Bunch Bike 4 LAUNCH PARTY: You're invited!

Bunch Bike 4 LAUNCH PARTY: You're invited!

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Where We Started

 Aaron first launched Bunch Bikes from a tiny warehouse in Denton, Texas in 2017 - making European-style bakfiets (box bikes) accessible to US and Canadian families, and designed specially for our needs. 

The next five years brought huge growth for Bunch and throughout the industry, as well as exciting new challenges and two version updates - the 2.0 (initially known as the 2020 model) and the 3.0 (in fall 2022.)

Just in time for spring 2024: We're proud to present the next big step in family biking.

Introducing The Bunch Bike 4

It's our flagship "kids and pups in front" design - packed with all-new, high-end upgrades that make our bikes even better, more reliable and more fun than ever.

It's the culmination of hundreds of thousands of miles of parent feedback - and 18 months of focused testing and iteration, in pursuit of the very same values that brought us here:

Making your bike life easy and fun, reliable and stress free.

The Bunch Bike 4 is available in all three of our cargo box layouts - the Original, K9, and Preschool. (Click to learn more about who fits in each layout.)

Here's a sneak peek at what's new: 

New Braking System

New Assist System

Upgrades All Over

Read on for more details - and a look at what's next, what's compatible, and what's NOT changing, too! 

New Braking System

Our bikes carry our most precious cargo. Serious stopping power is non-negotiable; we've used hydraulic disc brakes on all our bikes since 2020.

On the Bunch Bike 4, we've upgraded our entire system to the cutting-edge Tektro Auriga E-Twin+ E545 / E540. It's a premium brake model specced with all-new components designed specifically for cargo trikes like ours.

Supersized, superpowered: Designed to handle the heaviest loads and hilliest terrain, our new brake system comes with rotors that are bigger (at 180mm) thicker (2.3mm) and stiffer. 

You'll get a powerful stop that's also smoother than ever - and whisper quiet.

Lower maintenance: In addition to those XL rotors and pads, you'll see a fluid reservoir that's almost double the capacity of most hydraulic systems. Taken together, these premium components will give you extra months and miles before you need routine service. 

Superior parking brake: The sleek, sophisticated new butterfly design gives you adjustable control - so you can get the grip you need, every time. 

New Assist System

A more natural feel: The pedal sensor is the component of your bike that senses when you're turning the pedals - and kicks in the electric assist to give you that extra zoom! 

We've upgraded the Bunch Bike 4 to a torque sensor, which lets the motor give a sensitive, varied response depending on how hard and fast you pedal. You can control the level of assist, from 0 to 5, at every speed. 

Your ride feels smooth, natural and "bike like." With all the power you need, when you need it! 

 A fine-tuned throttle: Your Bunch Bike also comes with a thumb throttle, which allows you to activate the motor without pedaling.

It's a smooth, easy way to get started from a standstill - or kick in a little extra power when you're heading uphill. 

On previous models, your throttle power was limited by your assist level setting. On the Bunch Bike 4, your throttle is full PowerBoost!

You can press lightly for a gentle boost - or "floor it" to unleash maximum power as you approach a hill or a tricky intersection. 

So you can get a little boost - or a big one - anytime you need it!

More flexibility, more freedom: The Bunch Bike 4 comes with all-new firmware for greatly increased flexibility. On previous models, the lower levels of assist were limited to lower speeds.

On the 4, you can now select any level of assist - at any speed. This allows you to dial in the ride that feels right to you - throughout your route. So you can dial in a workout - or some light, energizing movement - or an effortless cruise, as the mood strikes.

Level 0 means you're relying entirely on leg power. Level 1 gives you just a light boost to account for the extra weight of the bike - at any speed. This is our preferred setting if you're looking for a vigorous workout! (Remember, you can always hit the throttle for a burst of extra power when you need it.) 

Level 2-3 offer moderate assist for a relaxing cruise around town - that's still active enough to get your blood flowing! It's a great way to start your day with movement and energy - that's equivalent to a brisk walk. 

