Bunch Squad

Celebrating Bunch Squad Week!

Celebrating Bunch Squad Week!

Hurray - Bunch Squad Week is in the books!

We're so proud of our Bunch Squad families for connecting with your community, spreading love, sharing the joy of active transport and advocating for better infrastructure too.

We're excited to share these highlights!

More in 2024: 

* Lauren O. joined her school's bike test ride event in Menlo Park, CA. 

Her school's Safe Routes program organized a cargo bike test ride event for families who are cargo curious - she gave test rides and answered questions about the bucket bike life!

* Michael Z. biked 12 miles to and from a community parade in Carnation, WA.

His family had a blast at the parade and festival - and got to show off the bike and share test ride cards too!

* Cara S. hosted her neighborhood HOA for a Bunch Bike demo in Hudson, WI.

Community members could learn about and try the bike while they enjoyed refreshments and a time to connect. 

* Brooke B. organized Ward 5 Family Bike Ride in Washington, DC. 

These monthly neighborhood rides are fully marshalled and police escorted, routinely bringing out 200+ kids and parents to ride together! Ending at a neighborhood pub for drinks, lunch, ice cream and crafts makes an awesome family and community outing. 

* Chantel P. organized a Glow Ride in Washington, UT. 

Friends biked together and shared glow sticks and popsicles for a joyful family activity!

* Julya H. invited a reporter to ride along with the bike bus in Washington, DC.

The photographer got her own Bunch Bike chauffeur so she could join the ride and get great pics! 


* Kasey and Bayley V. hosted a Neighborhood Slow Ride in Arlington, VA - see photo above! 

Kids and parents biked together for 4 relaxed miles. They even picked up an extra Bunch passenger along the way!

* Jovan P. organized a spring break playdate for kindergarten classmates in Murrieta, CA.

She brought her Bunch and had fun sharing it with other families at the park!

* Faye R. participated in Bike/Walk To School Day in San Antonio, TX.

She added lights all over her Bunch because the ride took place mostly in the dark...

* Leana S. is attending the Adaptive Cycle Expo in Saint Paul, MN.

She'll bring her Bunch to give demos to other families with adaptive needs, hosted by Gillette Children's Hospital!

* Annie H. is organizing a family bike ride with Bike Walk Provo.

She's bringing the focus to family bike riding in partnership with her local bike advocacy org.

Gina B. invited Bunch Squad members to a "twins and more" event in Boulder, CO.

The Boulder County Kids Sale is a fundraiser for Boulder County Parents of Twins and Multiples - perfect for meeting future bike families!

* Erin S. in Sandusky, OH contributed a guest post to the Ride This Out newsletter.

She shared how biking contributes to her wellbeing as a mom of 3, including two with autism.

Aaron P. is helping to launch a bike bus at his kids' school in Denton, TX.

In addition to his Bunch Squad role, he's also the owner and founder of Bunch Bikes (:

Ready to learn more?

Follow along with more Bunch Squad fun by joining the Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook! 

If you're a Bunch owner who's ready to join the Bunch Squad and appear on our test ride map, we'd love to have you. 

Interested in planning an event? Check out some tips and resources here!

Curious about Bunch Squad perks and expectations? Bunch Squad Handbook is here!

Interested in setting up a test ride? Request here!

Or comment below to share your ideas! 

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