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Comparing the costs - driving vs. biking!

Comparing the costs - driving vs. biking!

Replacing a car trip with a bike trip is way more than an economic decision. 

It's a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It's better for your mental health and your physical health.

It's a lot more fun, too!

But a kid-carrying cargo bike is also a big investment.

So we think it's smart to plan ahead - and check out the real impact on your family's budget!

Is it expensive?

A good-quality electric cargo bike typically costs thousands of dollars.

If you're comparing the cost to the ten-speed that got you around town pre-kids - you're in for a bit of a sticker shock!

Then again, a cargo bike serves a very different purpose from that simpler vehicle with a 3-digit price tag. 

A car replacement

A cargo bike is designed for ferrying around your kids, their friends, their bikes, your dogs, a week's worth of groceries, or even a couple of good-sized trees

The electric assist means that you can make a five or ten mile round trip with minimal effort - even if you're not much of an athlete or cyclist. (Of course, you can always turn the assist off or down if you'd like the workout - but it's optional!) 

Because of these features, an electric cargo bike is more like a car replacement than like a fancy bike.

Even in suburban areas, families often find that they can sell a car (or a second car) and substitute the bike for many of their weekly trips and errands. 

Cost comparison

We think it makes more sense to compare the costs of biking - to the costs of driving!

If you can skip even a few short car trips per week, you may find that a family cargo bike actually saves you quite a bit of money. 

Here's why: 

Cost comparison - bunch bike vs. minivan

And don't forget...

Fun comparison - bunch bike vs. minivan - biking vs. driving

Breaking it down

A typical minivan costs almost ten times more than a Bunch Bike. 

If you sell even an older secondhand car, you're likely to be able to pay off your cargo bike in full. One Canadian mom shared how she saved over $20,000 by switching from driving to biking!

Even if you aren't in a position to fully replace a car, a cargo bike saves you money on every trip.

Most drivers pay hundreds of dollars for gas every month. The average electric cargo bike owner powers their bike for $5 to $21 - per YEAR. 

Ebikes are exponentially less likely to cause damage to other vehicles or people, so they typically don't need insurance coverage. If you drive less, a mileage-based car insurance plan may allow you to save hundreds of dollars per year as well. 

Just like a family car, an ebike will need regular maintenance. A new Bunch Bike comes with a full 12-month warranty that covers both parts and service - but you'll still want to get it tuned up occasionally, and you may need to fix or replace some parts as the years go on. 

In most regions, the average cost for an ebike service call is under $150. You'll have a hard time beating that budget with a car repair!

Why the fun comparison?

Sure, you'll save money by biking. But many of the other benefits are less tangible.

It's hard to put a dollar value on the time you spend stuck in the car - or how much it's worth to you to swap those minutes for active, outdoor time together instead.

Still, we think it's worth considering how you spend your time - and how you start your day. 

Reclaim your time

For busy parents, switching to a cargo bike can feel like magic. 

You still have to spend time taking your kids to and from school, to appointments, activities, playdates or the park.

Your schedule doesn't change. (Unless you live in a very congested city - then you might get there faster by bike!) 

Yet you gain back all the minutes you used to spend driving - because you're outdoors, active, spending time together and having fun instead. 

#CarFreeChallenge is here!

We first launched our annual #CarFreeChallenge because we hear from a growing number of families who hoped to swap car trips for bike trips - or trade in a family car. 

We're here to celebrate that decision - and all the adventures you can enjoy together by bike!

When you bike instead of driving, you can... 

* Save money

* Reduce emissions

* Get more exercise

* Spend more time outdoors

* Feel more connected to your community

* Stay more present in your surroundings

* Raise kids who know their way around

* See the world together

* Reduce stress and frustration

* Talk, laugh, sing, and have fun on the way!

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