The K9 4+ Upgraded Electric Cargo Bike For Dogs

Sale price$5,899
Color: Sedona Woodgrain

Give your dog the adventure of a lifetime! The Bunch Bike K9 is a fully electric cargo trike. Three wheels and electric assist make it so easy to ride. Your pups cruise in front - so you can see each other and enjoy the breeze together.

Take your best friend for a joyride - give your older dogs back their wings - and turn everyday trips and errands into amazing memories.

Our electric cargo bikes have been upgraded with all-new premium features for Summer 2024! The 4+ is our first fully UL certified model, meeting both UL 2271 and UL 2849 safety standards. 

See our DOG DAYS upgrades here!

Shipping: $199 - Arrives fully assembled, charged & ready to ride.

All bikes are now fully in stock and ready to ship! FastTrack orders will ship within 1-3 business days. Due to unusually high preorder sales, bikes ordered today without FastTrack will ship early August. 

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Why Bunch?

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Trike Stability

Three wheels make the bike easy to start, stop, and handle, even for beginners.

Dogs In Front

So your pal feels (and smells) the breeze and you can enjoy the ride together.

Powerful Electric Assist

With 500w of power, your bike will soar - even uphill, even fully loaded!

Our Community

We're proud to take exceptional care of our Bunch families. We're here to make your bike life easy, accessible, and fun!

Safety First

We use quality components and build and test each bike in our warehouse in Texas. That's how we ensure safety for our families - and yours.

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What's new?

The K9 4 features top-shelf upgrades for Spring 2024

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Everything you'll need to get rolling

Upgrades & Accessories

#Color_Chill Grey#Color_Scarlet
Deluxe Dog Bed Sale priceFrom $165
Double-Clip Dog Leash & BoltDouble-Clip Dog Leash & Bolt
TechnoFlex Floor MatTechnoFlex Floor Mat
TechnoFlex Floor Mat Sale price$48
Outdoor / Storage Cover - Bunch BikesOutdoor / Storage Cover
Outdoor / Storage Cover Sale priceFrom $135
#style_Original or K9#style_Original or K9
Rain Tent Sale priceFrom $115
#style_Sunbrella® Sun Shade - Firmer Feel #color_Sunbrella® Sun Shade - Softer Feel#style_Sunbrella® Sun Shade - Firmer Feel #color_Sunbrella® Sun Shade - Softer Feel
Sun Shades & Flags Sale priceFrom $55 Regular price$85

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Excellent customer service, great biking experience

I test rode a Bunch Bike four years before I purchased one and my only regret is not buying one sooner. The bike itself is great. What impresses me most about Bunch is their customer service.

I do the big grocery shop, tree hauls from garden store and recycling runs with ease – faster than I did with a truck.

The bike takes some practice to ride to become proficient at handling cambered roads and turns. I also found that my 33kg dog requires more than one anchor point to keep her secure the cargo box. I live in a dense, urban area and I am satisfied with the ability to lock up the bike even on crowded bike racks. I would recommend, the rear wheel lock and alarm system to any potential buyer concerned about security.

I love the extra battery I bought. I can get to my regional park with gardening gear (70kg) across 24km on two batteries.

Alex Welton
Car Replacer

Finally invested in a cargo bike this summer after talking about it for 5+ years. After riding 2 wheel options in Europe, I was nervous about getting a trike, but I’m so happy I went with a Bunch. I bought it to transport our dogs, but have found myself using it for everything. After about a month, I’ve replaced all my around town car trips with this bike. The Bunch team was great to work with and added many cute additions after I mentioned our dogs in the order notes. It arrived fully built and charger and hit the road 5 mins after unboxing. So far, on our local roads, it’s been handling fine at ~15mph. My gf rides in the box and has mentioned it’s a bit bumpy, but part of that could be our roads. The dogs like to chase bikes more than ride in them, but we’re training them to enjoy sitting in it and it’s improving. It is such a mood boost to run errands on, listening to reggae and getting plenty of smiles/comments from neighbors, other pedestrians, and even people in cars. If you’re teetering on whether to invest in one or not, I recommend doing it.

Chris Stottlemyer

Fun, Fantastic, Phenomenal

That's great to hear, thank you for taking the time to share - wishing you many happy rides with your pup!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Jeff Alvis
Bike is great for us and service even better

We purchased this bike after a brain injury limited my wife’s ability to ride on her own. Bunch talked me thru options, providing excellent pre- and post-sale service. I appreciate the focus on inclusion for people with special needs.

