Colorado Ebike Rebate is HERE - and we're eligible!

Colorado Ebike Rebate is HERE - and we're eligible!

Making family biking more accessible

So many Americans are eager to start replacing short car trips with bike trips - for a lifestyle that's healthier, more sustainable, and a whole lot more fun. 

Biking is also more affordable than driving, with lower payments, cheaper maintenance, no insurance costs, and fuel costs of about $5... per year. 😎 Replacing a second car can save families tens of thousands

But for most families, a good-quality cargo bike is still a huge up-front investment. We hear from parents every day who save up for months - or can't make it work.

Yes, we offer several discount programs and monthly financing. But we also still feel strongly that public support for ebike access is essential so that families on a tight budget can make the sustainability choices that work for them. 

A more practical approach

As the fantastic ebike pilot program in Denver showed, these programs can be more practical, more affordable, and more immediate in their impact than subsidizing electric cars

That's why we're so pleased to share that the state of Colorado is launching its own ebike rebate! It's amazing news for Colorado fam - and for all of us who are watching more states and cities take action.

Online retailers invited

We're especially excited about Colorado's approach because the organizers intentionally opened the program to a selection of online retailers - like Bunch Bikes!

Sarah Thorne, senior program manager at the Colorado Energy Office, shared with us that the purpose of this inclusive approach is to ensure that families across the state have equal access to a wide range of bike options. 

Not everybody lives within a couple miles of a bike shop - much less a bike shop big enough to carry a range of family or cargo bikes. Many local bike shops don't carry family bikes at all, making it difficult or impossible for folks outside the big city to purchase the vehicle they need in person. 

The Bunch Bike can work for families that need more space, increased stability, or adaptive seating to suit a wide range of inclusion needs. Now families across Colorado can access funding to help make family biking more accessible!

Who gets what

The subsidy for an e-cargo bike like the Bunch Bike ranges from $800 to $1400 depending on income. 

Even larger subsidies will be awarded to those who are purchasing the bike to accommodate a medical or adaptive need

Up to $100 in additional funding can be used to purchase a quality locking solution.

The total subsidy can work out to around a 30% discount on your Bunch Bike!!

How to participate

The first application round will be open from Wednesday, August 16 at 9:00 AM MT to Monday, August 21 at 1:00 PM MT

The application is available online: (link

The winning applicants will be randomly selected and notified via email on Tuesday, August 22

At that point, you have 48 hours to upload the required proof of residency and income eligibility.

Your application will be approved within 10 business days. Then you have 60 days to contact us and purchase your Bunch Bike! 

You'll need to place your order by phone. You can call us at 940-536-0597 anytime during our normal business hours, or set an appointment if needed. We'll use the retailer portal to redeem your rebate credit. Then you can pay a drastically reduced price for your bike using monthly financing, credit card, PayPal, or any other payment method that works for you! 

Additional rounds of funding will be available later in the year. You can click here to sign up to be notified as the program continues! 

For the rest of us

Wish your state had a program like this one? We're based in Texas, and we're wishing too! 

Even better would be a nationwide ebike rebate or tax credit that acknowledges the many ways ebikes benefit families, communities, and the larger global push for sustainability. 

The Bike League is our premier nationwide advocacy organization. You can click here to learn more about their work and participate in their action in support of the EBIKE Act! 

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