is based on creditworthiness and subject to an eligibility check. Not all customers will be eligible for 0% APR. Payment options depend on your purchase amount, may vary by merchant, and may not be available in all provinces/territories. Actual payment option terms will be shown at checkout. A down payment (or a payment due today) may be required. Affirm accepts debit cards and PAD as forms of repayment on payment options. Select payment options may be eligible for repayment in the form of credit cards. Please review the terms and conditions of your credit card when using it as a form of repayment. For more information, please see https://www.affirm.com/en-ca/how-it-works."

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