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Happy Bunch Bikes Halloween!

Happy Bunch Bikes Halloween!

Those crisp, gorgeous fall days are here. It's the perfect time to explore your neighborhood - by bike!

Take the long way home

We're loving all the great pics of our Bunch fam cruising to the pumpkin patch, leaf peeping and checking out Halloween decorations around town. Taking the long way to swing past some extra spooky houses adds a little extra adventure to your ride home from school! 

Our annual Halloween contest

As of this writing, the MAIN event is still about a week away. Many veteran Bunch families plan a fantastic family costume that incorporates their bike!

We run an annual Halloween costume contest (organized in the Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook) and we know folks are already brainstorming, building, and gearing up.

Check out this post for inspo pics from last year's winners!

We dig fancy costumes and elaborate DIY - but low stress costumes are also celebrated and encouraged. Do what works for your family! 

Trick or treat - by bike

These bike costumes are fabulous for Halloween parades, trunk-or-treat events, and old-school trick or treating. Bringing your bike along expands your range - and makes life a lot easier when those littler toddler feet get tired while the bigger kids are still raring to go! 

Ready to get rolling?

Ordering your bike this week? We may not get it to you in time for this year's festivities - but we'll spot you a free custom front panel graphic, so you can celebrate your family's unique style all year long!

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