NEW: Replace car miles for a GREAT rebate!

NEW: Replace car miles for a GREAT rebate!

HURRAY! We're delighted to see ebike rebate programs, incentives, vouchers and tax breaks popping up in cities and states across the country.

A cargo bike is an affordable, practical electric vehicle that makes sustainable transportation easy and accessible.

Unlike an electric car, a cargo bike costs less than $10,000 and doesn't require insurance or a fancy charging station, just a regular wall outlet! (Read more from NPR's Morning Edition)

Expanding access

We'd love to see the federal electric vehicle credit (currently good for a $7500 tax rebate) expanded to cover ebikes as well.

In the meantime, many of the local rebates are still small pilot programs, with interest and demand far outpacing the available funding. Others are still months away from launch. 

If you're the lucky winner of a local voucher - congratulations, we're so excited for you! We'll connect with a local bike shop partner to make sure you can purchase a Bunch Bike that meets the criteria. Please reach out to us so we can hook you up!

Still waiting for your rebate?

We've been talking with tons of folks who applied for a local rebate lottery but didn't win. Or who live in an area where rebates aren't available yet. Or who are tired of waiting - and eager to get rolling!

Your enthusiasm for a better electric vehicle inspires us. 

That's why we're launching our own in-house "Earn Your Rebate" program.

It's our own small way of supporting mode shift - encouraging families to skip a car trip, save money, reduce emissions and get moving together!

NEW: Earn Your Rebate!

Now thru May 6: Earn your own ebike rebate from Bunch Bikes!

Here's how it works: 

- Purchase a new Bunch Bike during the promotional period.

All models and layouts are eligible. Open Box bikes are not included, sorry!

- Get comfortable on your new ride, then start skipping those short car trips.

Heading to preschool, the park, the grocery store or the pool? Take the bike instead - it's healthier, better for the environment, more active and more fun!

- Earn your own rebate! 

After sixty days of riding - send us a timestamped pic of your display odometer. We'll rebate you for every mile you rode - and every car mile you replaced!

Example: Order your bike April 15. Receive your bike April 22. Ride 585 miles by June 22. Send us a pic of your odometer - you'll receive a $585 rebate from Bunch Bikes! 

The Fine Print

You must photograph your odometer within 60 days of receiving your bike. The photo must have a verifiable time stamp and we must receive the photo within two weeks of that date in order for you to be eligible for the rebate. 

You can submit your photo via email or text 940-536-0597. Be sure to let us know your bike order number and email so we can refund your original payment method!

You must actually ride your bike outdoors in order for your miles to count. No strapping your bike on a treadmill 😂

Only Bunch Bike miles will be considered for this offer. (But stay tuned for #CarFreeChallenge in the fall which allows you to count all bike, walk and transit miles!) 

Other discounts you receive will be calculated as part of your rebate, not in addition. For example, if you receive a $250 educator discount, and then ride 300 miles in the first sixty days, you would receive a $50 rebate in addition to your existing discount - not a total of $550! 

Bikes purchased April 4, 2024 thru May 6, 2024 are eligible for the rebate! 

Is there a rebate limit?

We'll probably regret this, but, nope! If you can rack up 1,000 miles in 60 days - more power (and $1,000) to you.

If your rebate is greater than $500 we may request additional documentation such as photos, activity tracker or map logs to verify. But we know it can be done!

Brooke B. of Washington, DC, leader of Ward 5 Family Biking, is the current record holder at over 750 miles in her first 60 days. 

New: 0% Financing Extended

We're proud to announce another big win in our ongoing efforts to make cargo biking more accessible. 

We've now extended our 0% financing from 6 months to 12! 

Financing is also available for up to 36 months with interest. 

Pay as little as $180/month for your electric cargo bike. Plus $0 gas, $0 insurance and no special charging station - just a regular wall outlet! 

It's the most practical, affordable electric vehicle.

Plus - it's just a whole lot more fun! 

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Casey Camberos-Tharp

Casey Camberos-Tharp

What is the promotional period in which you need to have purchased a bike? Within what dates?



Is this for US residents only? I’m Canadian and we’re saving for a Bunch!

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