The Bunch Bikes DIY Scale

The Bunch Bikes DIY Scale

Much of our Bunch fam joins us as bike newbies. We're not avid cyclists or bike experts - we just want to get around with our kids!

I've been Bunching for 4 years now and 16,000+ miles and if I'm honest, the only bike component I could readily name and identify when I started was the wheel. 😂 

Of course, some Bunch owners are avid cyclists and enthusiastic amateur mechanics who love upgrading and hacking their components. 

But for the rest of us, a great local bike shop or mobile mechanic takes care of the bike details for us - so that we can just get out and ride!

We created the DIY scale below to help you figure out which maintenance tasks are right for you - and which you should outsource to a professional.

Blue: Super easy!

- Uses basic tools or no tools at all

- Simple instructions or no instructions

- No need to get it exactly right

- No need to get into any hard-to-access areas

- Takes 10 minutes or less... maybe a lot less!

Examples: Removing a cargo bench; installing a side view mirror; swapping the front panel; installing a Melia seat with predrilled holes

Blue tasks are accessible to almost all owners. 


Green: Easy DIY  

- Uses basic tools (screwdriver, wrench) or no tools 

- Simple instructions or no instructions

- May require some trial and error

- May require getting into a harder-to-access area

- May take 15-20 minutes

Examples: Replacing a display screen, reconnecting a sensor or motor wire, installing a wheel lock

Green tasks are accessible to most owners to complete at home. 


Yellow: Medium DIY

- May use hand tools (screwdriver, wrench) or power tools (drill) 

- May require following written or video instructions or learning a new skill

- May require careful measurement or adjustment

- May be possible to "mess up" in a way that requires followup

- May require getting into hard-to-reach areas

- May take up to an hour

Examples: Replacing a flat tire and then readjusting the brakes; installing a Melia or BabyMee seat; installing LED lights; installing horn/alarm

Some owners complete yellow tasks at home, others prefer to tag in a mechanic or bike shop. 


Orange: Challenging DIY

- May require hand tools, power tools, or specialized bike repair tools 

- May require following complex instructions

- Instructions may not be provided, or may assume familiarity with common bike repair tasks

- May be possible to "mess up" in a way that poses a hazard or damages the bike

- May take more than an hour

Examples: Replacing brake pads or rotors; bleeding brakes; replacing cargo box; replacing rear wheel

Most owners bring orange tasks to a bike shop or mechanic. Only the most confident DIY lovers should attempt these tasks at home.

Red: Professionals Only

- Requires specialized tools

- Requires experience and expertise 

- Correct execution is essential to safe operation of the bike

Examples: Replacing brake; replacing a spoke; truing the wheel; servicing the main pivot.

As the name suggests - red tasks should only be completed by a qualified, experienced mechanic or bike shop. Installation should be thoroughly tested before the bike is returned to you. 


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