Level 4-5 gives you the bike's full 500w of power - for some serious VROOM with minimal effort. Perfect for those "didn't get much sleep, running late to preschool" mornings - or those who just want to get where they're going, without breaking a sweat! 

Upgrades All Over

The brakes and the electric assist are the two most crucial systems to your bike's daily operation. In addition to these major system upgrades, we've updated a slew of wishlist components for a more premium experience: 

Updated gear shifter. Easier to use and leaves more space open on the bar for accessories. 

Updated seatpost. Slightly different design including height markings. 

Updated chainring. Slightly larger chainring for a smoother overall drivetrain experience. 

Updated headlight. Brighter and stronger - Spanninga Axendo 60 Lux from the Netherlands.

Updated panel set. Taller front panel than on the 2.0 and earlier 3.0 models for more seating versatility. 

Updated display with USB port. A USB output is now standard on all Bunch Bike 4 models. It's great for charging your phone or speaker on the go - or adding those sweet fully integrated LED lights! 

Updated rear rack design. Allows for flexible height adjustment to fit a wider range of riders! Folks as short as 5'1" or 27.5" inseam can comfortably use our stock seat, and we can provide an alternate flat seat for shorter riders. Riders up to 6'8" can easily share the same setup. 

Retrofit Compatibility

The upgraded systems and components on the Bunch Bike 4 are cross compatible with our 2.0 and 3.0 models. Existing owners can choose to upgrade their systems a la carte, depending on their personal preferences and priorities.

We'll particularly encourage Bunch Squad members to upgrade during our Launch Party celebration - so they can enjoy our fresh new features, and show them off at test rides too! Click here to view your upgrade options. 

Next Up

The second generation Bunch Bike 4X is also currently available for preorder, expected to ship in summer 2024. Similar in features and programming to the Bunch Bike 4, the 4X will be our first fully UL compliant model, certified to both UL 2271 (the ebike battery standard) and UL 2849 (the full e-bike standard.)

The UL certification process won't make a significant difference to most people's bike experience. Our bikes are already safe and reliable!

However, if you live in a state with UL-specific regulations, apply for a rebate program that requires UL compliance, or live in a building with "UL compliant only" rules - please get in touch! We'd be happy to help you set up a 4X preorder. Going forward, all Bunch Bikes will be fully UL compliant! 

What's Not Changing?

The Bunch Bike 4 represents significant improvements and upgrades. 

We're continuing on our journey to make the family biking experience smoother, easier, safer, simpler, and more fun. 

So that families can rely on a family bike for everyday transportation - or to bring joy, adventure and movement into their regular routine. 

Here's what's not changing: 

* Front loading - So you can see each other, talk, sing, laugh, connect with the world around you and enjoy the journey together!

* Three wheels - For maximum stability, especially when starting, stopping, and standing still. We think the trike format is a lot lower stress for riding with kids and pups! 

* Frame design - Consistent since 2020. Our frames come with a lifetime guarantee. They're cleverly designed to include a side rail for added protection, and side steps that allow even toddlers to climb in and out independently.

* Panel design - Updated in 2023. A durable, marine-grade finish with rubber stripping for added comfort and a sleek look. Flexible, modular cargo box design that allows conversion from front door to front bench layout, or even upsizing from Original to Preschool. 

* Our commitment to our community - We like to say your bike comes with a 12 month warranty - and lifetime care. Our reputation for outstanding, individualized service is a core value for us. Read our reviews to learn how that looks in real life!

* Our focus on inclusion - We believe that outdoor adventure is for everyone - at every age and all abilities! We continue to develop our wraparound programs to support and empower people with medical and adaptive needs to access and enjoy a family bike ride. 

Older Model Bikes

Our older Bunch Bike 3.0 models will continue to be available until out of stock - timing is difficult to predict. We are currently offering a price drop guarantee. If you see a lower closeout price later, we will refund the difference.

Interested in a secondhand bike? Check the Bunch Bike Blue Book for info on pricing and what to consider. 

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