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Which trike brand is best?

Which trike brand is best?

Families tell us again and again that their bike is the best and most lifechanging purchase they've ever made. 

It's also a BIG decision - a major investment, and a significant lifestyle change, too. There's a ton of information out there, and dozens of followup decisions to make - which format, which brand, which model, which accessories, where to park, how to maintain, and so much more. We know it can be a little overwhelming 😂

The first question to answer is which cargo bike format fits your needs - longtail or box bike, two wheels or three. If you're still deciding, check out this blog post for a detailed overview - plus "why I chose my bike" comments from owners of a wide range of family bikes! 

If you've already decided that a Bunch-style trike is the right fit - congratulations! You're in the right place 🙂We're proud to build the leading North American cargo trike.

Why choose a Bunch over another trike brand - including those tempting lower-budget options?

That's a great question - and we're here to help. 


First things first - make sure to order from a reputable company with a verifiable track record of sales and support in North America.

Unfortunately there are some extremely shady knockoff sites online that will purport to sell you an electric cargo trike (or, in one case, a "Brunch Bike") at a steep discount. Some of these sites "borrow" reviews and photos from real retailers. 

Buyer beware! If the bike you order doesn't arrive, doesn't work, or needs service or support down the line, it will be extremely difficult to get help or recoup your investment. You may be similarly out of luck if a startup brand sells you a bike, then goes out of business. 

We strongly recommend purchasing from companies that have an established presence, brand name and reputation that can be verified outside their site.

Quality Components

Could we build a cheaper bike? Sure. 

But our vision is for our bikes to serve as a reliable car replacement - for families looking to get around to school dropoff, groceries, sports, playdates, parks and the doctor's office. 

They've got to keep you and your kids comfortable and safe - and stand the test of time, weather, miles, and real-life use.

That's why we invest in higher-quality components vs. lower-budget options:

UL Certification

As of June 2024, our bikes are fully UL certified, compliant with the rigorous safety and testing standards of both UL 2271 (the ebike battery standard) and UL 2849 (the full e-bike standard.) 

The UL process is lengthy and challenging, but we think it's worthwhile - it's a powerful way of giving consumers externally verified confidence that our bikes are safe and thoroughly tested. (Read more about UL certification here.) 

While UL compliance is not yet mandatory, we're proud to meet the highest possible safety standards, now and in the future. 

Frame & Cargo Box

In 2019 we began partnering with the top-end manufacturer of cargo bike frames to offer a lifetime warranty on a steel frame we know we can trust with our own kids - and with yours. This precision-engineered chassis is one reason our bikes are more expensive.

Our cargo box is built from marine-grade wood that's a solid half-inch thick, with protective rubber stripping at the top edges. The finish is designed to last for years of mud, rain, kids, dogs, cargo, impact, and more - and still look great. Side rails + side steps make it easy for even toddlers to climb in independently!

If you are on a tight budget, we would recommend a secondhand bike vs. a frame or cargo box with flimsier construction.

Braking System

Our Bunch Bike 4 brakes are top-of-the-line Tektro Auriga E-Twin+ HD-E545/540 hydraulic disc brakes, both front and rear. They come with bigger, stiffer rotors (180mm x 2.3mm) and a supersized reservoir for a powerful stop that's smoother and quieter - and needs less maintenance over time.

Watch out for brands that still rely on older or more minimal braking technology - rim brakes, non-hydraulic disc brakes, smaller or thinner rotors, off-brand components - or that offer few specifics on what exactly they're using. Quality braking is essential both for safety and for a confident, comfortable ride.

Assist System

Our assist system uses a torque sensor, not a cadence sensor, to provide a smoother and more natural pedaling experience. (This was an optional upgrade on the Bunch Bike 3.0 and is standard on the 4.) All our bikes also come with a PowerBoost thumb throttle to make getting started easier!

A powerful 500w motor gives you plenty of "vroom" for getting around fully loaded with kids, dogs and gear. Our 48v battery uses high-quality LG cells for safety and reliability, and our range of 20-30 miles per charge has been independently tested and verified.

Some brands claim a superpowerful motor or superlong range but quietly offer lower-spec components. Some European brands are limited to 250w or 350w, which we think can feel underpowered for getting around on US infrastructure. Make sure to compare apples to apples - torque sensor, thumb throttle, 500w and 48v - for an ebike experience that feels natural and effortless. 

