NEW: Win a Bunch Bike - for your community org!

NEW: Win a Bunch Bike - for your community org!

Calling all our bike bus organizers, school program coordinators, local transportation activists, grassroots bike & walk orgs, cargo bike lending libraries, and community aid organizations.... 

We've got BIG news for you!

Building a movement

Our mission is to get more families on bikes - and to make family biking more accessible for everybody.

We think our bikes are great, but our vision is bigger than just our brand.

It's about communities that are more walkable, more bikeable, more active, more sustainable, and more connected - for all of us. 

That's why we support our Bunch Squad in local advocacy and activism.

Sponsor local family bike rides, nature playgroups, safe streets gatherings, bike/walk events and more.

Offer discounts and freebies to community orgs, lending libraries, and neighborhood groups looking to get more of their work done by bike.

And now... we're looking to go a little bigger.  

Doing our part

We've been delighted to see a number of organizations secure grants or fundraise to purchase a Bunch Bike for their programs.

We're proud to be part of the Southwest Mobility Improvement District's Lending Library program in DC; Hudson County Complete Streets in New Jersey; Bike Walk Cleveland in Tennessee; Diaper Bank deliveries in Massachusetts; Homebound Smiles, bringing dental care to homebound patients by bike in Utah; Project Open Paw, caring for the dogs of unhoused people in California; and many more. 

But we also know that for some smaller or newer orgs - or those in areas with less funding for sustainable transportation - a cargo bike may seem far out of reach.

We're so grateful for our community organizers who are helping neighbors, building coalitions and making the world a better place for all of us. That's why we've decided to give back BIG - with a free, gifted Bunch Bike for a community organization that would like to get more done by bike. 

The goal

We're hoping to select a community organization that truly needs and would use a cargo bike to support its central purpose. 

This could mean leading a bike bus... or delivering meals to neighbors in need.. or organizing local transportation activism... or making family bike rides possible for children and adults with mobility needs. 

The winning organization will receive a Bunch Bike 3.0 with custom graphic design plus shipping, outfitted to best meet your needs. 

The rules

- The Bunch Bike must be donated to a 501c3 nonprofit organization, not an individual or a business. If you are an individual organizer, we recommend partnering with your PTA, local bike org, or local community org to develop your vision for the bike. 

- The Bunch Bike must be intended for daily/weekly use in direct service to the mission of your organization. You may not resell, auction, lease or rent out the bike. 

- The bike will be covered by our standard 12-month warranty and lifetime care. However, the recipient organization must commit to appropriate storage and regular maintenance of the bike. 

- We will cover the bike, a custom vinyl wrap, and fully assembled shipping to your location. You must provide or purchase a safe and secure lock as well as any other desired accessories or upgrades. 

- The recipient organization is expected to provide photos, videos, and updates which will be used and shared by Bunch Bikes. We will also photograph and share photos of your bike.

- If at any point your organization is no longer able to use, store, or maintain the Bunch Bike, you must notify Bunch Bikes. We will arrange for the return of your bike.

The process

- Please complete the application below. 

- We also encourage social media participation! Post a reel and tag us @bunchbikes #GrassrootsGiveaway. Let us know why your org matters - and how a Bunch Bike can help!

- Please share, tag, post, and comment to help us spread the word - and invite the orgs you know who need to get rolling!

- The nomination window will remain open until Friday, March 1, 2024.

- We'll announce the recipient in early spring!







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