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Which trike brand is best?
Bike Life

Which trike brand is best?

Families tell us again and again that their bike is the best and most lifechanging purchase they've ever made.  It's also a BIG decision - a major investment, and a significant lifestyle change, to...

Bike LifeNature school, preschool or day care - by bike!

Nature school, preschool or day care - by bike!

At nature schools, preschools and day cares across the country, educators are discovering the joy of electric cargo bikes. We interviewed some of the veteran Preschool Bunch Bike owners in our comm...

Bike LifeWhich layout fits my family?

Which layout fits my family?

The Bunch Bike comes in three front-loading layouts - the Original, the K9, and the Preschool. All three are built on the same chassis, with the same major systems and specs. Only the passenger com...

Bike LifeStaying safe on your family bike ride

Staying safe on your family bike ride

"Is that thing safe?"  It's a question I get from other parents sometimes - and it's hard to know how to answer. By some definitions, any outdoor activity is more risky than sitting on your couch a...

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Bike LifeNEW: Peep our 2024 #LoveLetters!

NEW: Peep our 2024 #LoveLetters!

 UPDATE: Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!  Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.   We love every one of the sweet moments you shared - sibling snuggles, outdoor adventure...

Bike LifeScore an ebike rebate - for your Bunch Bike!

Score an ebike rebate - for your Bunch Bike!

Learn how to use local ebike rebate programs, vouchers, tax credits and more to purchase a Bunch Bike for your family! We can participate in the Washington DC Ebike Rebate program, the Colorado and...