The Preschool

Electric Cargo Bike for up to 6 kids

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The biggest of our bunch, the Preschool Cargo Bike is a game-changer for your preschool, learning pod, or really big family! The kids will have the time of their life, riding with their friends to the park or library. And you won’t even break a sweat, as the 500w electric motor powers your highly visible school-bus-yellow bike around town. All at a fraction of the cost of buying a transport van for your center!

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The Preschool cargo trike side profile

Room for the Whole Family (or Class!)

The roomiest of our cargo bikes, the long benches extend over each wheel, giving lots of internal space. A one-of-a-kind way for families with 4-6 kids to get around town!  


For outdoor preschools and daycares, a fleet of 2 or 3 Preschool cargo bikes will transport the whole class. Kids will have a blast riding with their friends, and learning about alternative transportation and living an active lifestyle... while going on field trips!

The Preschool family bike top down view into bucket with 6 kid seat belts
The Preschool electric cargo bike front load box

Unbelievable Stopping Power

With an electric cargo bike, it's crucial to have brakes that can handle a heavy bike traveling at fast speeds. This year, we took things up a notch and added ultra-powerful front and rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. A small squeeze on the levers will bring you to a stop almost instantly. and you can rest assured that your precious cargo will be super secure.


One unique challenge with cargo bikes, is that the front two brakes must be perfectly balanced at all times in order to be safe to ride. With mechanical brakes, this means you'd have to find the time for frequent service and inconvenient tune-ups. Hydraulic brakes overcome this, by requiring much less on-going maintenance. So you can spend less time in the shop, and more time out riding with the fam!

Your Cargo Bike Can GO

Our new state-of-the-art 48v 13.6Ah battery features genuine Samsung 35E cells, the best and most reliable cells available in the e-bike market today. Get up to 35 miles per charge and enjoy years of use on your bike.


Our high-power 500w motor delivers 45 Nm of torque and allows you to conquer hills and grocery runs like a boss. You'll feel like your legs just got an upgrade!

Samsung electric bike battery and DAPU 500w hub motor

Technical Specifications

Expand below for a more detailed look at The Preschool


500w Electric cargo bike motor

500W Hub Motor

The 500W DAPU M155 is our tried and true geared hub motor. With 45 Nm of torque, the motor makes riding a bike full of kids easy and FUN, even in hilly areas.


Samsung e-cargo bike battery in rack

48v 13.6Ah Samsung Battery

Our batteries use only genuine Samsung 35E cells, which lead the e-bike industry in charge capacity and reliability. Has a range of 25-35 miles and takes 4-6 hours to charge from empty. Extremely high quality construction, using internal spray foam to keep battery cells waterproof and immovable, and featuring internal heat sensor cut offs, for years of durable and safe battery use.


e-bike throttle on Preschool cargo bike handlebars

Side-pull Comfort Thumb Throttle

Allows for full manual control of the motor, and can be used with, or independently of, pedal assist. The side-pull motion of the throttle fits the natural inward motion of your thumb, for maximum comfort and ease of use.


Spanninga Axendo 60 electric cargo bike headlight

Spanninga Axendo 60 Headlight

Dutch company Spanninga has been innovating high-performance bicycle lights for nearly 100 years. The 60 lux output from 2 high-power REBEL© LEDs has amazing visibility from both front and lateral sides, lighting your way, and keeping you seen.


Spanninga Lineo tail light on rear of cargo bike

Built-In Spanninga Lineo Tail Light

2 bright and distinctive LED "Light Lines" provide extremely high performance, with rear and side visibility up to nearly 2000 feet. The light is built into the battery pack, and can be turned on from the handlebars, just like the headlight.


electric cargo trike display unit on handlebars

Control Panel with USB Charger

Charge your phone while blasting Disney hits from your bluetooth speaker, using the built-in USB charger. Also features an odometer, speedometer, pedal assist level, and battery life indicator.


