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What's changing, what isn't?
Behind The Scenes

What's changing, what isn't?

As we've recently shared via email and in our Facebook group, we are anticipating a significant price increase later this month. We wanted to share a little more of the context for this decision as...

Behind The ScenesInternational Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!

International Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!

Happy International Women's Day! Today we'd like to celebrate our phenomenal Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Lydia Banyai. As a woman in her twenties heading a team of mechanics, Lydia embodie...

Behind The ScenesWhat Family Friendly Actually Means

What Family Friendly Actually Means

I was a Bunch customer and superfan WAY before I became a Bunch employee. I've been a DC resident for even longer, so when I got the opportunity to take a job with Bunch - which for me was sort of...