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Proudly presenting the all new Bunch Homeroom

Proudly presenting the all new Bunch Homeroom

For teachers who already do it all!

The Bunch Homeroom offers bench seating for your whole class, with an additional spot on the rear rack for the student who needs space to sit separately.

Electric assist makes it easy to pedal - and differentiate instruction at the same time! 

All Ages And Abilities

Each seat comes with our built-in shoulder harness and can also accommodate a toddler booster seat, a lap belt for taller passengers, or an adaptive vest for students who need additional lateral support.

All ages and abilities are included! 

Any needed adaptive equipment is provided through our inclusion program at no cost to you. We never charge for adaptive equipment on this or any of our models. 

With the new Bunch Homeroom, you can: 

* Take your class on field trips - solo!

* Help out when the bus is understaffed - again!

* Get your whole class moving, laughing, singing, exploring, and having fun together!

Optional Accessories

* Chromebook Charging Trailer

* Calm Down Corner Cover

* Center Mounted Tissue Dispenser - with attached trash bay!

* Flexible seating for students with IEPs - provided through our inclusion program at no cost to you. 

Thank You, Teachers!

Unfortunately the Bunch Homeroom isn't quite ready for production yet.

To make it up to you, we have a special treat for teachers this week.

Today through April 7, we'll add a free gift to your order!

That's in addition to our usual 10% educator discount.

Thank you for all you do. ❤️❤️❤️

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Donna M

Donna M

<3 hahaha I need a pet version of Homeroom <3 Since I teach adult school, I might need to bring my pets to visit my students :)

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