Electric torque sensor for cargo bike

Torque Sensor Pedal Assist

Unlike magnet sensors, which can feel unnatural and can react slowly to changes in riding conditions, our torque sensor intuitively senses your pressure changes on the pedals, and adjusts the motor output exactly to your needs in real time!


48v charger for electric family bike

UL Certified Smart Charger

Our Smart Charger automatically stops charging when your battery is full (and lets you know with the red/green LED indicator), protecting the life of your battery. The UL certification means it meets the strictest guidelines for electrical and fire safety, as well as longevity, resistance, and durability.


Waterproof connectors for cargo bike electric system

Waterproof Quick-Connectors

In the rare event that one of our high-quality electrical components fail, part replacement is a cinch, with waterproof quick-connectors right underneath the handlebars. No need to run wires through the frame or call a mechanic for most repairs!


The Cargo Box

Interior of The Preschool cargo bike bucket

Long Benches with 6 Seats

Plenty of seating space and leg room to hold up to 6 children. 6 over-the-shoulder seat belts are included.


Closeup of wood panels on The Preschool

Durable Marine-Grade Plywood

Designed for prolonged exposure in humid, wet, and coastal conditions, our coated marine plywood is assembled with waterproof glue and is resistant to delamination. With proper care, you'll enjoy years of outdoor use.


3 point seat belts on The Preschool

No-Slip Shoulder Clips

One of our biggest frustrations with other cargo bike seat belts, is how they tend to slip off the shoulders while riding, especially on taller children. Our adjustable no-slip clips, go behind the shoulders, and prevent any slippage, keeping your children secure for the whole ride!


Rubber edge liner on The Preschool cargo box

Protective Rubber Liner

After years of selling cargo bikes, we've learned that 90% of cargo box wear-and-tear occurs along the top edge. In our case, from hanging kids' bikes over the top! The protective rubber liner will prevent all top-edge damage, and prevent rain and moisture from penetrating the wood, giving you years of use, while providing a nice aesthetic trim.


Open child door on front of The Preschool daycare bike

Swing Open Front Door

Save your back.... no need to lift all of your children into the bike by hand. The front door is the easy and fun way for kids to let themselves in. The heavy-duty dual latches on front keep it secure so that there's no chance of it coming open while riding.


Key Components

Schwalbe big apple tire on The Preschool

Schwalbe Big Apple Tires

These tires are a DREAM. Schwalbe's "Balloonbike" air-suspension technology makes a huge difference for the riding comfort of both rider and children.


Bumps and vibrations in the road are absorbed for a smooth, comfortable ride. While at the same time, the double-nylon Raceguard layer provides incredible durability and flat-tire protection... because no parent should have to change a flat on the side of the road while juggling toddlers!


Tektro brake lever on The Preschool handlebars

Tektro Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Your precious cargo will be super-safe thanks to the unbelievable stopping power provided by the Tektro Hydraulic Brakes on both front and rear wheels. They also require much less on-going maintenance than mechanical brakes.


Each brake lever is equipped with a parking brake switch, so that the bike stays still while you load up the kids.


Shimano 8-speed shifter on The Preschool cargo-ebike

8-Speed Shimano Gears

Combined with the motor, the 8-speed Shimano Acera shifter and gears will allow you to easily get started from a stop, as well as conquer any hill in your path.


Anti-Tip Smart Frame Technology

A cargo bike with 3 wheels handles differently than a regular bicycle. Turns have to be taken slower, especially when turning onto an incline. Our anti-tip smart frame technology helps counteract these forces by automatically leaning your weight into the direction of the turn, so that all wheels stay firmly planted.


Side profile of drivetrain on The Preschool

Extended Handlebars for Upright Seating

Designed to provide comfortable upright posture, like riding a beach cruiser. The handlebars extend back to be within easy reach of riders of all sizes.


Gas-spring steering damper under cargo bike

Steering Damper

The gas-spring steering damper underneath the cargo box is beefier than our last model and minimizes side-to-side steering wobble. And at higher speeds, the bike tracks straighter as is safer to ride than a damper-less trike.


