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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Vint
Great for family commute

I love the bunch bike and so does my daughter. It’s very reliable and makes great memories. You don’t need to be an experienced biker to be a natural at using this bike. It’s great for anyone.

Whitney Martin
Family Fun

We have loved this bike. It put's smiles across all of our faces. People wave at us as we ride by and my daughters have the time of their lives riding it. It is a great way to share in family time - It get's us out of the same old, same old routine.

Lisa Parker
So much fun!

We recently purchased the Bunch bike for our family. It is so much fun and a huge hit with the entire family! Our adult children love using it to take their children to the beach, avoiding the difficulty of looking for parking. We’ve also used it to pick up take-out food. It’s great!

Hey Lisa,

Not looking for parking is one of my favorite secret benefits of using the Bunch Bike.

I took the kids to an event at the local stadium last week, and didn't have to pay $10 for the 'privilege' of parking in the lot and waiting 45 min to get my car in and out of it. Just rolled right up to the gate in our Bunch Bike! Easy peasy!

Glad it's been a hit this summer!

- Aaron @ Bunch

bunch bike is best bike!

love this thing, already have 150+ miles on it. I'm only sad I didn't purchase this sooner

They're only young once.... the best time to get a Bunch Bike is yesterday!

Glad you guys are loving it!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Mary Beth
Great bike for a family

Great bike for a family with three kids (1-6yo). We love using it to get around, as all three kids easily fit in there together. Often to replace a car trip and often to turn a long walk into a quick trip. It’s really a great thing to have for a young family. It feels very safe compared to longtails.

I recommend it to all of my friends w young kids. That being said, the cargo formation means it’s not a smooth ride and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s primary purpose was to haul kids around.

Totally agree, the Bunch Bike is a bike with a specialized purpose.

If someone wants something that can zip around on 2 wheels like a long-tail cargo bike... the Bunch Bike isn't for them.

But if you want a short to medium car trip replacer for the family.... it definitely fulfills that purpose!

Glad your family loves it!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Gina Burrows
3 weeks of the Original

We have had our Bunch Original bike for about 3 weeks and have used it 3-4 times a week. We have 5 year old twins who ride side by side. We all really love our new bike. It takes about 2-3 rides to get used to the handling but after you build up confidence it is really fun to ride. I like how high up I am so I can see over the cargo box and it makes us more visible on the road.

We have ridden our bike all through town. There are extensive bike paths through town which we use. In places where there is no bike path we have transitioned to riding in bike lanes. The bike easily fits in the marked bike lane. If a road is quite sloped it takes a little more concentration to keep straight but is still completely doable.

The cargo space is really great. I have been shopping with the bike, and easily fit a weeks worth of food in the box. I am finding that I want to ride the bike rather than take the car, so any trip less than about 5 miles I ride to now.

There are 2 slight negatives to the bike. 1. Turning can be awkward, with such a long bike your turning circle is large. If you need to make a tight turn or reverse I get off the bike and go back and forth to make the turn around. 2. Bumps can be easily felt. Taking bumps slowly helps a lot but they can still be pretty strongly felt for rider and passengers.

I absolutely recommend this bike for any family who is considering a cargo bike. With it being a tricycle, stopping is easy, loading/unloading is more stable, and it is just more manageable. I constantly get comments and looks whenever I am riding around town. The minor disadvantages only detract a little from all the big positives of this bike. I highly recommend you book a test ride to try it out for yourself!

Thanks for the thorough review of your experience Gina!

I think you identified the pros/cons pretty well. It's a big bike, that is effective a car replacement for short to medium car trips... but it doesn't handle the same as a 2-wheel bicycle.

One tip on turning in tight corners: because the bike is front heavy, it's easy to stop, lift the rear rack and pivot the bike around, rather than doing a 3 or 5 point turn.

Glad you guys are saving a lot at the pump now and loving your bike!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Car alternative to anywhere within 10 miles

The bunch bike is great for most things you might need a car for within a short distance. Other than fun evening rides after dinner around the block with my daughter. I've taken her to many parks including one that charges for parking (but not for people on bikes!). I take it on solo trips to the super market and most recently to a farmer's market 8 miles away. This bike is pricey but it's pulling it's weight for sure. I feel great that I'm not using the car as much and getting more exercise and everyone in the family loves it. The biggest "con" is that it's too big/heavy to get it mounted to a bike rack at the moment.

Hey Trevor, glad to hear you guys are loving your new mini van

While our bike is certainly an investment, you're making memories that will last a lifetime... and saving at the pump too for all those small trips!

And about that bike rack.... we've got a hitch rack coming online soon, stay tuned!

- Aaron @ Bunch


My 3 kids and I have had so much fun exploring on our new bike! We live in a bike-friendly area and we take it to the park, the library, the farmers market—basically everywhere that we can! The electric assist is SO helpful and lets us tackle hills with ease. Customer service has been fantastic as well. We get a lot of friendly waves and comments when we’re driving our “second car!”

Hey Lauren,

Welcome to the #bunchbikelife. My family has been bunchin' for 5 years, and it never gets old hearing how new customers are getting to enjoy the same!

Thanks for sharing,

- Aaron @ Bunch

Edward Kerfin

This this bike is Awesome! We use it for fun with our Granddaughter and for our business. Excellent quality and it is everything we hoped for. Easy ordering and came fully assembled . I can’t say enough great things about ir.

Thanks Ed!

Glad everything went smoothly for you and the bike was just what you expected! I also had a fun time being on your radio show and getting to talk about the bike.

They certainly turn a lot of heads in Chicago-land!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Lindsay Downes
The throttle assist is everything!

I got this bike to shuttle my 3 and 5 year old kids around our neighborhood. We live in a walkable part of San Diego, but many places are just a smidge too far for my kids to walk. We use it every day for school drop off, plus around to parks, the library, ice cream, etc.

The throttle assist is everything! I test drove another similar e-cargo bike to the bunch (trike with the box in the front) that only had the electric assist when pedaling, no throttle and it was no fun. We live in a hilly city, but even getting the bike going from a stop on a flat road is tough when fully loaded with kids, especially because you are not supposed to stand up.

It's impossible not to have fun while riding this. Every day someone comments or looks at us like "wow! that's so cool!" People on our morning route know us and wave to us--it's a really fun way to connect with the community!

As I'm sure others have mentioned, customer service is above and beyond. And make sure you join the Facebook group too!

What I love most about the throttle is getting the bike going out of a stop, and for full manual control of the bike when doing tight 180 turns where pedaling feels awkward.

Congrats on your new 'local celebrity' status!

I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience with customer service... we really try to be exceptional!

- Aaron @ Bunch