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UL Certifation & Ebike Safety
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UL Certifation & Ebike Safety

UL is a detailed, rigorous standard developed by the independent UL Solutions lab to certify safety of consumer products. We are strongly in favor of UL requirements so that consumers can distingui...

Behind The ScenesMissed Back To School? It's not too late!

Missed Back To School? It's not too late!

It's true. The Back To School Bunch Bike Bundle was pretty awesome this year.  But if you missed it - don't fret! We've got more great opportunities coming your way soon. Plus some year round progr...

Behind The ScenesBlack and white goat in a bunch bike K9 3.0

The "Goat Bike" Free Trial Program

Learn about the Bunch Bikes free trial program - why it exists, how it works, and the most common reasons that customers sometimes do return our bikes,

Behind The ScenesWhy does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

Why does the Back To School sale end on a Tuesday?!

Why end the sale on a Tuesday? It's not random - there are a couple of important reasons, and they're actually clues to our core values at Bunch Bikes.

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Behind The ScenesPanel Recall & Replacement

Panel Recall & Replacement

As many of you already know, in December 2022 we were dismayed to learn that the yellow paint that was used on the exterior of some of our Preschool Bunch Bikes - sold from April 2020 through Decem...

Behind The ScenesProudly presenting the all new Bunch Homeroom

Proudly presenting the all new Bunch Homeroom

For teachers who already do it all! The Bunch Homeroom offers bench seating for your whole class, with an additional spot on the rear rack for the student who needs space to sit separately. Electri...

Behind The ScenesCelebrating Jessie on Trans Day of Visibility!

Celebrating Jessie on Trans Day of Visibility!

On Trans Day of Visibility, we're delighted to get to celebrate Jessie Faubion: outstanding Bunch mechanic since 2021, roller derby rockstar and leader in our local queer community! Jessie shares a...

Behind The ScenesWhat's changing, what isn't?

What's changing, what isn't?

As we've recently shared via email and in our Facebook group, we are anticipating a significant price increase later this month. We wanted to share a little more of the context for this decision as...

Behind The ScenesInternational Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!

International Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!

Happy International Women's Day! Today we'd like to celebrate our phenomenal Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Lydia Banyai. As a woman in her twenties heading a team of mechanics, Lydia embodie...

Behind The ScenesBaby on blanket near bunch bike in Denton headquarters

What Family Friendly Actually Means

Everyone already knows that Bunch is family friendly. But it wasn't until last week that I understood what it means for my WORKPLACE to be family friendly. Like, for real.