Rear view of The Preschool bakfiets bike

Improved Turning Radius

We adjusted the location of the steering bumpers to improve the turning radius of the bike over previous models. Turning the hassle of 3-point turns into easy 180s!


Selle Royal Freeway City saddle

Easy-Adjust Selle Royal Saddle

The comfortable, Italian-designed Freeway City saddle is made by Selle Royal, the world's leading brand of bicycle saddles. Made for sitting upright, the Slow Fit Foam technology is a slow-moving memory foam that adapts to the body and guarantees uniform weight distribution.


Frame and cables for The Preschool

Strong Square Frame with ED Coating

Frame design features durable square tubing, and is ED coated for long-lasting rust protection. The outside is CNC painted, not powder coated, for a beautiful, even finish.


Rear rack with samsung e-bike battery

Versatile Rear Rack

Load up your saddle bags or strap down the boogie board and cooler. Our rear rack will support up to 66 pounds of gear. Or add the Yepp child seat to bring along an extra kid!


Fender and wheel of The Preschool

Wide, Full Coverage Fenders

A must for any cargo bike, the full coverage front and rear fenders prevent water and mud from spraying up on you or the kids.


Full Spec List


48v 13.6Ah Li-ion - 653 Wh, Samsung 35E Cells


Battery Charger

UL Certified, 48v 2A Smart Charger



Brakes - Front

Tektro Auriga E-Twin HD-E525


Brakes - Rear

Tektro Auriga E-Tune HD-E530


Brake Rotors

Tektro 160mm front and rear


Cargo Box

Marine Plywood with 2 benches and front door


Shimano CS-HG41 - 8-speed, 11-34T






38T, 170mm DAPU crankset with torque sensor



8-Speed Shimano Acera


Included, black steel front and rear, full coverage



Steel - Black CNC painted, ED rust-proof internal coating



Shimano 8-speed



Comfort EVA foam grips



Alloy, Height adjustable by 8.5"



Front - Spanninga Axendo 60 - 60 Lux dual LED light

Rear - Spanninga Lineo - integrated in battery case



500W brushless, DAPU M155 Geared Hub Motor, 45 Nm of torque



Wellgo K79 with reflectors



Samson, double wall, alloy, (36H front | 36H rear)



Selle Royal - Freeway City


Seat Belts

Six 3-point seat belts included



Promax, 28.6mm x 350mm


Seatpost Clamp

Promax 319Q, quick release



Shimano Acera SL-M310 - 8-speed



12-gauge stainless steel


Steering Damper

Single gas-spring damper

Rear Rack

Included, 66-pound load limit, integrated battery rack



Schwalbe Big Apple HS 430, Performance Line, Level 4 Raceguard with Balloonbike air suspension.

Front - 20" x 2.15" | Rear - 24" x 2.00"



Wuxing 108XL side-pull thumb throttle


Measurements & Weights

Recommended Rider Heights

5'2" - 6'5"


Seat Height

29.5" - 39.5" (measured from bottom of pedal stroke)


Handlebar Height

45.5" - 51.5"


Total Length



Width at Widest Point



Handlebar Width




Usable Length of Rear Rack



Rear Rack Capacity

55 lbs.


Total Loading Capacity of Bike

350 lbs.


Bike Weight

160 lbs.


Seatpost Diameter

28.6 mm

Cargo Box Internal Width



Wood Thickness


Cargo Box Length



Cargo Box Height



Height of Benches from Floor


Depth of Benches


Height from Ground to Bottom of Door


Width of Door



Handlebar Dashboard

Top down view of The Preschool with labeled features

Rain or Shine

Keep your kids and stuff out of the elements with our new and improved rain cover design. Made of premium weather-resistant materials, the side flaps unzip and roll up for easy loading, or to provide airflow once the weather passes. Sewn in corner elastics make it quick and easy to install the cover nice and tight.


Pictured is the cover for The Original bike. The Pre-School rain cover is similar, but pictures won't be available until June.

What Bunch Owners are Saying

"The bike is more than I could have ever imagined"

- Beverly S.

"Best decision we have ever made as a family"

- James N.

