Are Ebikes Safe? UL Compliance and More

Are Ebikes Safe? UL Compliance and More

At this point, we've probably all seen the news stories about a garage, house or apartment fire caused by a dangerously malfunctioning battery.

Responsible parents are asking whether ebikes are safe, and how to store and charge ebike batteries safely at home. 

Unfortunately these fires - and very real hazards - are generally caused by cheap knockoff batteries and aftermarket electrification kits which lack the most basic safety features like automatic shutoff.  

Why UL Certification?

UL is a detailed, rigorous standard developed by the independent UL Solutions lab to certify safety of consumer products. Specifically, UL 2271 certifies ebike batteries and and UL 2849 certifies full ebike systems, requiring a wide range of safety features and thorough testing of the entire system.

Beginning with New York City in 2023, a growing number of cities and states are considering legislation to require UL certification for all new ebikes - in an effort to prevent ebike fires and eliminate irresponsible manufacture. Some ebike rebate programs are also including a UL certification requirement for the bikes they cover. 

We are strongly in favor of these requirements.

We've always used reputable components, and our bikes have always been safe - but it's not enough for us to just say so. We think it's essential for consumers to have an easy way to distinguish safe and reputable brands on the market. 

We think increased regulation and scrutiny are great for our industry. In the long term, we want families to be able to trust that ebikes generally are safe and reliable family vehicles. 

The certification process is lengthy and rigorous, but we're proud to report that as of Summer 2024, all Bunch Bikes are fully UL certified to both UL 2271 (the ebike battery standard) and UL 2849 (the full e-bike standard.)

Introducing the 4+ Series

Our 4+ series is our first to be fully UL certified to both UL 2271 (the ebike battery standard) and UL 2849 (the full e-bike standard.) 

In most of the US and Canada, UL compliance is not yet mandatory. But we prefer to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard - and we expect that more cities and states will implement UL requirements in the coming years. We're proud to stay ahead of the game!

The 4+ series is currently available for preorder, with our first 4+ bikes expected to ship late June to early July. 

Read more about the feature upgrades here!

Is my older model bike safe? 

Safety has always been a priority for us, and we have always used top-quality, reputable, thoroughly tested components. Our earlier model bikes also used UL certified chargers and Samsung or LG battery cells.

We went through the UL certification process with our existing manufacturers and with most of our existing components, adding relatively minor changes to our programming to comply with the full suite of UL requirements.

The certification process is lengthy and complex, and we're proud to have completed it! While the 4+ is the first batch of our bikes that is fully UL certified, we're confident in the responsible sourcing of our earlier models as well. 

One last reminder

The most important safety rule? 

Never use an off-brand battery or charger.

Buying a cheap, no-brand ebike online - or even a cheap, generic replacement charger for your reputable brand battery - may seem like a good way to save money.

Unfortunately these products can pose a real fire hazard - and the cost can be immeasurable. 

When possible, stick to purchasing UL certified products. Choose a reputable brand with a focus on safety - and ask about the battery cells they use! At Bunch, we use Samsung and LG only.



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