For safety reasons, we also recommend making sure that any ebike you purchase uses reputable name-brand electrical components. Off-brand battery cells and chargers can pose a fire hazard. 

Read more about the upgraded Bunch Bike 4 component specs in this post!  

Long Term Value

We do strive to keep our bikes as affordable as possible. We keep our margins tight and offer discount programs and financing as well as partnering with rebate and access programs whenever we can. We've decided against luxury-only features like full suspension, which would require us to greatly increase our base price. (And of course, we know a cargo bike is a great deal more affordable than a second car - or an electric minivan!) 

All the same, a good-quality cargo bike is a serious investment. We think it's worth spending a little extra to make sure your electric vehicle holds its value and takes care of you for the long haul. 

Capacity & Geometry

Our Original & K9 bikes are designed to carry 4 kids, adult passengers, big dogs, or a LOT of gear! Our Preschool bikes are even roomier, with seating for six children. The layouts are modular, so that you can upsize as your family grows without replacing the entire bike. (Check out this blog post for more info, pics, weight capacity and more!) 

We've refined the geometry of our bikes over half a dozen iterations. The steering is very different from a two-wheeler - expect a learning curve as you get used to the independent front end. With a little practice, it becomes second nature. It's smooth, easy and fun!

Some cargo trike brands have a smaller cargo area that's shorter, lower to the ground, or rounded off in front. This can be a sensible choice with one or two smaller kids but may be outgrown sooner than the Bunch layout. There's typically less "stuff storage" and no option to haul backpacks or bikes on the front panel. 

At least one cargo trike brand offers a seating area that's narrow but longer from front to back. Users tell us this design is a bit more "tippy" and harder to steer. (Any trike can tip when ridden aggressively, but some designs are more stable than others!) Some designs also offer no easy way for kids to climb in and out - or require kids to load in a certain order to avoid stepping on each other.

The best way to learn which geometry works best for you is to try it for yourself. We'd love to help you set up a test ride so you can feel what's comfortable for you and for your passengers! If a test ride option isn't accessible for you, we do also offer a great trial program.

Experienced Design

We've been around for a while, and we Bunch with our own kids daily. We also have the benefit of hundreds of thousands of miles of parent feedback from our incredibly engaged (some would say fanatical) user community!

That experience helps us continuously improve our bikes for real life. Which is why we offer side steps for toddlers to climb in independently. Seatbelts that don't need daily readjustment. Rubber stripping to protect little fingers and toes. An ergonomic side-to-side handlebar shape that makes it easy for even shorter and smaller riders to feel fully in control. And a host of other parent-friendly, kid-friendly features.

Years of experience also mean a rich suite of upgrades and accessories that we curate carefully and update frequently. We've got great gear for riding on sunny days, rainy days, and serious cold. Gear for carrying backpacks, towing bikes, and cradling your hot coffeeCar seat adapters, baby seats, toddler seats, and leash clips. A special lock for short ice cream stops, a specially wired horn for city riding, a custom LED light kit, and so much more.

Plus a wide range of adaptive seating for kids and teens who need it!

We end up working with a lot of non-Bunch owners who are struggling to set up their bikes comfortably or find gear that's compatible with their bikes. We think it's easier to bike with our Bunch fam - who have figured out a lot of these details already!

Customer Support

"The customer service is INSANE" is probably the best-known Bunch Bikes feature. We're famous for taking exceptional, personal, long-term care of each and every Bunch Bike family - you'll see that again and again in our reviews

Why does it matter? Because a cargo bike is a large object - with a lot of features! It can be a little overwhelming at first. (Imagine if you bought a car - without ever having seen or ridden in one first...) 

Taking great care of our Bunch fam is what we're here for - not just during the warranty period, but for life. We are super easy to reach via email, phone or text. 

You can call us anytime - there's no phone tree, we just pick up. We're always happy to help you figure out a feature, troubleshoot a problem, keep up with regular maintenance or just talk through tips to get your kids to keep their helmets on!

Your Bunch Bike comes with an outstanding 12-month warranty that covers both parts and labor. If anything goes wrong along the way - damaged in shipping, not working right or just needs adjustment - we'll help you connect with a mechanic, provide any needed parts at no charge and pay for service at your home if possible.

If you need parts or upgrades further down the road - no worries. We keep components in stock for all our past models and can typically drop what you need in the mail next day.