"We love that it can fit 6 children!"

- Sarah B.

Cargo Bike Accessories

Customize your Preschool to fit your family's needs!

Toddler Seat

Cargo bike seat for children 7-18 months old

Sold out

Infant Seat

Infant cargo bike seat for children 3-9 months

Sold out

Outdoor Cover

Rain, Sun, and dust protection for your cargo bike

Sold out

Outdoor Cover

Rain, Sun, and dust protection for your cargo bike

Sold out

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lindsay Darrah
This bike puts the joy in Joyful Tots!

Being an urban nature-based childcare can be a challenge. Packing up all of our gear to walk 45 minutes with the strollers became such a chore even when heading to the places we love to explore. Now we load up the kids and our gear only to be deep in the woods or at our sit spot by the river in minutes. It’s rides beautiful and I don’t ever feel unsteady even with it loaded up with 6 kids. The electric assist means I can still walk and run with the kids after our two mile ride. It is beyond amazing! ❤️ Customer service was also so helpful and very respectful.

Giselle VanDrew
Love it!

This bike is a life changer for any parents who love biking but find that it's no easy task now that they are loaded down with a hefty number of tiny people. If you love biking long distances and your children outnumber the seatbelts in a bike trailer, this is the bike for you!

Rebecca Blakely
Everyday is a good day with a Bunch Bike!

Getting children outside everyday into nature is an integral part of my programming for my daycare. Before my preschool bike came along we could only go so far with a stroller.
Now our options are endless....the bike brings us joy every single day and so many new places to explore.
When we pass people they can’t help but smile.....
The bike is quality and feels well made. Ride is smooth and effortless.
Customer service feels like your chatting to family. Nothing is too much trouble and I’m so happy to be part of the Bunch family.
Thanks guys!

Randi Webster
Freedom to roll

We love our Bunch Bike! I own an inhome child care and this has given us the freedom to roll all over town. The older kiddos can ride their balance bikes while I take the littles in the Bunch bike. Yhe battery typically lasts at least two outings so I also love that I dont have to charge it every day.

Ashley Christenson
Mom, can we go for a ride in the cargo bike?

That’s the question I get asked every day and I love it! We love to get outside, I love the exercise and I love to talk to my kids and see the world together from our new cargo bike. Thanks Bunch Bikes for your great customer service and product!❤️

Robbie Reader

So much better than I even imagined- amazing bike 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Kip Otteson
Preschool Bike

The Preschool Bike is an excellent tool for hauling around 6 kids in town. It fits on a sidewalk, which is a big bonus. The door latch was not quite closing but I fixed it with a shim. The electric assist is working very well and it's plenty fast! I bought a rain cover and a zipper broke when I put it on. It seems like it's a bit tight. We appreciated the hand written note thanking us for our purchase. We get lots of comments when we are riding around.

Hi Kip,

Thanks for the review!

That's strange about the door. We check them all here before shipping, maybe something happened in transit, or it possibly slipped through the cracks. I'm glad you found a solution that works for you though.

We're actually re-designing the preschool rain covers right now and hope to have them in a couple of months. We've had a few people have a similar issue. We'll offer free replacements once we get those in.

-Aaron from Bunch

Sarah Besse
Enjoying our bunch PRESCHOOL bike

We love our Bunch Bike! The preschool model seats 6 children and the customer service is great.

Best family time!

The kids beg us to take the Bunch Bike everywhere! It is such a fun way for the family to spend time together, even when doing basic daily tasks such as running errands!

Daycare Game Changer

As a licensed in-home daycare provider, getting "out and about" was often challenging, even with a 6 seater stroller. When I came across the preschool bunch bike, I instantly knew this was the way to take my kiddos day from ordinary to extraordinary. Needless to say, the preschool bunch bike did not disappoint. Our first ride consisted of 10 easy miles with 7 children strapped in and nothing but smiles. They begged me to go again on their next day of care. We are looking forward to many years of adventures through our bunch bike. Thank you for providing fun for the children I care for, the opportunity for adventure, and the countless memories!