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Which trike brand is best?

Which trike brand is best?

So you've decided to try cargo biking - congratulations! Your family routine is about to get a lot more awesome ūüėé

Cargo bikes come in many different shapes and styles. If you're still deciding what works for you - two wheels or three, box bike or longtail - check out this blog post first for an overview! 

We're proud to be the leading North American cargo trike brand. If you're looking to ride with more kids, bigger kids, babies, or dogs - or just looking for a more stable, relaxing ride - you're in the right place!

But how can you be sure that the Bunch Bike is the best choice for your family?

We think all family bikes are great bikes - we'll never knock a family's cargo bike choice! That said, here are some questions to consider when comparing different brands and options:

Which format is the right fit? 

Longtail or box bike. Two wheels or three. Front load or rear. There are so many great cargo bikes - and they feel very different to ride! Click here to read more about which format might work best for your family. If you've already decided on a cargo trike - read on! 

How - and when - will my bike get here?

At Bunch Bikes, we ship our bikes fully assembled and charged, with your accessories already mounted. Our goal is to make your bike life easy and fun!

Our bikes deliver to your door within 2 weeks of your order date - 3 in Canada. 

We'll build your bike in our warehouse in Denton, Texas, then ship it straight to your home via LTL trucking on a large wooden pallet.

All you need to do is unbox it... loosen the straps, roll it off the pallet... and start riding! It's a pretty amazing experience.

If you're considering another brand, make sure to check how long the lead time is for new bike orders - and whether the bike ships fully assembled. Many bikes will require professional assembly at a bike shop. Those that require some home assembly may still benefit from a professional safety check afterwards.

What happens if I need help or support?

Getting started on a cargo bike is incredibly exciting. It can also be a little overwhelming - think of all the parts, features, and details you needed to learn the first time you drove a car!

At Bunch Bikes, we're here to make your bike life easy and fun. We're proud to share our onboarding videos and a fantastic, welcoming customer community.

We're also super easy to reach via email, phone or text. You can call us anytime if you need help getting started - we're always happy to talk through "Help, I can't find my parking brake" or "How does the seatbelt work again?" 

If anything goes wrong - a fender scratched up during shipping, a broken charger or even just a flat tire - you can give us a call, we'll pick up the phone and get the problem taken care of for you right away.

Especially for a big, complex purchase like a cargo bike - we really recommend checking reviews, reddit, etc. to learn what you can expect from the company if you need help along the way.

How does it handle?

The Bunch Bike steers very differently from a "normal" bike. If you're an experienced cyclist, it will feel strange at first, but it is super easy and smooth!

Not all trikes have the same smooth, stable feeling. We strongly recommend scheduling a test ride if possible, so that you can feel how different bikes handle. We have test ride options available throughout the US and Canada! 

If a test ride option isn't accessible for you, we do also offer a trial program, but it's probably best to read on and choose the right brand for you first (: 

How strong is the motor? What's the battery life?

All current model Bunch Bikes come with a 500w motor and a 48v battery with 653 Wh capacity. We use Samsung 35E cells and a UL certified charger.

The Bunch Bike battery has a typical range of 20-30 miles. That's not just our claim - it's been real-world verified by independent reviewers here and here. 

Check these specs carefully for any cargo bike you consider. Some brands may make claims about a superpowerful motor or superlong range - yet quietly offer a less powerful motor (250w or 350w) or lower capacity battery. 

In Europe, most ebikes are limited to 250w - a reasonable choice on protected bike infrastructure and flat terrain. In our opinion, the 500w motor is a must for the typical US or Canadian family - especially for riding uphill with a cargo box full of kids or dogs!

For safety reasons, we also recommend making sure that any ebike you purchase uses reputable name-brand electrical components. Off-brand battery cells and chargers can pose a fire hazard. 

How much space will I have?

Bunch makes one of the roomiest bikes on the market. On the Original and K9 bikes, the cargo area is 36" long and 22" wide - plenty of space for babies, big kids, big dogs and gear! The Preschool is even bigger, with seating for six kids in the cargo box - plus a 7th on the rear rack.

Some box bikes are narrower, shorter, or positioned lower to the ground. If possible, we recommend test riding your desired bike to see how you and your family will fit inside.

Your Bunch Bike can be carried in a minivan, pickup truck, or small utility trailer. If you're looking for a bike that can be easily dismantled for storage, or carried on a typical bike rack - a different brand may be a better fit!

How was this bike designed? 

At Bunch Bikes, our focus is on family biking. We bike with our own kids daily, and we get a ton of great feedback and suggestions from our customer community too - how folks are using the bike, what's working and what they need.

Our bike designs have evolved with experience. We've been developing and fine-tuning our family-friendly features since the day we started!

That's why our bikes have convenient side rails and an easy-climb step - so kids as young as 18 months can climb in by themselves. A marine-grade cargo box finish with protective stripping along the top. An ergonomic, side-to-side handlebar shape that makes it easy for even shorter and smaller riders to feel fully in control. And so much more!

When researching other brands, check how long they've been around and what their focus is. That experience and fine-tuning - specially designed for families, for kids, for parents, and for pups - is what makes your bike life smooth and easy!

What accessories are available?

Another result of our family focus is a rich suite of upgrades and accessories that we curate carefully and update frequently.

We've got great gear for riding on sunny days, rainy days, and serious cold.

Gear for carrying backpacks, towing kids' bikes, and cradling your hot coffee.

