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This listing is for a Bunch Bike Original 4 in Honey Woodgrain - in Open Box condition.

This bike comes equipped with a rain tent, horn/alarm, single-seat bench cushion, and wheel lock.

This bike may have been tested by a reviewer, used for a demo, or returned by a customer. The odometer may show up to 50 miles of prior use. May show cosmetic wear or blemishes that do not affect functionality. We are not able to provide detailed photos of individual open box bikes. If you want that "brand new bike" look, this option is not a good fit!

Your Open Box bike is guaranteed to work perfectly for you and is covered by our standard 12-month warranty, with extended warranty also available. However, we do not offer a trial period on open box bikes - sales are final. Please allow extra time for delivery, up to 6-8 weeks, to allow for shipping from the return location. 

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toddler seat for cargo bikes with padded inserts With Inserts (under 12 months) For Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban ArrowFor Bunch Original / K9 / Preschool For Urban Arrow  With Inserts (under 12 months) Without Inserts (12 months and up)
Toddler Seat Sale priceFrom $159
Baby Mee Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapter for BikesBaby in BabyMee car seat adapter with toddler in Bunch Bike electric cargo trike
#style_Original or K9#style_Original or K9
Rain Tent Sale priceFrom $115
#style_Sunbrella® Sun Shade#style_Sunbrella® Sun Shade
Sun Shades & Flags Sale priceFrom $55 Regular price$85
Outdoor / Storage Cover - Bunch BikesOutdoor / Storage Cover
On sale
Dashboard Package #color_Just Black #style_Essentials OnlyDashboard Package  #color_Ocean Blue #style_Essentials Only
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Customer Reviews

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Sell Your Car

-I can watch my child, and can easily attend to their needs
-I can go door to door, or door to play park without having to walk long distance through a car park with my little one
-My little one can't use the strange shape of the car door to prevent getting in, and more ergonomic lift in/out
-My kid loves to get in the bike, can't say the same for the car
-Don't need to worry about exhaust fumes from the vehicle entering the passenger cabin
-I don't get to work tired, needing to wake up
-Plenty of space for all the little's stuff
-Cheap insurance, cheap fuel, no registration
-Parking is much easier
-Much better on ice than the car - lower mass/speed make stopping easier and safer
-Vastly more cost effective in any metric that a private car

-Lots of people want to ask questions about it
-The disk brakes occasionally screech when used because I use the bike in all weathers

Wow - you've really summed it up here. We oughta frame this one! It's true, car vs. bike is a no brainer when kids are involved. Thank you for taking the time to share exactly why!
PS Those squeakable brakes are one important reason for the Bunch Bike 4 round of upgrades. If they start to bug you, let us know and we'll hook you up with the retrofit kit!
- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO

Scott Melenbrink
Even more fun than the sum of the specs

Before buying I was really caught up with all of the numbers associated with an e-bike like torque and wattage. In particular there were a few big hills by my house that I was really worried about. But after having had it for a few weeks I see now that I probably wasn't focusing on the right things. The fact is that it is just plain fun to ride. We aren't frankly a big cycling family and we've certainly never had an e-bike. The whole package is just a joy to use. The kids and dog love riding it, but I think my wife and I enjoy driving it even more.

Random notes:
- For what it's worth, the bike did great on all of those hills I was worried about. I never came close to getting "stuck" like I was afraid might happen. You just keep gearing down until it's easy. This is admittedly not fun if you're on a road where traffic can't pass you.
- The trike-configuration took some getting used to, but I now don't notice it at all. The different leaning is just second nature.
- I was really caught up with theoretical top speeds before buying which in hindsight was silly. _It's a bike_. If you want to go faster, just pedal more.
- With that said, on flat ground with no load and barely pedaling, I would say that is very easy to go as fast as I felt comfortable on about level 3 assist. That was around 18-20 mph.
- The giant box the bike comes in is rad. We turned it into a small playhouse in the backyard.

Hi Scott,

This was an amazingly detailed write up, thanks for sharing!

On reason that we aren't tech heavy on our website is that we know the biggest benefit is the joy of riding with your kids up in front where you can talk and laugh with them and share fun family experiences together.

If you want super high-end racing bike specs and top speeds, etc. the Bunch Bike might not be the bike for you. But if you want one to ride daily with the kids around your city, I can't think of a better way to do it.

Welcome to the Bunch Fam!

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO

Cody Collins

Our team members that have been assigned the bunch bikes have enjoyed using them, the bike make getting around our campus much easier.

Hey Cody, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We love to see the corporate world 'walk the walk' on sustainability and mobility! It's great to see all the different ways and places that a cargo bike can replace a car - or a golf cart, or a Gator - for getting things done.

