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What's changing, what isn't?

What's changing, what isn't?

As we've recently shared via email and in our Facebook group, we are anticipating a significant price increase later this month. We wanted to share a little more of the context for this decision as well as its likely impact. 

What's not changing?


* Our commitment to safety

That's why we use quality components, and why we fully assemble and test each bike by hand in our warehouse in Denton, Texas.

* Our approach to service

We take care of our Bunch families with personalized service that seeks to make your bike life easy and stress-free.

That's the "why" behind our warranty, our free trial program, and the way we handle any questions or concerns that come up along the way.

* Our inclusion program

Access is at the heart of our mission.

Making cycling more accessible for all abilities - for kids and parents with a range of medical and adaptive needs - is always our priority.

That means working closely with families to offer subsidies, help with outside funding sources, and cover the cost of needed accommodations.

* Our passion for innovation

Aaron started Bunch Bikes in order to bring the joy of the family bike lifestyle to the United States.

We're building on that inspiration by investing in continuous improvement.

We have updates and upgrades planned both for new and existing Bunch Bike owners. In order to serve you well, we need to be able to keep growing and innovating! 

So... what's changing?

Like the rest of the bike industry - and many others - we've been hit by wave after wave of sharply rising costs, for labor, shipping, components, insurance, certification and product testing, packaging - pretty much every step of what we do.

Keeping our bikes as affordable as possible remains a priority for us. 

But we're not willing to compromise on safety... or service... or inclusion... or innovation.

That means the only remaining option is an increase in price.

The increase will take effect on Friday, March. 24.

A focus on access

Even after the increase, we are committed to providing the best value in our class.

We will continue to offer monthly financing through Affirm to help make the bike a practical choice for more families.

We will continue to honor our Superhero Discount for teachers, nurses, first responders, veterans, and more.

We will continue to prioritize our Inclusion Program to support the many families for whom the Bunch Bike truly meets a medical or adaptive need.

We're also launching a collaboration with Ainsley's Angels to offer a nonprofit platform for families in need to rally community support.

Questions or feedback?

If your family needs help getting rolling, please don't hesitate to contact us via email, comment below, or call or text us at 940-536-0597.

Feedback from our customers helps us continue to grow our community.

We are here to make family biking easier, more accessible, more inclusive, and more fun!


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