Car seat adapters, baby seats, toddler seats, and leash clips.

A special lock for short ice cream stops, a specially wired horn for city riding, a custom LED light kit, and so much more.

Plus a wide range of adaptive seating for kids and teens who need it!

We end up working with a lot of non-Bunch owners who are struggling to find gear that will fit their bikes. Before purchasing another brand, check that you'll be able to find compatible accessories that meet your needs! 

What's the warranty like? What about maintenance?

All Bunch Bikes come with a 12-month warranty. Our warranty covers any defect or problem that might come up with your bike during that time - say a shipping scrape, a faulty charger or a sticky button. You can also purchase an additional extended warranty that covers you for up to 5 years.

Our warranty coverage includes both parts and service. This means we'll provide any needed components at no charge to you. We'll also pay for your costs to get any issues addressed by a bike shop or mobile mechanic - and you can use any provider of your choosing. We're here to help, and we'll always err on the side of taking great care of you. You can read our reviews to learn more about how our approach works out in real life!

Our warranty does not cover normal maintenance - like a break-in tuneup, or addressing the occasional flat tire or broken spoke. But we'll still do all we can to support you along the way! 

Most mechanics love working with Bunch Bikes because we're local and responsive. If they have a question or need a part, we pick up the phone right away, and we can typically drop it in the mail same day!

If you're considering another brand, make sure to ask: What does the warranty cover? Is labor included?

What shops or mechanics can provide warranty service?

Are spare parts readily available and in stock locally - or will they need to be ordered from overseas? 

Can I test ride the bike? 

A Bunch Bike is super fun and easy to ride - but it does handle quite differently from a "normal" bike. We think it's a great idea to meet it in person so you can find out for yourself what it's like to ride with your kids in front - take those wide, easy trike turns - and soar up hills with the electric assist!

We've built a strong network of test ride options through our Bunch Squad program. That's our community of enthusiastic owners who love giving demos and spreading the word about family biking! 

We think meeting up with another Bunch family in your community tends to work much better than the traditional bike shop experience - you'll get a better sense of what the bike life is really like.

If you're considering another brand, ask about your options to test ride the bike -and to talk to other real-life owners who can give you their honest assessment of the pros and cons.

What's the return policy?

Sometimes a test ride just isn't practical. Maybe you live far from the nearest Bunch Squad member - or need to try the bike in your own life, on your own route, in order to know whether it will work for you. In that case, buying an expensive cargo bike sight unseen can feel like a huge risk. 

That's why we offer our extraordinary return policy. We think it's unique in the industry. If the bike isn't the right fit for you, we'll pick it up and refund 100% of what you paid - shipping, accessories, everything.

That's because our goal is to lower barriers to entry for families who are ready to explore the bike life. You can read more about it in this blog post! 

Please check the fine print on any return policy you see online. If you decide to return your bike, some companies will ask you to provide the original packing material; to pack it up yourself (no small matter with a 150lb cargo bike!); to pay for return shipping; or to cover a restocking fee. Or they'll come up with a long list of conditions and caveats that allow them to refuse your return.

Our return policy isn't like that. If the bike isn't the right fit for you, we'll arrange for it to be packed up, picked up, and shipped, and you'll receive a 100% refund. It's that easy. You can find families who have gone through the process in our reviews!

Where is this company headed?

Bunch Bikes was founded in 2017 with a clear vision - to bring European-style family cargo bikes to North America. Our focus is on making family biking more accessible, more inclusive, and more fun. We're still a very small business, but we've been proud to see steady growth from year to year - we're building for sustainability, scale, and a bike-friendly future!

We love seeing lots more companies, big and small, dip their toes in the family biking space. But we do worry that some of these may come and go quickly! We recommend focusing on brands that seem likely to stick around, and to commit to the cargo trike market - so you can count on ongoing support for your bike life, with parts and accessories readily available and a long-lasting resale value. 

What does this company value? 

When you buy a cargo bike, you're also joining a community - and entering a relationship. We think it's worth connecting with a company that aligns with your family's priorities, values, and approach. 

Here's what we care about at Bunch Bikes: 

1. Inclusion

Making family biking more accessible is at the heart of our mission. We offer wraparound support for children and parents with disabilities, medical and adaptive needs - learn more at our inclusion portal! 

2. Community

We're here to work together to make our communities better. Our Bunch Squad and Bunch Bikes Club help us grow the family biking movement, support community events and grassroots activism, and build for a more sustainable future across the country. 

3. Legendary customer service

This is connected to #2 above! We build our community by taking excellent care of each of our families. Bunch owners know they can count on us for info, support and opportunities. That lasting relationship is what helps us continue to grow. 

4. All families

We're here to celebrate all families! That means prioritizing a family-friendly workplace for our staff. Supporting Equality Texas to protect the rights of all families. And doing all we can to make biking together a joyful part of your family's routine!

Why Bunch Bikes?

We think our bikes offer the best design, the best customer experience, and the best customer service on earth! 

If you're looking for a "bike minivan" that can handle all your kids and gear, is easy to ride and reliable - we'd love to take great care of you.

But the Bunch Bike isn't the right fit for every family - and that's okay. Whether it's a Bunch or another great family bike, we'd love to help your family get started on a lifestyle that's more active, more sustainable - and a whole lot more fun!

If you still have questions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can call or text us anytime at 940-536-0597. Or reach out to a real life Bunch owner here!

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