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International Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!

International Women's Day: Celebrating Lydia Banyai!
Happy International Women's Day!

Today we'd like to celebrate our phenomenal Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Lydia Banyai.

As a woman in her twenties heading a team of mechanics, Lydia embodies the leadership, creativity, and passion that women bring to the bike industry.

We caught up with her in the warehouse to learn more about her journey!

- How did you get started at Bunch Bikes?

Aaron was my neighbor across the street and I used to babysit his kids. One day he offered me a job - his only requirement was "Can you use a drill?" I started out doing warehouse work part time and worked my way up to manager in 4 years.

- That's amazing! How did you get from there to here?

I think my determination, willingness to learn, and attention to detail is what got me here. Aaron once called me an "octopus," I like to have my hand in every part of the business. I like the variety of the work, I like to be challenged and focus on how the business can thrive.

What's it like leading a team in a male-dominated field?

Honestly I was surprised by how welcoming everyone at Bunch was. I was nervous at first, afraid to be different, and afraid of not fitting in. But it has been such a blessing to work here. I have grown so much as a manager and as a human being. 

I do sometimes get pushback from people outside of Bunch Bikes, like occasionally a truck driver who is surprised that I am the manager.

I don't let it affect me though, I have no problem putting people in their place to get things done. 

- What advice would you share with young women who are working their way toward leadership roles? 

I think the most important skill to have in a leadership position is the willingness to learn. This could be learning from your mistakes, learning and implementing new efficiencies, learning how to work with your team....and so much more.

I also believe in being honest, and not being a "know it all." If I don't know how to do something, or something is my fault, I will always 100% own up to it, and fix the mistake however I can.

- Anything else? 

I love our customers and have a special soft spot for our K9 crew - especially our lead K9 product tester, my dog Red!

I am so glad Aaron took a chance on me, and trusts me to lead such an awesome team. 

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