The Bunch Bike Blue Book

The Bunch Bike Blue Book

Ready to upgrade your Bunch Bike - or retire an older model to a new Bunch family?

Shopping for a Bunch - and hoping for a secondhand bargain to get started?

We love seeing those not-so-new bikes out in the world - making more families happy! 

Here's our brief guide to buying and selling a Bunch Bike secondhand.

1. Make sure it's a Bunch Bike

Sounds silly, but this is an essential first step. We've seen multiple instances of online sellers listing a "bunch bike" that is actually a different brand... or a no-name knockoff. Not every cargo trike is a Bunch. 

Unfortunately we've also had to tell frustrated and disappointed buyers that their "fixer upper" bike can't be repaired with Bunch parts - because it's not a Bunch and what we have isn't compatible. 

You should be able to clearly see a Bunch logo and serial number. It's also a good idea to ask for the initial order number. If you're unsure, you can always reach out to us for verification. 

2. Get the deets

- Which layout is the bike - Original, K9 or Preschool? (You can update or swap layouts if desired, but it's worth checking on cost and compatibility if this is your plan.) 

- Which model is the bike - 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or Bunch Bike 4? When was it purchased? What upgrades are compatible? 

- How many miles are on the bike? How often has it been ridden? Why are they selling? 

- How was the bike stored and maintained? When was it last tuned? Have any components been repaired or replaced?

(Fun fact - if the odometer has been replaced, it may show only the mileage since replacement, not the true total mileage.)

- Are there any known issues, damage or concerns? Is everything working properly? Does the seller have the keys, the charger, the arch poles? 

- What accessories are included and what condition are they in? Is there a Mulberry extended warranty, which is transferable? 

- What's the mileage like? Battery range can deteriorate over time, especially if the battery is frequently stored or charged outdoors in cold weather. It's typical to need a new battery after 3-5 years of regular use.

- Can you see and test ride the bike before purchase? We strongly recommend doing so in order to make sure it's in the described condition and working properly. 

- Considering a Bunch Coupe? This model is discontinued, but we do still support existing owners and sell parts and accessories as needed. Please bear in mind that the motor is 250w not 500w and there is no throttle. There is an automatic internal gearing system that should be able to sync with an app on your phone. Check to make sure these systems are in good working order.

3. For sellers - list locally first!

It's possible to ship a Bunch Bike cross country - but it's expensive and time consuming, and not available everywhere. Many buyers are also rightly reluctant to purchase a bike without test riding it first to confirm that it's in good working order. 

In most cases, your best option will be to sell your bike locally - or at least within reasonable driving distance. It's fairly easy to move a Bunch Bike via minivan, pickup truck, or small utility trailer, or to hire a gig moving service like Lugg or Dolly. 

Our tips for selling your bike: 

- Create an attractive ad in Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Include lots of photos - not just product images from online, but of your own real life use. (You can cover up kids' faces with emojis for privacy.) 

- Remember that some potential buyers may not already be Bunch savvy. Make sure to share what you love about your bike life plus essential info (3 wheels, it's electric) so that buyers know what to expect! 

- Give the details in #2 above. The more info you share - including any drawbacks or problems - the more your buyers will trust you. 

4. Spreading the word

If you've been riding your Bunch around for a while, there are probably lots of families in your community who have been eyeing it, wishing and hoping! Make sure to post your ad where other families will see it: 

- Local family biking groups

- Local bike swap and bike lover groups

- Local parent and family groups

- Local dog owner groups

- Your school, preschool, play group, or dog park

- Your own social media - you probably have friends who have been eyeing your Bunch life, wishing and hoping! 

- Visit a local bike or family event with a "For Sale" sign!

- You may get lots of interest in national groups like Bunch Bikes Club or Cargo Bike Buy Sell Trade - but be aware that shipping can pose a significant obstacle

5. Starting point for price

It's hard for us to make specific recommendations here because pricing depends so much on your bike's model and condition - and on your community.

Bunch Bikes in "bikey" areas with lots of demand typically sell quickly for around 80% of sticker price. In an area with fewer cargo-curious buyers, you may need to wait longer, ship further, or accept a lower offer. 

That said, here are some starting points to consider. The higher number in the range is for a bike in great condition in a bike-friendly area!

Bunch Bike 1.0 electric: $1500 - $2500 

Non electric anything: $1200 - $2400

Bunch Bike 2.0 / 3.0 electric: $3200 - $4200

For comparison - Open Box Original 3.0 from Bunch: Typically $4200 - $4500 


Preschool model: Add $500-$600

Great accessories: Add $100-$350

Like new: Add $350-$500

Canada: Add $350 (more expensive to import) 


7. Keep in touch!

We're here to support everybody in the Bunch fam - wherever you are on your Bunch Bikes journey. If we can help you as you prepare to sell your bike, we're happy to do it!

If you've just bought a secondhand bike, we're delighted to welcome you to the Bunch. We're here to help with whatever you need. Please get in touch so we can update our records and match you with your bike!

We hope you'll watch the videos, join the Facebook group, and help us continue to spread the family biking love!


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