We have been enjoying it for about six weeks and are very happy. She and I can easily ride with our 60 pound pooch. And, it’s a hit with the grandkids.

Glad we found the “bucket bike” and their team.

Wow Jeff, that is great to hear - I'm so glad you are back to enjoying the bike life together. That's what our inclusion program is all about! Hope you have many happy rides together over the holiday season.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

David Mullen
Lelac is the best!

Lelac went out of her way to make our shipping of my bunch bike perfect and smooth and quick. The shippers took horrible care of the bike and she made everything perfect for us and replied to all emails promptly and really cared that I got my trike. I have stage 4 cancer so stress is the opposite of what I need in my life and she made everything stressless. She was very help. I love my bunch. Only wish I would have gotten the mesh to put my drink in it and snacks. Since I have to drink water constantly I wish I would have ordered the mesh holder. I recommend for myself the mesh than the cup holder so my son and I can keep or goodies in it. I’ll have to order when I feel better. Thank you Lelac and Bunch!!

Hey David, thank you for sharing this - it's an honor to be able to support your family and help you get out and about with your son. I know you probably have your hands full handling the medical - I'm glad our team could help make your bike life stress free!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Lynn Rinehart
The best dog cargo bike!

With our new K-9 Bunch Bike we are able to transport our two golden retrievers all over our bike friendly city. Everyone loves to see the dogs in their new ride, it brings a smile to everyone who sees them. Our 7 year old grandson loves the rides too. The best purchase of 2023 for us. Thanks bunch bike!

DONNA Madden
easy to ride somewhere else

I've only ridden my bike about 1000' since I got it last month. Actually I haven't ridden it at all this month. Impulse buying :(

Hi Donna,

Thank you for sharing your honest feedback and I'm so sorry you're having trouble finding a safe place to ride. Slow streets and safe infrastructure are so important for making the bike life more accessible - even to folks who aren't confident 'road warriors.' I know you were hoping to be able to make it to your local beach boardwalk - if there's anything we can do to help you feel more confident on the route, we're here for it!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Jeremiah Richardson
Best Bike on the Planet!!

This bike is amazing! If you are a bike “purist” this is not for you, however, if you enjoy a relaxing ride with your favorite companion then you need this bike in your life! It is so versatile and built extremely well! I am impressed with the quality of parts and the engineering that went into the design and build. Now thats the bike review. This company is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with! They are extremely helpful and accommodating! You will not be sorry purchasing a bunch bike!

Hi Jeremiah,

I wouldn't consider myself a bike 'purist' either. I just wanted an alternative to car transportation as our family grew (kids and dogs both!). The Bunch Bike has been such a practical and joyful addition to our family life the last 6 years, I can't imagine doing it any other way.

So glad you've had a great experience with us and with your bike.

- Aaron - Bunch Bike CEO

Lorna Helal
Getting me out of the house with my dogs

I was getting bored with the walking in the neighborhood. Dogs LOVE the car, but I wanted to have some FUN with the girls. I am building up to longer distances. I had my 21 year old daughter riding with one small dog and an 85lb lab. Fun was had by all, we could not stop laughing. Plenty of stares and smiles. Only problem I have is trying to ride without them to farmer's market. Absolutely perfect!

Hi Lorna,

So fun, thanks for sharing your experience! The Bunch Bikes is definitely a head turner, and a great way to ride around town with your pets in a way that you can be active and enjoy being outside.

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Jeff Turpin

Bike was advertised as big enough to fit my two large dogs, but it's sardines in a can. They are both handicapped, and have difficulty turning after entry, which means I have to lift 100 lb dog over the side and place him in the box. Very problematic. I wonder if side entry wouldn't work better for dogs? Otherwise I like the bike, but I currently have to take them out one at a time. Sigh. jt

Hey Jeff,

I really appreciate your candid feedback, that's how we get new ideas about how to improve our bikes.

My personal experience with the K9 has been with my two 80 pound labs who fit the bike comfortably and I haven't experienced the same problem of them not being able to turn around, but I could see how that might be an issue with handicapped 100 pound dogs. Side entry is a good idea though and something we'll consider for future designs.

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO