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#CarFreeChallenge 2023 is here!

#CarFreeChallenge 2023 is here!

Happy World Car Free Day, Bunch fam! We're excited to kick off our 2023 #CarFreeChallenge.

That's our annual, monthlong celebration of driving less, doing more, and enjoying family time together - by bike!

Open to everyone

The #CarFreeChallenge is open to everyone - not just Bunch fam.

We welcome family bikes, dog bikes, cargo bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, unicycles, onewheels, recumbents, and dinosaur bikes.

If it has wheels - it counts!

This year's challenge

Without further ado - we proudly present this year's challenge board!

Car Free Challenge 2023 game board

How it works

- You can complete the squares in any order. Every time you complete a square, check it off!

Take a picture and tag us @bunchbikes #CarFreeChallenge to share your progress.

- When you complete a row, column, or diagonal, you win!

- Any⚡square is an instant win. 

- Many Bunch Squad members also compete to try to fill the entire board!

Prizes... and Grand Prizes

First things first: Everyone who completes the challenge wins the official #CarFreeChallenge 2023 decal. So you can celebrate and share your commitment to active transport!

You’ll also score Bunch Squad points or gift credit.

We will select up to 3 outstanding entries as Grand Prize Winners.

Choose any item in our Grand Prize collection - or create your own custom accessory bundle worth up to $250! 

All new Bunch Bike owners are also eligible for a Grand Prize.

Purchase a new Bunch Bike Sept. 22 - Oct. 22, 2023.

Complete the challenge within 30 days of receiving your bike.

You'll win a Grand Prize - or a $250 rebate on your Bunch Bike!

Easy peasy 😎

Designed for access

We know that every square may not be possible for every family. That's okay!

We've designed the board to be as accessible as possible for as many families as possible - with a wide range of needs and living in communities with better or worse bike infrastructure.

Even if you can't complete the whole board - we hope you can find a row, column or diagonal that works for you!

If you've having trouble, you can join our community at Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook for tips, encouragement and advice. 

The fine print

You have 30 days to complete the challenge. If you are purchasing a new bike during this period, you have 30 days from the day after you receive your bike!

Please contact us if you need an extension due to illness or any medical or adaptive need. 

To document mileage: Take a pic of your odometer, use google maps or strava, or track on paper.

To document trips: Take a picture and check off the square!

A trip starts and ends at home. Playground, then library, then store, then home = 1 trip.

Trading in a car means reducing your total number of cars (ie, selling a car and not replacing it) within the 30 days before/after purchasing a cargo bike.

All other squares are open to creative interpretation!

Tag @bunchbikes #CarFreeChallenge and create a thread or highlight!

If you prefer to participate privately, let us know via email.

#MileageMilestone kicks off

We're also proud to finally present an array of #MileageMilestone stickers for our Bunch fam! These will be available year round to celebrate your family's biking journey. Post a pic of your odometer and your favorite trip, tag us @bunchbikes #MileageMilestone then place your order!

Questions or feedback?

We're here for it!

You can comment here or reach out to us via email, phone or text - 940-536-0597.

Our office hours are M-F, 8am-2pm CST. We are Bunch parents too, and we leave a little early to pick up our kids!

We're looking forward to connecting with you 🥰


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