Artist Collaboration: The Lucky Few

Bunch Bikes is proud to present our first ever artist collaboration. 

Muralist Nicole Bourgea painted "Strong Mama" as part of the DC Walls Festival 2022 to honor the power of women and mothers in particular - "the balance of the tender and the fierce in this ordinary/extraordinary thing we do as life bearers." The portrait depicts her own mother; it also channels her strength as a mother of five and a member of The Lucky Few, the community of families raising a child with Down Syndrome. 



  • Featuring Nicole Bourgea's original artwork, "Strong Mama," rendered in gorgeous high-res capturing the rich texture of her street painting
  • Can be customized with or without the Strong Mama figure, and with your logo, emblem, text, or child's name.
  • This bike is eligible for our inclusion program. If you are purchasing for a child with medical or adaptive needs, please contact us for pricing.
  • The Lucky Few Bike is a custom limited edition of our Original 3.0 Bunch Bike. Please allow an extra 7-10 days from proof approval for printing and installation of your custom graphics.
  • Proceeds benefit the artist @nicolebourgea as well as The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, Ruby's Rainbow, and our in-house inclusion programming.

Customer Reviews

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Mikhail Timoshevskiy
My new minivan!

I love the Bunch Bike! I have two children. During covid I managed to drop them off at daycare/school with walking and using a bike trailer. Drop offs require navigating a very busy intersections, so I'm not comfortable with them riding themselves. We bought a long-tail cargo bike from another company. My spouse loves it, but I do not feel stable on it. I've tipped over a few times. Queue the Bunch Bike (Trike).

I've had it for two weeks now, and not looking back! This will be my new vehicle. It's so zippy if you need it, but also able to cruise without pedal assist.

I have theft- deterrents. The Cafe lock alone should deter theft, as it would require clipping every spoke to be able to take it, but I also have the heavy-duty Kryptonite chain and U-lock, and feel comfortable taking it anywhere.

If you are looking into a stable, zippy, crazy- awesome cargo bike, this is the winner.

Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for sharing your experience and your journey through the world of family biking. The stability of 3 wheels is the biggest reason so many people end up loving our bike and making it a central part of their daily life.

As far as security goes, you should also check and see if your homeowner's insurance policy will allow you to cover the bike... many do!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Adrienne Stiger

I've not had a chance to ride/train on the bike yet. By the time I get off work its dark and on the weekends, I have errands and things to do around the apartment. And I've lost a lot of weight and now my prosthetic leg doesn't fit so I have to (again) go back for refitting and PT. So I just go and sit on the bike with the manual and practice that way. So when I can ride I'll know all there is about it. I also rewatch the video too. I did put the cargo nets on and filled up the storage box. I'm getting some latern lights to hand on the back by the door so I can be seen a little better. But, I am So IN MAJOR LOVE WITH MY BUNCH BIKE. I cannot wait to do a Bunch of stuff and go to a bunch of places around town that I couldn't otherwise get to on public transportation. HEY, I get it, hence the name Bunce Bike, huh!?

Oh. I will be ordering another charger for when I'm out and about. I have a strong feeling I'm going to need it. I will be sending photos as soon as I can. Best investment I've ever made!

Hey Adrienne,

We did a survey a while back about our customer's meaningful experiences with the bike, and the word 'freedom' was one that came up over and over again for various reasons. Freedom to explore the city, freedom to get out of the house and be active with all of the kids in tow, freedom for those who cannot drive for one reason or another.

And yes, I had a BUNCH of ideas for brand names and there's a BUNCH of reasons I chose BUNCH: you've got the whole BUNCH on a bike (like the brady BUNCH), you can carry a BUNCH of stuff, and also the possibility for a BUNCH of puns and jokes that will never get old (probably?).

It also costs a Bunch of money, but that's because it's an investment in a quality bike that changes your lifestyle. For those replacing car trips (my family of 4 has never owned a 2nd car), it more than pays for itself on gas/insurance/maintenance alone, without adding in all the additional benefits (better physical and mental health, quality time and memories with my children, feeling more connected to our city and neighborhood).

Like you, many others have told us this was the best purchase/investment that they've ever made. It's a product that changes lives.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your review and share your experience.

- Aaron @ Bunch

Samantha Gardner
Best decision I ever made

Do not hesitate to buy a Bunch bike. The customer service is excellent, the community is warm and welcoming, the receiving experience is so easy. It took a week to get comfortable on the bike but by 4 weeks in I’d put 180 miles on the bike. We love it so much.

