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Ready to ride year round?

Ready to ride year round?

Calling all weather warriors! Many northern Bunch owners commute daily through snow and ice - all the way down to 20 below zero. 

Even in milder conditions, we think winter biking is a fun, easy and energizing way to keep your body moving - year round!

Read on for tips on making the bike life work for you in a wide range of weather conditions.

Chilly or windy

Feeling "Florida cold" where you are?

If your ride feels chilly for your kids - adding a rain tent is the easiest fix.

It blocks wind and wet and creates a cozy greenhouse effect - so your kids can stay comfy in their regular outerwear, no special gear needed.

On warm wet days, you can even roll up the side panels to catch a cross breeze!

Serious cold

When the temperature drops below freezing  - even well below - here's what we recommend:

Rain tent for kids

- A blanket or two for laps

- Thin hat or hood under kid helmets

Bar mitts + liners or thin gloves for you

- Balaclava under your helmet

- Bring your battery indoors to charge!

If you routinely experience temperatures below 20 F, please check out the Extreme Winter Biking post for more tips!

Light snow & ice

Three wheels make the Bunch Bike amazingly stable and grippy on winter roads!

We see lots of owners out commuting, doing farm chores, or just having fun on snowy days.

(Yes.. you can pull a sled with your Bunch Bike!)

Some important safety tips: 

- Please, please go slowly. The Bunch is not immune to slips and slides.

- Unplowed paths with more than 1" of snow may not be bikeable. On snowy days, plowed routes may be safer.

- Regular tires are fine for light or occasional snow. If your roads are snowy throughout the winter - we recommend snow tires.

Heavy rain

Yes, you can ride your Bunch in even the wettest weather!

Some tips to keep in mind: 

- Your display is the only part of your bike that can get water damaged. We recommend covering it with a plastic bag if you are riding in a serious downpour.

- The rain tent is great for keeping your kids dry. Make sure to zip it shut after you drop off - so the benches and seatbelts stay dry, too!

- Rain pants, rain boots, and a poncho or cape will keep you comfortable as well. We recommend large sizes that can be pulled on over your regular outfit!

- A baseball cap under your helmet helps keep rain off your face.

- The battery and motor will be fine in heavy rain, but should not be immersed in water. Do not ride through puddles or flooded roadways deeper than 8".

Extreme conditions

Biking in serious snow and ice - for months at a time?

The inimitable Sarah B., our northernmost Bunch Squad member, bikes her 4 kids year round in Edmonton, Canada. 

Check out her Extreme Winter Biking blog post for tips on winter maintenance, layering for babies and more.

How cold is TOO cold? 

During a recent cold snap, Sarah reported that she broke two spokes unexpectedly and decided to wait until the day warmed up before riding more.

This was at 40 degrees below zero.

We think that may be the official lower limit!

Fair-weather cyclist? 

Some sun-loving Bunch owners park their bikes for the season as soon as the temp dips below 65. That's okay too!

We're here for whatever works for your family. Even if you only ride on nice days, you're helping to create a more active, more sustainable, more connected future for our communities.

And the more you bike, the more you may find yourself wanting to bike.

Many of our current "every day all year" cyclists are former fair-weather riders who got hooked - and couldn't bring themselves to get back in the car! 

Shop winter gear

Ready to venture out in winter weather? 

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Shoutout to Ashley in Oregon for the awesome "farm chores" pic!

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