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO

Katherine Cotter
So much fun!

I love my bunch bike! I use it to take my 3 boys around! They love to ride in it and it is so much easier than loading them up in the car. If you are on the fence you should definitely do it!

Hey Katherine, this is great to hear. It's true, not having to wrestle the kids into car seats is one of the best bike life advantages! Thank you so much for taking time to share your experience with other folks who are still early in the process. It's a big decision and a big investment so hearing from other families who are living the Bunch life helps a ton!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Laura S.
Overall definitely worth it, even if my bank account questions the price

If your life is walkable, but every walk is doubled in length of time because of kids, this bike is game changer. The bike is perfect if you multiple children under the age 8-10. It's great for going to a friend's house on the far side of town and for school drop offs. Time wise for myself, its about the same time for me to bike alone comfortably on a non electric bike when the bunch bike cargo is loaded up with 3+ kids and going a safe/comfortable speed with precious cargo. I definitely prefer it over using a traditional trailer with kids. It's a super fun and easy way to get around with the bunch bike. I wish we had gotten it sooner.

Hey Laura, thank you so much for taking time to share - sounds like you and your kids are getting a lot of daily use and fun together! We know the bike is a big investment, we hope the value it brings makes it worthwhile for your family, now and in the long term. Definitely an upgrade over the trailer!

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO

Ryan Day
Bunch made it easy for us to love cycling again

When our daughter outgrew her one-wheel tag-a-long bike, we were stuck without a good option for biking, and that was a sad time. Problem-solving for her needs took a long time and we ended up picking Bunch Bikes over all the local options in our area (Portland, Oregon). Bunch had the configuration we were looking for and were super helpful in getting what we need. We are back to cycling as a family again and loving it. Thank you, Bunch, for your inclusion program!

Hey Ryan, that is great to hear. 'We are back to cycling as a family again' is the best review we could ever get - that's the vision and purpose of our inclusion program! We're here to make bike rides more accessible for kids with a wide range of needs. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. Glad you have many happy rides together ahead of you!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Brooke Bernold
Life Changer

Almost 400 miles in a month of use. We love our Bunch. We use our Bunch daily for school drop/pick up, play dates, park visits, grocery shopping, cargo moving, date night with the hubby. You name it, we bunch it. We were already a very dedicated bike family, but the Bunch is just so easy to use and pile in that it has made us even more bike-y!

Hi Brooke, WOW! 400 miles in the first month might be a record. Quite an accomplishment! It's a special honor to be able to add something valuable to the lives of families who are already biking - but need an option that's bigger, more flexible or just plain easier. I'm so glad you're loving your 'even more bike-y' bunch life!

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO

Kate Connelly
Great bike, but wasn't right for us!

The customer service was incredible, as I'm sure every review says! We already had one longtail electric cargo bike, and wanted to see about adding this to our collection for a second bike. I sometimes feel unsteady on the longtail, and was intrigued by being able to throw more crap in the bucket, and by the stability of a trike. It WAS way more stable at low speeds, but I actually felt more stable on my longtail at high speeds. We go longer distances where we live (ie 4-5mi one way to school), and it is really hilly (not Bay Area, but a lot of up and down). We like to go a little faster (I'd say 12-20mph). For us, the Bunch just wasn't the right fit. It was much slower than our longtail, so on family rides, someone tailed behind. It also really struggled on hills in comparison to the longtail, which makes sense! More weight. I thought I'd be able to fit way more junk, but I actually realized I can fit the same amount if not more on my longtail, and it involves about the same amount of thinking/planning about where to put stuff. Great bike but not the right fit for everyone!

Hi Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to share your honest feedback. We think it's incredibly helpful for other families to get to think through the pros and cons. It's not going to be the right fit for everybody!
This is exactly why we offer that 14 day return policy - we were glad to refund your purchase and find your (former) bike a new home. We're here to help folks find the right bike for their families. Even when that right fit isn't a Bunch Bike!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Andrew Cummings
Life changer!

I have a 3 year old and a dog that’s 10 (but still going strong). Got this a month ago and it has changed our life. We have a 7 month old too and got the toddler seat and will get him in there soon too. I’m quite confident that in 30 years if someone asks me: If there was one product purchase that you’d call the best, what would be be? Hands down I’ll say the Bunch Bike.

Hey Andrew, thank you so much for taking the time to write. What a fantastic review! We're proud to be your favorite purchase and part of a great new routine for your family.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Everyone loves this so much!

The kids and I love this so much! It works so well with a newborn and 2 older kids. It's a good thing the baby will be out of the carseat soon, my oldest is almost out of leg room. But they don't care - they want to go on bike rides every day!

Love this so much! So glad to see you getting your life done on the bunch bike, baby included!

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes CEO