Taking Action For Father's Day & Pride!

Ricky Watts on bunch bike with two kids in front of rainbow mural

It's June and we're so excited to be celebrating TWO special occasions!!!!

For both Father's Day and Pride, we're focusing on advocacy - and supporting the organizations that make life better for our whole Bunch fam.

Father's Day Special Offer

Get your family rolling - and advocate for safer infrastructure for all of us!

Order by Father's Day - we'll donate $100 to the Bike League in your honor. 

That's the premier nationwide advocacy group for bike-friendly policies and planning - making our communities safer for all of us!

You'll get a yearlong Bike League membership... as well as a snazzy Winged Wheel t-shirt and a lovely personalized card. 

Click here to order - FREE in your cart with your new Bunch Bike! 

Bike League t shirt for Bunch Bikes father's day

Pride Special Offer

We're based in Denton, Texas, and now more than ever - our Pride celebration has to be rooted in action, too. 

That's why we're rallying to support Equality Texas - and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ families in our home state. 

While supplies last - add our new, limited edition Pride Flag Sun Shade to your order. 

It's FREE - and we'll donate $100 to Equality Texas in your honor!

Click here to learn more.

Two moms and three kids in bunch bike with pride flag sun shade

Can I choose both?!

Sure, we're happy to donate to BOTH of our partner orgs in your honor! But please choose just one free gift or the other. Jot us a note and let us know!

Questions, feedback, need help or support?

We're here for it! Please don't hesitate to text or call us, 940-536-0597.

We love connecting with new families and talking through our discount options, monthly financing, inclusion program and more! 

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Two moms and three kids on bunch bike with pride flag in support of equality texas
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