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Which layout fits my family?

Which layout fits my family?

The Bunch Bike comes in three front-loading layouts - the Original, the K9, and the Preschool.

All three are built on the same chassis, with the same major systems and specs. Only the passenger compartment is different. 

If your needs change, you can even swap from one layout to another - without replacing your entire bike!

So - who fits in each layout? Let's find out!

Who fits in the Original? 

Our flagship Original layout comes with both a front and a rear bench, for four total passenger seats with four shoulder-strap seatbelts.

Three kids and a dog in the Original Bunch Bike

The Original can comfortably fit:

  • Four kids - baby through school aged!
  • An adult and 2-3 kids
  • Two teens sitting catty corner
  • Two kids and two dogs

Three kids and blind adult in original bunch bike

See "More Tips" below for details on baby seating, storage space and more!

Who fits in the K9? 

The K9 layout features a swing-open front door for easy access. It also comes with a single multipurpose bench and two seatbelts, just in case.

Man and golden retriever in K9 Bunch Bike

The rear bench serves as seating for human passengers - and doubles as a lockable storage compartment. Or you can remove it to create extra floor space for pups to lie down. The total floor space is 36" long and 22" wide!

Two golden retrievers in K9 Bunch Bike with doctor costume

With the bench in place, the K9 can comfortably fit: 

  • A teen or adult and a large dog
  • Two children and two medium dogs
  • Up to 6 smaller pups

With the bench removed, the K9 can comfortably fit: 

  • Giant breeds
  • Two large dogs
  • A large dog that needs to be able to lie down

Very large mastiff in K9 Bunch Bike

Who fits in the Preschool? 

The Preschool layout is the biggest of our bunch - perfect for nature schools, daycare providers, big families and bike buses!

The benches are bumped out on the left and right sides, with three seats on each side - for a total of six seats with six shoulder-strap seatbelts.

This "school bus" layout also includes a swing-open front door. Unlike on the Original, the benches are not removable.

Side by side comparison of preschool and original bunch bikes

The Preschool can comfortably fit: 

  • Six preschoolers 
  • Three babies and three toddlers
  • Two teens and two toddlers
  • Four kids and a big dog

Some owners also add a rear rack seat or even a pull-behind trailer for additional seating!

More tips on fit

Fully loaded? 

You can fit extra groceries or gear inside the bench seats on the K9 or Original. 

You can also strap backpacks, kids' bikes or bulky items to the front or side panels!

Even more cargo can be tethered to the rear rack using straps or a Bakkie Bag.

Three kids on a bunch bike with 2 woom bikes strapped to the front panel

Riding with a baby? 

Our bench-mounted infant and toddler seats take up only one seat.

They can be mounted side by side to allow for 2 babies and 2 older kids in the Original - or 6 total kids in the Preschool. 

Baby and 3 older kids in original bunch bike

The car seat adapter for brand-new babies requires the removal of the front bench, leaving space for two older siblings. It will not fit in the Preschool.

Baby in car seat adapter with two older kids in original bunch bike

Front door or side entry?

The Original comes with easy-grip side steps that allow children to climb in comfortably, without disturbing one another.

Children who can climb on the playground can typically climb into the bike independently at around 18-20 months.

Toddler climbing into bunch bike original using side steps

If you're considering the front door for a passenger with different mobility needs, please let us know - we provide adaptive equipment at no charge.

Room for one more?

The rear rack seat can create an additional space for a child aged 1-4. Some childcare providers also add a pull-behind trailer for extra seating or storage!

7 kids in preschool bunch bike including one on the rear rack

What about weight?

Our recommendation for optimal performance is 350 pounds for pilot plus passengers. We know some families and programs do exceed this number. Riding overloaded does make it harder to get up steep hills. It may reduce your battery range, and can also lead to more frequent "wear and tear" maintenance.

Still not sure?

We are Bunch parents too, and we're here to help!

You can call or text us anytime: 940-536-0597.

Or click here to schedule your free, no-stress family biking consultation!

We'd love to connect, talk through your family's needs and help you figure out the right fit - Bunch or otherwise.

We can also help you find a local test ride so you can try it out in person - with your kids, pups and passengers.












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