Sourcing replacement parts can be more of a challenge for smaller brands or those imported from overseas. Some shops and mechanics are also less willing to work on those bikes because they're not confident they'll be able to get parts or support as needed.

It's true that we also do our best to support non-Bunch owners who are not able to get help from their brands, but unfortunately we don't always have access to the parts they need. 

For a big purchase like a cargo bike, we really recommend checking reviewsreddit, etc. to learn what you can expect from the company if you need help along the way.

Delivering Your Bike

Our bikes are fully in stock and ready to ship! When you order, we'll build your bike at our warehouse in Denton, TX and ship it to you via LTL freight. US orders will reach your door within two weeks of your order date - or even sooner if you choose the FastTrack option at checkout. 

All Bunch Bikes ship 100% fully assembled and ready to ride. Your bike will arrive on a large wooden pallet, covered by a huge cardboard box. It will be fully charged, with your accessories already installed. It's a pretty amazing experience. Just loosen the ratchet straps, unbox and go!

If shopping another brand, make sure to check how long the lead time is for new bike orders - and whether the bike ships fully assembled. Many bikes will require professional assembly at a bike shop, preferably one that's experienced in building electric cargo bikes. Some bikes require home assembly (eg installing a wheel) and may still benefit from a professional safety check afterwards.

Easy Returns

Our mission is to make family biking more accessible. We want to help get more families biking - Bunch or otherwise! 

That's why we offer our extraordinary no-risk return policy. We think it's unique in the industry - and we're proud of it. You can read more about the "why" of this program in this blog post.

We want you to go ahead and order your bike. Try it out in your own life, on your own routes, with your own family. If it isn't the right fit for you, for any reason - we'll pack it up, pick it up, and refund 100% of what you paid. That includes shipping, accessories, everything!

Check the fine print on any return policy you see online. If you decide to return your bike, some companies will ask you to provide the original packing material - or to pack or ship the bike yourself. (Not so easy with a 150lb cargo bike!) Others will charge a shipping or restocking fee, or they'll come up with a long list of conditions and caveats that allow them to refuse your return.

If you'd like to learn more about what our returns process is like, check our unfiltered reviews - you'll find several from customers who decided the Bunch wasn't the right fit. 

Our Community

We're incredibly proud of our warm, welcoming customer community. Our owners share tips, hacks, support and activism - and give us feedback that helps us grow and get better. 

Our families have also led the way in prioritizing our inclusion program and helping us test and provide a wide range of adaptive options.

Many of our most enthusiastic owners go on to join the Bunch Squad. They give test rides, organize community events, advocate for safe routes to school, and help spread the joy of family biking!

For many of us, joining the Bunch fam is a surprisingly meaningful community experience that goes far beyond the bike itself - to create connection with other families seeking a more active, more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our Values 

We love seeing more companies, big and small, dip their toes in the family biking space. At the same time, we know that some of these may be "here today, gone tomorrow." 

We're long-term committed to family biking - it's why Aaron started Bunch Bikes, and why all of us are here. We think it's worth connecting with a company that fits with your family's priorities and values. So, here's what we're here for:

1. Inclusion

Making family biking more accessible is at the heart of our mission. We offer wraparound support for children and parents with disabilities, medical and adaptive needs - learn more at our inclusion portal

2. Community

We're here to work together to make our communities better. Our Bunch Squad and Bunch Bikes Club help us grow the family biking movement, support community events and grassroots activism, and build for a more sustainable future across the country. 

3. Legendary customer service

This is connected to #2 above! We build our community by taking excellent care of each of our families. Bunch owners know they can count on us for info, support and opportunities. That lasting relationship is what helps us continue to grow. 

4. All families

We're here to celebrate all families. That means prioritizing a family-friendly workplace for our staff. Supporting Equality Texas to protect the rights of all families. And doing all we can to make biking together a joyful part of your family's routine.

So - Why Bunch Bikes?

We think our bikes offer the best quality, the best design, the best customer service - and the best community. 

If you're looking for a "bike minivan" that can handle all your kids and gear, is easy to ride and reliable - we'd love to take great care of you!

The Bunch Bike isn't the right fit for every family - and that's okay too. Whether it's a Bunch or another great family bike, we'd love to help your family get started on a lifestyle that's more active, more sustainable - and a whole lot more fun.

If you still have questions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can call or text us anytime at 940-536-0597. Schedule a chat with one of our family biking experts here. Or reach out to a real life Bunch owner here!

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