Introducing Our First Ainsley's Angels Family

Introducing Our First Ainsley's Angels Family

At Bunch Bikes, inclusion is at the heart of our mission - we're here to make family bike rides more accessible for kids and parents of all abilities.

We love working with families in our inclusion program to secure funding through Medicaid waiver programs, private insurance, community organizations, our internal subsidy options, and any other resources we can come up with together.

But sometimes, it's just not enough - and those conversations are so hard. For many families, the Bunch Bike would meet a real medical or adaptive need, but the funding just isn't there. 

We have struggled with this problem for years. We are still too small to routinely give away free bikes. We can't just turn families away. So, what do we do? 

Partnering with Ainsley's Angels

We're honored to get to partner with an organization that is just as passionate as we are about #InclusionWithoutLimits - an approach that extends beyond the essentials into joy, adventure, movement, freedom, and community participation for every child. 

Working with Ainsley's Angels makes it possible for us to coordinate a giveaway in a way that is transparent, equitable, and fair.

Going forward, Ainsley's Angels is also offering a nonprofit platform that families can use to rally community support toward their Bunch Bike - and apply for future giveaways. 

The nomination process

Ainsley's Angels launched the Bunch Bike giveaway with a Saturday Spotlight episode in January. We received over 50 nominations - each one representing a family for whom the bike might make a world of difference. Knowing we would have to turn down or disappoint some of these families pushed us harder to figure out a next step that we could offer. 

After several rounds of discussion, we did have the pleasure of reaching out to one family to let them know they would be receiving a Bunch Bike - for free! We're delighted to be able to share their story with you. 

Meet Emma and Chloe

Emma and Chloe are identical twins. At 7, they enjoy swimming, Daniel Tiger, and just hanging out together! They live in Orlando and love visiting Disney together - the disability accommodation program lets them have fun and "feel like a regular family," their mom Danielle says.

Emma has a brain tumor that caused a stroke when she was 1. She lives with significant medical and developmental challenges as well as ongoing chemotherapy. 

Danielle writes, "Emma and Chloe have a super close and loving bond. They don't ever really fight and love being close to one another. They're fortunate to be at an inclusive school where they can be in the same class together and they love it!" 

Danielle heard about the Ainsley's Angels opportunity from a friend whose child also has special needs. She says, "I went to the Ainsley's Angels website and was really touched by their story and what they created out of their love for their daughter."

She thought that the bike might allow her family to get outdoors and get active together without having to worry about how to accommodate the girls' different needs.

 Along with Ainsley's Angels, we're delighted to present Emma, Chloe, and their parents with a Bunch Bike as well as the accessories and accommodations they will need to ride comfortably and safely together. 

We hope the bike brings joy, freedom, and adventure that the family can enjoy together, even in the midst of a difficult and ongoing medical journey. 

What's next?

We invite any family with a parent or child with medical or adaptive needs to connect with our inclusion program for additional support. 

We also plan to continue to partner with Ainsley's Angels to help families close a funding gap if needed. 

Families can sign up here to create a nonprofit fundraiser to share with family and friends. Ainsley's Angels will offer support throughout the process as well as selecting future giveaway recipients. 

We are here to help families get outdoors, get active and have fun together!

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