Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Photo of sisters holding hands in the bunch bike courtesy of @makingmilliestones

October is here - it's World Down Syndrome Month, and time to celebrate some of our favorite Bunch families!

At Bunch Bikes, we believe that outdoor adventures are for everybody.

We're here to make the family bike ride more accessible and more inclusive - so that your whole family can get active and have fun together. 

Celebrating our families

We're proud to provide wheels for so many kids and parents who count themselves among #TheLuckyFew!

Some kids and teens can ride their own bikes some of the time, but not all the time. Some prefer to ride in the big bike all the time - alongside siblings who ride their own bikes. Some benefit from adaptive seating or the option to bring along a service dog or a walker or wheelchair. Whatever you need - we're here for it!

You can meet many of our Bunch in the Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook.

Or follow @caterinascorsone @makingmilliestones  @doublingdownmom (and @bunchbikes!) for some real life Bunch adventures - rockin' that extra chromosome! 

Ready to get rolling?

We offer wraparound support for any child or parent with a disability, medical or adaptive need. That's year round - not just in October.

Please connect with our inclusion program to learn more! 

Celebrate - and support!

Add the special decal to your bike - for free.

This month only: We'll donate $100 in your honor to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network!

That's our favorite organization for positive, uplifting support for families of children with Down syndrome.

Prefer to skip the decal? Just let us know - we're still happy to make the donation.

The limited edition bike

Looking for something more dramatic?

Check out our gorgeous, limited edition, custom-designed #TheLuckyFew bike

Strong Mama / Lucky Few Bunch Bike by Nicole Bourgea

Created by muralist and Down Syndrome mama Nicole Bourgea, this bike celebrates the strength, joy and resilience of our families. 

It can be customized with or without the Strong Mama figure, and personalized with your child's name, a family name or a special saying.

This month only - #TheLuckyFew bike is on sale for $5,321.

Proceeds benefit the artist @nicolebourgea as well as Ruby's Rainbow and our in-house inclusion programs

Spread the joy!

We're here to celebrate all our families. Tag us @bunchbikes to show us how your family gets moving together - all bodies and all abilities welcome!

Don't miss our #CarFreeChallenge too - accessibility is everywhere!

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