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How to give a great test ride
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How to give a great test ride

1. Start thinking about biking with your kids. 2. Find the Bunch Bike and decide to give it a try. 3. Become obsessed and start spreading the word! We know - everyone keeps asking about your Bunch ...

Bike Life#CarFreeChallenge 2023 is here!

#CarFreeChallenge 2023 is here!

#CarFreeChallenge 2023 is here! Learn how to participate in our annual celebration of active, sustainable transportation. Skip a car trip, enjoy a family adventure together and win great prizes!

Bunch SquadPhotos by Kathy Delorenzo

Bunch Squad in the news - and in elected office!

Our Bunch Squad members truly do it all! Some choose to just hang out quietly on the test ride map answering the occasional customer question. Your willingness to share your family's bike life make...

Bunch SquadCelebrating Bunch Squad Week!

Celebrating Bunch Squad Week!

Bunch Squad Week 2023 is in the books! We're so proud of our Bunch Squad families for connecting with your community, spreading love, sharing the joy of active transport and advocating for better i...

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Bunch SquadThe Community Bike Event Toolkit

The Community Bike Event Toolkit

Bunch Squad Week is almost here... and we've got Bunch Squad members everywhere planning parties, playdates, and events! A Bunch Squad event can be big... or very, very small. In either case it's a...