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Our "magic bicycle".... a memory maker

Photo collage of baby, toddler, and dog in Bunch Bike

by Cara Hatch, Round Rock, TX

When I first called our bunch the "magic bicycle" I did it because it could move without pedaling... but I don't think that's where the magic comes from anymore.

The magic is in what it does for our relationships, the magic is in our willingness to unplug and connect, the magic is in the memories we make on every ride.

The magic feels very real.

I managed to put over 500 miles on our bike in the first year, despite getting it at 6 months pregnant, a c section, and a newborn with a toddler.

I took my son on his first ride in utero while watching my daughter as she looked for wildlife. Then I got the perfect view of him in the infant seat with my daughter alongside as she told us stories of school and make believe adventures trying to get us both to laugh.

I watched as their relationship grew and his eyes gained focus and he began to track sounds and movement. Eventually he graduated to the toddler seat where his smile developed and the two of them surveyed the world atop our "magical bicycle." I have the best concert seat as she sings original songs, while her brother dances along to the beat.

Those miles have been filled with the knowledge that both of my children relax the minute they see we are going on a ride, and it lets me relax too.

I talked myself out of the bunch bike countless times after seeing a Facebook advertisement feeling like spending so much on a bike would be selfish.

My husband ended up surprising me with it as a Christmas gift year before last!

The reality is it wasn't about being selfish, it wasn't just a gift for myself... it was a gift for all of us.

It was movement, outdoor adventures, unplugging and refocusing on one another.

I recently have been without it (waiting to fix a flat tire) and I can sincerely say we're all anxious to get it working again soon.

We have so many more trips and memories to be making!❤️❤️❤️

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