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NEW: Trade in your trailer!

NEW: Trade in your trailer!

The starter tool

Itching to ditch the traffic - and the preschool dropoff line? A tow-behind bike trailer can be a great way to dip a toe into the family bike life. 

The bike trailer attaches to your existing regular bike or ebike. It's easy to store and relatively inexpensive - in bike-friendly areas, it can often be purchased secondhand.

For many parents, the trailer is how they first start getting around with their kids by bike - and falling in love with the car-free or car-light lifestyle. 

The long-term plan

If you'd like to stick with biking for the long term, though, the trailer may not be the best solution.

It works fine for one or two toddlers - especially if you are a strong and athletic cyclist. But as kids grow, they get very heavy to pull in a bike that's not designed for that kind of load.

Longer and hillier rides may feel impossible, and the seating will feel cramped to your kids as well. 

The other major downside to the trailer is that you can't see your kids - and they can't see much, either.

Rather than enjoying the ride together, chatting and laughing and spotting wildlife along the way, you're left wondering what they're doing back there and if they're still buckled into their seatbelts.

The kids, meanwhile, are mostly staring at the wheels of passing cars or bikes. 

We think this reel is a great illustration - you can follow @DoublingDownMom to see how their family's bike life has evolved!

Outgrowing the trailer?

We hear from families all the time who have loved their bike trailer - and are ready to let a new family love it!

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Kids getting too tall for the trailer
  • Kids getting too heavy for my legs!
  • Need to transport bigger/older passengers
  • Need to be able to see the kids
  • Need to carry more "stuff"
  • Want kids up off the roadway
  • Expecting a new baby
  • Kids hate riding in there
  • Ready to try longer rides or replace more car trips

We have a lot of respect for the bike trailer because it lets so many families give biking a try without making a big commitment.

When you're ready to upgrade to the cargo bike life - we're here for you!

Trade in the trailer!

If you've tried a bike trailer, but you're ready to trade it in for a Bunch Bike - we'd love to help!

Donate your trailer to a local biking org, or give it away for free to a family that's ready to try biking with their kids.

We'll credit you $100 toward purchase of a new Bunch Bike!

You can contact us via phone, email or text to share your story and receive your trade-in credit.

#CarFreeChallenge - and beyond

We're launching this offer as part of our annual #CarFreeChallenge, but we plan to make it available year round!

We love to welcome new families to the cargo bike life... and we love to see you paying it forward to the next bike family. 🥰


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