Celebrate Pride - and support Equality Texas!

Celebrate Pride - and support Equality Texas!

We're proud to celebrate our whole rainbow of Bunch families - now and always!

We're based in Denton, TX, which is a wonderful town, in a state that isn't always the safest place for our families or our staff. 

That's why in June we Bunch in support of Equality Texas - and stand with all kids and families in our community! 

Snag your Pride Ride!

Order your Bunch Bike anytime in June - and add our custom sewn Pride Flag Sun Shade to your order.

The Pride Flag is free in your cart.

(As Bunch fam knows - a cargo bike is the best, funnest way to enjoy crowded Pride Parades and summer events! No traffic, no parking hassles, and your family's rolling home base comes with shade and awesome seating.) 

We'll donate $100 to Equality Texas in your honor!

For our Bunch fam

Already Bunching? You can still be a part of the fun - and the Bunch fam rally!

Whatever you choose - we'll donate 50% of the proceeds to Equality Texas! 

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