Bunch Bikes Introduces Cargo Bikes to Shark Tank

Three-wheeled Box Bike Allows Families to Ditch the Car and Ride Together

Denton, Texas—ABC's Shark Tank to spotlight family cargo bikes in Season 12. Aaron Powell is the Founder and CEO of Bunch Bikes, a company that builds and ships a style of bicycle with a bucket on the front end designed for children, pets, and other cargo to ride in. Powell will pitch Bunch Bikes to the “Sharks” on an episode set to air March 26. 

Powell suggests the exposure could be a tipping point for the growing cargo bike trend that studies show reduces family car usage. 

“There’s an alternative to this broken, suburban, car-driven development our cities have gotten into,” Powell says. “You sit in traffic to do anything or go anywhere. You live in one place, work and play in another. The cities are dead. There’s no vibrancy.” 

Texas-based Bunch Bikes sells a range of electric cargo bikes allowing riders to haul between 2 and 6 children at one time and a cargo bike tailored specifically toward dog owners called The K9.

“Before my kids were born,” Powell says, “I was biking all the time and never drove my car.” But, after having 2 kids, “it was in the back of my mind. How do I continue this lifestyle?” 

In 2016, on a family trip to Scandinavia, Powell rode his first cargo trike. “I thought—Oh, this is what I need for my family.” But, upon returning home to the United States, he struggled to find a quality-made bike at a reasonable price. In 2017, from his hometown of Denton, Texas, Powell began importing and selling the type of cargo bikes he desired, and has since grown Bunch Bikes into North America’s largest front-load cargo bike brand. 

“Shark Tank,” says Powell, “is the realization of a plan I set forth 4 years ago. I see myself as an ambassador for these family bikes and this lifestyle. This will start the ripple in a pond that’s going to become an ocean.” 

“It’s a cultural shift,” he says. “We’re changing all the negative things about a car dependent lifestyle. I want to see people healthy, fit, and enjoying time with their kids. In the bike, they’re up front where you can see them. You can talk with them. You can stop and engage with the world around you. In a car you wouldn’t. You’d just keep going.” 

Bunch Bikes can be ordered online at bunchbike.com and are delivered fully assembled.

Watch Bunch Bikes on “Shark Tank” on Friday March 26, 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC. 

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