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How to give a great test ride

How to give a great test ride

1. Start thinking about biking with your kids.

2. Find the Bunch Bike and decide to give it a try.

3. Become obsessed and start spreading the word!

We know - everyone keeps asking about your Bunch Bike! And if you're like most of us - you're thrilled to spread the word and help get more families biking. 

The Bunch is different enough from a regular bike that folks really benefit from the opportunity to see it in person, talk to an owner and try it for themselves. 

Sometimes they fall in love – other times they realize it’s not the right fit for them. That's fine too! We want folks to find the right fit for their families, Bunch or otherwise. That's why we love test rides and our Bunch Squad program!

Ready to start sharing your bike obsession - and helping new families get rolling? Read on for some tips from our experienced All Stars! 

Choose the right location

It’s okay to schedule test rides at your home if that’s best for you, but many All Stars prefer to use a nearby park or playground. It's more convenient, protects your privacy, and lets you choose a comfortable space where the rider can practice stopping, starting and steering without worrying about car traffic. 

Get your bike ready

Make sure your tires are fully inflated, chain is oiled, battery is fully charged, and everything is in good repair. If you’re overdue for a tuneup - get it done before the test ride!

Do a quick scan and remove excess snack wrappers, socks, rocks, toys, sticks, wipes, etc. so the bike is reasonably neat and clean.

Put the bike in a medium gear and a low assist level to start, and make sure you're in an area where the rider can comfortably start and turn!

Get the rider ready

Ask riders to sign the online waiver. They can do it in advance or on the spot on their phones. We recommend asking them to show their driver’s license or other ID. You can take a pic or hold on to it while they ride, whichever is more comfortable for you.

It's not like a bike 

Warn the rider that the handling is very different from a normal bike! With the parking brake on, let the rider climb on board, put their feet on the pedals, and get used to the feeling of not putting a foot down to balance. 

Ride with weight!

It's much easier to learn how the Bunch Bike handles when it's fully loaded. Do not send your rider to try it for the first time when it's empty! 

The rider can go for a spin with their kids, their dogs, or their partner in front. You can jump in the box and ride with them. Or in a pinch, you can provide a bag of sand or cat litter. 

Basic controls 

First, release the parking brake.

Show the rider how to swing the handlebar to one side in order to turn the bike. Remind them that it's different from turning a normal bike - more like turning a shopping cart or a double stroller! 

Show the front and rear brakes and remind to use both hands to stop, since the front of the Bunch is much heavier than the rear. 

Use the throttle

Let the rider know that pedal assist will kick in automatically as they pedal, and show them how to increase or decrease the power level as desired. 

More importantly - demonstrate the throttle! Using the throttle to glide through a turn may be easier for beginners than pedaling. 

Remind riders that they don't need to put a foot down. Just take it slow and use the throttle to help!

Share your bike life

One of the most important benefits of our Bunch Squad program is that new riders get to meet families who are already in the bike life and can share their experiences!

Let riders know why you chose the Bunch Bike, how you use it, and what the hard parts are too. Help them envision how the bike life changes your family routine! Share your fave accessories and be ready to answer questions about parking, maintenance and safe routes. 

If you get a question you're not sure how to answer, you can always refer folks back to us info@bunchbike.com or 940-536-0597. 

No pressure

Some riders will decide the Bunch isn’t the right fit for their family. That’s totally fine! We’re still glad to get to connect with new bike families, offer the opportunity to learn more and make cycling more accessible for everybody.

Inclusion program

We offer wraparound support for kids and parents with disabilities, medical or adaptive needs, including help with funding, supportive seating if needed, and connection with other families with similar needs. Please let eligible families know about our inclusion program so we can help!

Join the Bunch Squad!

Interested in giving test rides, organizing community events or advocating for family biking? We'd love to have you in the Bunch Squad! Members earn points, rewards and cash - and help make our communities more active, more sustainable and more connected. 

Click here to apply to join

You can read more in-depth tips and details in the Bunch Squad Handbook!



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