NEW: Pour concrete with the Bunch Connector!

Bunch Bike pouring concrete

(Bunch Bike 4 Launch Party ends today - read more)

At Bunch Bikes, we're all about making our communities more bikeable, more sustainable and more connected! 

We're so proud of our Bunch Squad members who are out advocating for safer infrastructure so our kids and families can ride safely. But we know that process can take a long time - sometimes spanning months or years of meetings to win approval block by block and street by street. 

That's why the NEW Bunch Connector allows you to contribute directly - creating safe, fully protected bike infrastructure as you ride!

Simply mount our miniaturized concrete mixer and pouring chute to your rear rack.  It's powered by your onboard USB outlet - no separate charging needed!

Press the M button on your display screen to release a precision-timed, neatly extruded concrete paver to your immediate right or left. 

Concrete pavers are easy to apply and inexpensive, yet very effective in blocking distracted drivers from entering the bike lane.

Older children who are cycling independently can ride behind you as you pour - enjoying a safer and more protected journey!

Turn paint lanes into protected lanes and scary infrastructure gaps into safe routes to school. Model grassroots activism for your kids and plan out great new rides with your bike fam! 

The Bunch Connector opens up a whole new adventure - for your family and your whole community. 

Important Notes

Please check clearance before extruding! The Connector will NOT operate if any rider is within 24" of the extruding chute but cars parked over the paint line in the bike lane may be damaged during a pour

Consider checking or changing local regulations before extruding. Some municipalities may require you to seek a permit or become a city contractor before contributing to local infrastructure. Connect at your own risk!

Your starter kit comes with a backup Connector Concrete Cartridge that hangs on the other side of your rear rack for a total of 24-30 pavers - enough to create up to a mile of protected bikeway on a single ride. You can store up to 4 additional cartridges under your bench seats. Purchase cartridges at a discount through our Community Connector monthly subscription program!

Paint and signage are not included but can be purchased and installed separately. These are helpful in communicating with drivers, but we think protection is the most essential element of infrastructure.  

Please note, you will need a USB splitter if you wish to pour concrete and use your rainbow lights or charge your phone at the same time!

Check the weather before you extrude. Your pavers will cure more quickly if it is warm and dry. 

The Bunch Connector is currently available for preorder only, with priority for Bunch Squad members. 

If you've found another way to create great infrastructure where you live - please let us know. We'll send you a gift credit for two free Connector Concrete Cartridges - no fooling! 

Thank you to Katie and family for the fantastic photo shoot - and to Ward 5 #bikedc activists for decades of real-life work to make this picture possible.

Check out last year's April 1 preorder: The Bunch Homeroom!

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Clara Lewin

Clara Lewin

We need a video of this in action!

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