Bunch Squad

The Community Bike Event Toolkit

The Community Bike Event Toolkit

Bunch Squad Week is almost here... and we've got Bunch Squad members everywhere planning parties, playdates, and events!

A Bunch Squad event can be big... or very, very small. In either case it's an amazing way to make connections in your community, get to know other families, help folks discover active and sustainable transport, and build enthusiasm for the bike life!

Easy: Plan a bike playdate with a friend!

Meet up at the park with bikes, skates, and scooters. Bring snacks to share!

Medium: Join a community event! 

Check in with the organizers of your local block party, spring festival, fun fair, parade, or fundraiser. Would a bike demo, bike library, or bike parade be a fun addition? 

Expert: Organize a family bike event!

Invite families in your neighborhood, preschool, or community group to meet up for a bike ride, playdate, parade, festival, or bike bus. We'll help!


Planning Resources

We've gathered some resources and materials below for folks who are planning a bike event for the first time. We'll add to this list as we go!

Sample event flier - post at school, preschool, library, and neighborhood spots!

Sample event postcard - hand out at the playground or on the bike trail!

Most items below apply to small and medium events.
Items in blue are only necessary for bigger events!

Choosing a location:

* Bike path access - safe space for kids to ride

* Playground, park, or seating - space to relax and connect

* Water access

* Bathroom access

* Do you need a permit?


Choosing a time: 

* Short is fine!

* Avoid lunchtime & naptime

* Avoid conflicts with other neighborhood events

* "Save the date" in your community as early as possible


Planning attractions:

* Consider providing snacks (Bunch will help!)

* Consider asking attenders to bring snacks to share

* Invite other families to bring their cargo bikes to show off

* Invite a local mechanic to give free tune ups

* Make a plan for inclement weather - reschedule? roll anyway?

* Consider inviting food cart, food truck, or ice cream truck

* Consider music - live or bring a boom box

* Invite local bike shops to bring demo bikes

* Invite your biking advocacy orgs, sustainability orgs, nature schools, neighborhood committees, clubs, teams, local businesses, local politicians and action groups, any other community connections

* Consider a "highlight" event like a bike parade, music or dance performance, or bike maintenance demo

* Consider a $1 raffle - great way to get local businesses involved and spreading the word. Donate funds to a good cause!


 Spreading the word:

* Email your local family listserv and neighborhood listserv

* Create a facebook event and post it in your local facebook groups

* Spread the word through your preschool, school, PTA, worship community, clubs and teams

* Create a QR code that links to your online event

* Create fliers and postcards to distribute around your neighborhood

* Contact local media and local event guides

* Create an incentive for other attenders to spread the word in their networks (eg free raffle tickets for posting fliers or posting to your school's PTA chat)


Getting ready:

* Make sure your bike is tuned, pumped, and charged!

* Check in and confirm with other demo bike families and any vendors.

* Pack snacks and water for your own family.

* Pack Bunch Squad cards to share with folks who are interested. 

* Send last minute "We're here!" reminders - photos and map pins help! 

* Have a second adult on hand for kid support if you get busy with event management

* Assign a volunteer to take photos throughout the event


After the event:

* Post photos and celebrate turnout

* Send thank yous to vendors and demo volunteers

* Follow up with folks who are bike curious

* Donate any funds raised, and announce the donation

* Encourage the most enthusiastic attenders to help with the next event - or plan their own

* Write down your notes, takeaways, and feedback for next time


Found this guide helpful? Have ideas, suggestions, or concerns to add? Comment below, please - we'd love to hear from you! 

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