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From Ellie With Love: A K9 Story

From Ellie With Love: A K9 Story

Our bikes are built to last - to bring joy and make memories for years to come. 

But what happens when your needs change - when your kids are grown - or your pup grows wings, and crosses the rainbow bridge? 

Then it's time for your bike to find a new home - and make a new family's dreams come true. 

Ellie's Story

Michelle bought a K9 Bunch Bike back in 2019. She planned to use it with both of her dogs - but especially with Ellie, her bigger, older pup.

Ellie the dog with Michelle, Bunch Bike owner

Ellie loved cruising around in the Bunch Bike with Michelle - running errands or just going for a peaceful spin around the neighborhood, sometimes with neighbor kids along for the ride. 

Ellie the dog in her K9 Bunch Bike along with a neighborhood friend child

Michelle and Ellie got so "neighborhood famous" that Michelle even joined the Bunch Squad - giving local test rides, sharing tips about her bike life and attending local bike events. 

"It was love at first sight"  

Michelle had eyed the Bunch Bike for a long time, but wasn't sure about the investment - she first tried purchasing an inexpensive knockoff option that she found online. That bike arrived unassembled and unfortunately never became operable. 

"You should tell people that it's better to buy nice than twice," she says. After she was finally able to close out that stressful experience, her Bunch Bike arrived fully assembled and ready to ride - and she and Ellie both fell in love. 

Crossing the rainbow bridge

The bike gave Ellie a way to stay active, find joy and feel the wind flapping her ears in her senior years - until she sadly passed away, of old age. 

Michelle's younger dogs didn't need the bike in the same way, and she found it was mostly staying parked in her garage. She started thinking about finding it a new home, but wasn't quite ready to let go yet. 

Michelle's two younger dogs in their K9 Bunch Bike

Meet Ali's menagerie

Ali runs a nonprofit animal rescue, Wilbur Pepper Mini Pig Sanctuary. She follows other minipig owners on Instagram - including Prissy & Pop, a pair of popular piggie influencers famous for their pigtastic pink Bunch Bike. 

Piggies mini pigs in the pink K9 Bunch Bike

When she saw the piggies in their bike, she realized it would be the perfect way to get around her farmstead - which includes chickens, dogs, cats, and a bearded dragon as well as pigs. She'd also be able to use it for educational events. 

But the bike was out of budget for her small program - even with the nonprofit discount. She joined the Bunch Bikes Club on Facebook, shared her story - and started keeping an eye out for a secondhand option. 

"The story warmed my heart"

Michelle was also active in the Facebook group. When she saw Ali's post, the story touched her - and, she said, it "just might be the push I need" to feel ready to sell her bike, knowing it would go to a good home and bring joy to a great group of critters.

 Mini pig with Ali of Wilbur Pepper Mini Pig Sanctuary

She reached out to Ali, letting her know the bike was an older 1.0 model, and probably due for a tuneup as well. Those factors made the price more affordable for Ali - who was on the cusp of moving her entire farmstead from Kentucky to Oklahoma. 

A little Bunch assist

Michelle lives just a couple hours away from our warehouse and HQ in Denton, TX.  

Her bike was an older 1.0 model, and overdue for service after sitting in the garage for a while. Michelle reached out to us to ask if we could help get it ready for Ali. 

Michelle arranged to drop off her bike at our warehouse - where we gave it a head-to-toe tuneup, including a new battery and an electrical system update. 

Mini pig in Bunch Bike

Ali stopped by about two weeks later - a little detour on her route from Kentucky to her new home in Oklahoma! She had only a few of her critters in tow, but plenty of space in her moving van to load up her new wheels. Our team enjoyed some piggie snuffles too!

Bunch Bike in moving van

A new home and new adventures

Ali and her critters are delighted with their new ride. And Michelle is glad to see Ellie's bike back in action - bringing smiles, snuffles and flapping ears.

She's still an active member of our Bunch family and community - and she's helped bring in someone new, too.

"Someday I might get another Bunch Bike," she says. "But for now it's just great to know that it's found a good home!"

 Ellie the dog in her K9 Bunch Bike 

More options

Looking for a lower-cost option to get rolling? 

We offer discount programs for superheroes and for any child or adult with a disability, medical or adaptive need. We also offer monthly financing, as well as a giveaway program in partnership with Ainsley's Angels. 

We sometimes list Open Box or closeout bikes for sale on our Clearance and Discount page as well. These bikes represent significant savings - ranging from $500 to $900 discount - and are in excellent condition. They come with our full 12-month manufacturer warranty.

We don't typically sell secondhand Bunch Bikes on our website. However, they do pop up online now and then - and they usually get posted in the Bunch Bikes Club as well. We are able to help with shipping bikes if needed - and as we did for Michelle - we're happy to facilitate any way we can!

You can always reach out to us via email, phone or text (940-536-0597) to ask about used bike options - we'll let you know if we know of a match near you. 

The market for used Bunch Bikes is typically quite strong, especially in bike-friendly areas. We love knowing that our older bikes are still out there bringing people joy. Plus, when you buy a new bike - it's good to know that it will retain a solid resale value!

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