Hi Samantha,

Warms my heart to hear you say such nice things about us and the community... the club of Bunch Bike owners is definitely something special!

Glad to hear that you've found your confidence on the bike and are putting up some serious miles!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Tyler Stelter
A whole new world

This bike is absolutely amazing. We have triplets and it is so fun, our girls love it, it has expanded our footprint, saves at the gas tank, easy to ride, and more. It's an amazing bike and one of those things you hope will be great and it has exceeded that and has made our life better. 10/10 highly recommend.

Hi Tyler,

So glad to hear that the bike has made your life better. It's certainly changed my family's life, and it's always what I always hope to hear from our customers!

Aaron @ Bunch

Fritz Van der Grift
Couldn't be happier.

This bike is worth every penny. We take our two kids out sometimes twice a day on it and they love it. Safe, fast and fun. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to get around town to entertain their kids.

Hi Fritz,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about the bike. I'm thrilled to hear you're getting your money's worth! The bikes are certainly an investment, but what you get back by replacing car trips with special family moments is more than worth it.

- Aaron @ Bunch

Debbie Donahoe
Love my BUNCH BIKE!!

I made the decision to transition from a 2 wheel cargo bike to the 3 wheel after having both knees replaced. I wanted to have confidence that I could be as safe as possible transporting grandkids and my pup. It was a great decision! Transitioning to the Bunch Bike was so much easier than I thought. It has been a blast to ride. And I am also now using it for errands and shopping too. The team at BB has been extremely responsive to my questions! They are a delight to work with. I’m having fun enjoying the looks on peoples faces as this Grandma comes down the road. Highly Recommend!!

That's so great to hear the bike is working out so well for your needs!

I'm sure the grandkids will carry these fun memories with them for a lifetime :)

- Aaron @ Bunch

Brad Norcross
Great for our family!

My wife had heard of box bikes yard in Europe, and we always liked the idea of one, but could never give any that were reasonably priced and had the box in front. We were so excited to give Bunch Bikes! We ordered one and have never regretted it. The pedal assist is a must. We bought a very early version and the Bunch Bike team has helped with several rounds of servicing--a really great company! It's amazing to ride around and such great quality. We'll get a more updated version once ours gets too old, but no sign of slowing down! We've used the baby seat and it's great for the littlest. We started noticing more families around Dallas riding one. Pretty fun to ring a bell at another Bunch Biker!

We are kindred spirits Brad. I was in your shoes 6 years ago and couldn't understand why no one was selling bikes like this here.

I'm glad to see our local Dallas Bunch community growing, as well as other cities around the country.

When you're a Bunch customer, we'll take care of you from beginning to end of ownership, and the service will always be the same.

Thanks for sharing your experience over the last few years.

- Aaron @ Bunch

Steven S
Life changing

We couldn't love our bunch more. The kids prefer it to taking the car. It feels like Disneyland everyday. It has completely changed our lifestyle and quality of life in such positive ways. The customer service at bunch is world class. Thank you for offering, delivering, and supporting such an amazing product!!!!! If you're on the fence, go for it!!

This is one heck of a testimonial Steven. It's not always easy running a bike company, but it's reviews like this that remind me of the impact we are having on people's lives.

Thanks so much for sharing!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Andrew Sensenig
commute to work on the bunchbike

I used to pull a bike trailer to work on my old all terrain bike, hauled groceries, and hauled food waste for my backyard chickens. Now I use the Bunchbike Original tricycle. It has plenty of power. I take my kids to some appts in it. It is important to take it easy the first few miles because the turning dynamics are different than a bicycle. Almost learned the hard way, but now am a much safer driver.

I too have backyard chickens and have wanted to take them for nice little ride around in the neighborhood in our Bunch Bike... but my family has vetoed that idea!

I do use it to haul feed from the farm store once a month though! I'm glad to hear that you got a handle on the handling. For anyone else reading this that wants to better understand some of the differences between riding a 2 and 3 wheel bike, this video I made explains it well:

- Aaron @ Bunch

Everything we could have wanted

Couldn't be happier with the bike and the company itself. It arrived on a pallet ready to go. It has plenty of power and range is great.

That bike is fully loaded, nice pic!

Glad to hear you had a great experience with our company and that bike is exceeding expectations!

Happy riding!

- Aaron @ Bunch