Celebrating our Grassroots Giveaway recipients!

Celebrating our Grassroots Giveaway recipients!

Earlier this year we announced our first ever Grassroots Giveaway. Our vision was to support our community organizers and the work they do - to build a future that's healthier, more sustainable, and more connected for all of us!

We received 15 detailed, thoughtful applications - from school-based bike buses,  cargo bike lending libraries, last-mile delivery providers, community bike organizers, active transport advocates and more.

We're grateful to you for taking the time to share your story with us, and we're inspired by the work that each of you is doing! 

After careful deliberation, we narrowed the field to four finalists, who each completed an interview with a member of our team. The decisions were extremely difficult, and we've connected with each finalist to let them know that we hope to be able to work together to make a Bunch Bike possible for their program in the future. 

We're so proud to share and celebrate our TWO recipients with you!

First Recipient: Trips For Kids Charlotte

Trips For Kids Charlotte provides transformative cycling experiences for underserved youth. Their programs include Earn-A-Bike, community bike shop, bike bus leadership, and Learn To Ride programs for all ages and abilities. 

We are honored to present TFK Charlotte with a brand new, custom wrapped Bunch Bike Original 4 with front door to support their programming and make cargo biking more accessible to kids and families with a wide range of needs in Charlotte.

TFK writes: "We are honored and excited for the opportunity to partner with Bunch Bikes to explore and share the benefits of cargo bikes with the youth, families and community members in our programs and throughout the Charlotte region. The Bunch Bike will help extend the reach and engagement of our pedal powered programs in support of our Free Bike Repair clinics and our youth and community greenway rides!" 

Second Recipient: Friends of the Mt. Vernon Trail

"We were just women who said, Why don't we? And we did!" - Ellen Pickering

The Mt. Vernon Trail was created in 1972 thanks to Ellen Pickering and Barbara Lynch, who led a massive volunteer effort to construct a safe, scenic route from Washington, DC to historic Mt. Vernon.

The 18-mile trail is still maintained today by Friends of the Mt. Vernon Trail, an all-volunteer organization that supports the National Park Service in keeping the trail safe and welcoming for all users. 

They organize weekly volunteer sessions to maintain the trail - smoothing bumps, removing invasive species, cleaning and beautifying. They also offer bike education and community events designed to invite families, people of all ages and abilities, dog owners and more to participate in outdoor recreation.

We are honored to present FoMVT with a Bunch Bike 4 Original 4 with front door and custom front panel wrap to help haul tools, organize events, carry passengers, and make the trail safer and more accessible for the whole community! 

FoMVT writes, "We are so excited to win this Bunch Bike because it will allow us to bring more tools, haul awkwardly shaped items, and even carry the occasional volunteer. We hope trail users will get to see how much you can do with a cargo bike. We're glad to join the Bunch Bikes family and become the new repair minivan on the trail!" 

Next steps

We're proud to partner with community organizations across the country. A Bunch Bike helps power the Southwest MID's Lending Library program in DC; Community Pedal Power's Ebike Lending Library in Massachusetts; Hudson County Complete Streets in New Jersey; Bike Walk Cleveland in Tennessee; Diaper Bank deliveries in Massachusetts; Homebound Smiles, bringing dental care to homebound patients by bike in Utah; Project Open Paw, caring for the dogs of unhoused people in California; and many more. 

Some of these organizations were able to secure grants, fundraise or budget for their cargo bikes. But we know that goal is still far out of reach for many smaller or newer orgs. 

Our goal is to grow to the point where we can provide many more bikes at low or no cost - to both families and organizations that really need them. 

Getting ready to roll?

We do plan to run a Grassroots Giveaway again. We will also always do what we can to partner with community orgs to bring a Bunch Bike within reach!

Typically we can offer a discount as well as free or no-cost custom graphics. We will also do what we can to connect you to an open box or refurbished bike when available. At times we can offer a short-term loaner bike or help you rent a bike for an event or to meet a specific need. 

Donate a bike

Retired Bunch Bikes typically make their way to new Bunch families - you can check out our Blue Book if you're interested in buying or selling! But if you're in a position to donate your bike - we are happy to help facilitate.

We can connect you to one of the finalist orgs that did not receive a Bunch Bike but really needs one, help make shipping happen or support any needed repairs or upgrades. All the applicants are 501(c)(3) organizations that could verify your donation for tax purposes. Please contact us to learn more!

Learn more

We'd love to connect with you, learn more about what you're planning, support the important work you do and help make your cargo bike dreams come true.

You can contact us by email, phone or text - or schedule a meeting to connect with us! 

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