Big Kids

"Shouldn't your kids be riding their own bikes?"

Baby in Bunch Bike with older child on two wheeled bike

I get this question surprisingly often... mostly from folks who don't bike.
The reality is that the cargo bike is an amazing way to introduce my kids to a more active lifestyle. 

My oldest just started second grade, and biking is the norm for him.

He knows the bikeways around our home as well as he knows the walk to the playground, because we've been biking everywhere since he was in preschool.

He knows which friends we reach via which trails and which intersections we always avoid.

He even complains about dangerous drivers for me (:

Baby in Bunch Bike with older child on bike

He's biking independently more often now, but he's still not as fast or reliable as an adult.

If there's heavy traffic, he's definitely better off in the cargo box.

Some rides are still too long or hilly for him... or he can make it one way but he's going to be too tired to bike home.

The best thing about the Bunch Bike for us is that we don't have to commit one way or the other.

We can carry him through traffic to the bike trail, then he can hop down and ride on his own.

He can ride his bike one way and be carried the other - in this pic we're bringing his bike to his school pickup so he can ride it home.

Bunch bike carrying baby and toddler with older kid's bike

The Bunch also lets us bike as a family.

 My 7-year-old may be ready to start bike commuting some of the time, but I also have a toddler and a baby to bring along.


Baby in Bunch Bike with big kid on bike and toddler on balance bike

Let me tell you though, that 3-year-old is pushing hard to be allowed to get down and ride on his own like big brother!

We've started bringing his little balance bike along sometimes too.
Three kids on a bunch bike with 2 kids bikes attached
Here's the last thought I want to leave you with.

We see parents driving their kids around all the time - to school, to the doctor's office, to the birthday party or soccer practice or whatever.  

We don't go around asking them, "Why didn't your kid bike here?"

We understand that given today's schedules and today's infrastructure, sometimes kids or even teenagers need their parents to get them where they're going.
Three toddlers and a baby in the bunch bike with a sun shade.

Riding a bike is so much fun, but it's also our family's main transportation.

That means sometimes my kids ride their own bikes.

Sometimes I bring a bike for them to ride.

And sometimes it feels like I ride around all day picking them up and dropping them off - that's just part of the job description!

I know they'll be going out on their own, riding their own bikes and living their own lives, before we know it.
Four big kids in Bunch Bike with backpacks on outside

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